Friday, February 17, 2006


Listen up!
I’ve teamed up with your favorite girl cartoonist, Katie Rice to create and help develop new cartoon shows-some of our own, and some shows that others have created that they need wonderfully funny and cute pictures to go with their stories.

Help Katie and I aid science.

We are showing you some preliminary character designs from a new show in development. It’s top secret, so we can’t tell you the name of it yet or what it’s about.

BUT we do want to know from all the girl cartoon fans in the world whether you would like to see a show that looks like this!

I’m sure you are tired of all the namby pamby, talk-down-to-you types of purple and pink shows where all the girls look exactly the same and all they think about is combing their hair and sharing all their material wealth with friends and getting along.

OUR theory for a girls’ show is to make all the girls look and act different-you know, like REAL LIFE???!

So all you guys who read this blog of mine, get your sisters, daughters and Moms and girlfriends to look at these designs of hot chicks done by Katie Godess Rice and tell us what you think in the comments.

(Extra game: try and guess who this gal is based on!)

I think I will make this a regular feature! I’ll preview new show ideas and if lots of you tell us you want to see these shows, then I will have proof for TV networks that you are dying for some real cartoons!

*****By the way-to make this market research completely scientific, please enter your age, sex, race and religion then tell us how you like the characters. Believe it or not that’s what TV people think they need to know, so let’s give it to ‘em, folks! And if you have shows, hire me and Katie to make them look good!




Josh Boelter said...

Survey response by me: Josh Boelter
Age: 33
Sex: snarky male
Religion: Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

Yeah, I love the look of these characters. I just found Katie's site today and I really dig her art. I'm a little curious about the ideas for the show. Is this something you’d pitch to someplace like Cartoon Network, or might it be more appropriate for Comedy Central? Do you have more ideas for a show premise or are you starting with character design and then moving on to story? I’d love to hear more about this.

Good luck and cheers to both of you.


Anonymous said...

name: henrietta porkenheim
age: 29
sex: female
religion: no thanks

i much much MUCH prefer the look of these characters to anything offered up for girls on TV right now. i'm not sure how you'll get away with some of the busty boobiness, but give it a shot.

content matters, though. don't let your cool characters waste their time worrying about makeup and fashion and popularity contests and singing/dancing. let them be the anti-bratz. please for the love of god SOMEONE fill little girls' heads with something other than superficial bimbette material.

Desiree said...

Hey John


The whole world today seems to be based on food and beauty and im really sick of it. id love to see a ditsy girl character of katies that doesnt fit into taht "picture". Someone that just does her own stuff, yeah, like REAL girls!!!! Or like REAL girls should be. AND DAMMIT!!!!!! i dont want 2D or cartoons to become a dying art like marble sculpting. I want to see it live and i want to see more 2D cartoons!!! nicely drawn frames :D:D:D NICE LAYOUT :D:D:D
your cartoons are mostly character based and your characters have the most amazing REACTIONS to things. I would do ANYTHING to see one of katie's girls reacting nuts to weird stuff :D:D

Desiree said...

OH yeah!!!
and honestly: i prefer the blonde girls, i relate more to them, the girl at the top seems like the meany or the "odd" best friend of teh blond girl at the bottom. Ok, im stereotyping again, sorry! i dono, she intimidates me :(

sodapop said...
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Pathman said...

Me: 48 years weathered Swedish Girl-ogler and comics fan.

Brill idea, please continue in that direction. Nice to see some un-spotty, un-stick-insect like Girls for a change. Not for Disney-C. 7 year-olds i spose! Going to get Expert opinion on it though(12 and 15-year old girl-friends) and will post again on it. They Live animated films and Sandra, the older one is a wiz at drawing by hand or computer.

sheerbeauty said...

Name: Joanna
SeX: Female
Religion: Christian
Age: 33

#1 Cavegirl sorceress, evil. I don't want to see too much of her, but she would be great as a recurring character. Probably has a throaty voice and was the villain in the psychedelic epi of Dungeons and Dragons, titled "The Shrooms of Neverwhere." Eric and Presto were sorry they ever hit on her!

#2 Cute monkey-girl performing air guitar moves. Rock on, Juniper Lee's sister! Or no...not June. More like a Kids Next Door child, only bigger and better.

#3 Blonde jumping in air - aaah, this one looks like she is stupid - I want to smack the back of her head but her front would probably fall out.

#4 Cute blonde hiding something behind her back - could it be a KNIFE? She looks the most trustworthy, that's why I am suspicious...

#5 Look, it's Velma's ugly space cousins! What are they up to? What is their mission? What are they going to do next? What is in that hair?

Anonymous said...

age: 20
sex: guy
religion: lutheran

I love Katie Rice chicks, mostly because they are great, and because I've seen everytihng else too much.
Out of the pages posted, I would say, that I liked the ones on the very last the most, especially the sulking chick, ad the one in the middle on the left side of the page. I agree with the the proposed "real girl" idea, but also if the show were devoid of at least one up-tight, narcissistic girl, it would be lacking, because as much as the idea of "real girls" appeals to me, I feel that it would fall into the same woe that is the plight of the modern female saturated cartoon, there is no variation in personallity. And as I and many others can attest to, the self indulgent, self obsessed chick stereotype is reality, they do exist, just not in the multitude that modern cartoons portray. Also, I must agree with Josh Boelter, my comments would be swayed had I known the target audience, whether this will be aimed toward a younger or older demographic. Other than that, things are lookin good so far, and as a side note, I learned to draw the female form, which long alluded me, from both your and Katie's work on the subject, and had I a show, you would be one of the first names on my animator list.

Vanoni! said...

Someone explaining what "could possibly be offensive" to John K. makes my day. :)

– Corbett

Anonymous said...

Athiests... *rolls eyes*

I got my sister to review them:

Age: 18
Sex: Female (girly girl)
Religon: Christian (pretty devout)
Race: Latina

She likes Lion King, she thinks the Powerpuff girls are cute,(She's never seen an episode) She's not really a cartoon fan, though. She says she would like accesories with cute cartoons. She says Betty Boop is cute but she's never even seen a Betty Boop cartoon and probably doesn't even know who Fleischer or Natwick are. Anway: here are her thoughts:

First two drawing: Didn't like them. Too ugly and not pretty or cute enough. She says they looked like aliens.

Third and fouth: Really cute, she liked those.

Fifth: Not cute, looks like aliens again. Too skinny. She said she could barely see the 5th one.

Again she's not a cartoon fan, she's a regular girly girl.

MY thoughts were they were too skinny except I liked the blonde hourglass figure one with the nice rack. But I'd still rather see girls look like Red Hot Riding Hood than anything else

Technically speaking, though, these are great drawings. Nice contructions and poses.

-Jorge Garrido

P.S. My info:

Age: 16
Sex: Male
Religion: Devout Christian (that means I'm really serious about it, foo!
Race: Latino

mark said...

name: mark griffith
age: 27
sex: male
religion: jesus & buddha

look at the screencapture of tex avery's red hot riding hood:
that character is sexy and designed to appeal to the wolf character, if you want to include female viewers the sexy stereotype always won't work. Miyazaki has a lot of successful female characters, most of them are intelligent, vocal, and strong in some sort of leadership role. How much do you think those values apply to the american culture you are aiming for? Can these traits exist in a zany JohnK character? The successful Miyazaki characters aren't sexy like a curvy LooneyTunes babe. I agree on the other Kimpossible comment, JohnK is way better of an artist than is required for a bland, corporate, committee written Kimpossible character. I'll ask some sisters and other cool girls I know.
Good luck, Mark

Kungfujen said...

Name: Kungfujen
Age: 30-cough-cough-cough
Religion: not if I can help it, and certainly nothing on the organised side of things

I like em. They seem a kinda cross between the Flintstones gone wrong and the 1960s. They look like they know perfectly well what's going on and they're sassy, confident and smart.

vanillatray said...

age: 26
sex: male
race: caucasian/white/romanian
religion: agnostic

I'm not a girl, but I would totally watch these cartoons and force girls I know to watch them.

oh, and I've been stalking katie for a while now. i mean, i'm a fan of her work! :P

Baron von Josho said...

I am a Male
age 16
High School Student

Now don't get me wrong...I love Spumco and I'm a big fan of most of Katie Rice's stuff, but personally I'm not a fan of these pictures. They may be better seeing them actually animated and moving around, but I see them to be too obnoxiously cute, and not in the ridiculous humorous way like most cute Spumco things are.

I DO like the fact that the arent streamlined, skinny and bustless, like most every other cartoon girl, but they are too 'cutesy' still for me.

But, again, my opinion may not be relevant, seeing as I don't like cartoons aimed at little girls in the first place.

On that note: These are WAAAY better than anything else any other girly cartoon has to offer, I'm just not a big fan myself.


PS: What was Kaspar the Unfriendly Bear going to be from? Now THAT is a funny kid's show character.

Anonymous said...

name: Toby
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Religion: be nice

I think they're all pretty solid Katie drawings. THey seem to be dressed appropriately for todays fashion, and their looks are endearing and appealing in the charater sense, more than them being sexy, which they are too.
JUdging them just on the drawings, they're really very cool, and as has been said here many times, they look to have far more dimension and depth than anything around.
I was interested to see the comment about having a girl that doesn't fit in so well, as there's a huge pressure to ocnform to looks and weight sterotypes.
It might be instructive for the viewers of the show to have a character that is low on personality, yet in posession of a huge clothing allowance (eg. a new outfit every day), who derives their popularity from being 'well dressed'. Also you coul dhave another character that is from a poorer neighborhood, that tries to keep up with the fashions to feel included, but can't really afford it and has three part time jobs to try to, and is consequently always tired.
I guess another thing is that, althoygh you're just on the sketching stage, it would be interesting to hear some ideas about these characters, I mean if I'd seen ren and stimpy without hearing their voices, or sunderstanding their relationship, then I wouldn't feel so qualified to comment on them.


porkbarrel said...

Religion:There is a God,for sure?

Dear enlightened, wise, successful studio executive;

These characters would be great fun, animated. They must of course be allowed to fart, have bad hair months and otherwise behave badly, in addition to being disarmingly cute whilst doing improbable acts.

How bad does your market research have to be for you not to have picked up on the vast, fanatical audience for adult-themed animation?

We deplore the scorched-earth landscape of animated cartoons dumbed down and cleaned up for fear of exposing tender young children to potentially harmful cartoon experiences. We implore you to let mad talent and invention flourish .

The market is there and will only expand with more exposure. You have to bash kids over the head with over the top commercials and then hope the kids can extort money from their parents to buy the stuff. We actually have money to spend and do so freely when there are great products to patronize- like the ones Spumco alumni and their peers are capable of.

Let 'er rip!

Cary Allen
Portland, OR

Paul said...


Love the look as always but of course it all depends on the premise. If it's funny they will come.

Dwacon said...

Good stuff. Look forward to seeing them amni... annmin... amnamin... moving.


johnnn said...

age: 22
sex: male-boy
religion: christian
race: white-boy

awww market research. the girls are hot, i like the curves on the blonde and the sulk character the best. if the show is about them having boyfriend problems and crap i can't relate to then i'm not watching the show... but if the situations are more universal and funny no matter who they happen to, and these "real"-type girls have strong personalities... then sure i'd watch a show with chicks like this.

p.s. i just bought a bootleg copy of the new adventures of mighty mouse off ebay... should keep track of stuff like that that sells on ebay and forward the figures to the big cheese in charge of releasing stuff on dvd... mighty mouse is great.

Raph Branca said...

I especially like the 2nd and 4th design from the top. They looked the most interesting. I am new to Katie's work (I have only recently been checking out her blog) but I am very interested to see an animated series from her. Everything looks great!!!

Cool Girl said...

Name: Lori
Age: 27
Religion: Non-practicing

The 3rd and 4th picture looks most promising...cute and popular! They even seem very marketable. Might have to ease up on the cleavage, though.

But, my favorite is the 5th image. Gotta love the dark-haired beauties. They look like they're not from around here. Seems like a good premise...trying to fit in when you're different. Young girls may relate. I dunno!

Anonymous said...

Girl cartoons about ED and ANI...

where ED is for EATING DISORDER and ANI is for ANOREXIA.

also if you want to get into the freak ass mind of girls read this book:

Odd girl out : the hidden culture of aggression in girls by Rachel Simmons.

Rebecca said...

Rebecca Sugar,
Age: 18,
Sex: female
Religion: Jewish

Oh god! I want to be in on this so badly! These character designs look fabulous, and i love the idea. Cartoons for girls suck, and I've been dreaming about making a not-sucking show with girl chars all through highschool.. Its a big part of why im in school learning to animate. I love the thought of you workin on a girl show, thats the stuff my dreams are made of! I'd only wish i could be a part of it!
I LOVE the first design, especially the hair. A little iffy on the second girl.. the hair shines turn me off a bit, especially next to the other solid haired chars. But that sweet pose on the right side is fantastic. I love the solid hair with dark blue for black. The blonde is adorable, I also like that flip wig girl.
I wish i knew more about their personalities/setting. I've always dreamed of making/seeing a girl character who's a schlub. Nothing is more adorable to me than girls in huge crappy t shirts..
Oh, and here's my quickie katie holmes, i tried..

spacesick said...

Of course we want to see a show like this. You can tell the networks that I'm a 13 year-old girl, if that will help.

And I think that gal-design is based on someone named Katie Rice. What do I win?

Sam said...

name: Sam L.
age: 23
sex: male
religion: KING of the Jews

I think it be a hit fer the girls. I like the simple drawings to make them look cute! Hope it gets made.

Mr Scrod said...

Morton Scrod
Age 42
Sex: negligible
Religion: Unitarian Apathetic

I like the idea of an "Anti-Bratz" or PP girls, or the whole stinkin' cutezy thang force-fed to galz in our culture. It looks like Cartoon ntwk and Comedy Central will greenlight ANYDAMNED thing, so go for it.

JoRidley said...

please enter your age, sex, race and religion then tell us how you like the characters.

27, female, white american expat living in UK, Christian,

I like the characters. I think it sounds like a great idea s long as you do continue to focus on different looks for the girls... ie some *model*, some curvy, some fat etc....

Obviously real life is what sells these days (hello reality tv) a reality style cartoon would do well... with simpsons and south park pretty much out of the way we could do with something new and modern.

would love to hear more!

Jo Ridley

JohnK said...

btw the show is aimed at kids but is supposed to be "edgy" so if you know some girls between say 7 and 14 ask for their opinions too!



Matt Greenwood said...

Name: Matt Greenwood
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Religion: Agnostic

They look great. Even though it doesn't fit my demographic, I'll watch anything by Spumco, and I'm sure there are a load of people who'll know you're attached and watch it.

Is the redhead based on Katie?

Joey Spiotto said...

Name: Joey
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Religion: Catholic

I know i'm not a 7-14 year old girl, but we need some good cartoons on T.V. again! i Love the character designs just for the fact than they are different than all the crap on t.v. these days... And John, if u got a minute, check out my website!

Tom said...

Hey, the characters look great. I like the idea of making more believable girl characters (the word "realistic" doesn't really apply). Of course, it's hard to judge characters by their appearances, but these look cool so far.

I'm a 32 year old white male Taoist who is circumcised and employed. I also buy things from time to time.

Mish said...

18, Male, Church of Animation

Those are good good designs. The entire TV is filled with sloppy cute girly things. The newest generation of girls (that you'd be aiming this at) would, I think, appreciate some honesty and some "edgyness" as you call it. It's unorthodox and new. I know a lot of kids (more girls than boys) brought up by South Park, all 13 and under. So go ahead and pitch this in.

Dustin said...

Name: Dustin Jackson
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian

I LOVE these pictures. You and Katie have always been my favorite artists when it comes to drawing girls. There's just something about them that makes them so adorable. I especially like the blonde girl. I don't think blondes are attractive in real life, honestly, but cartoon ones are great. I'd definately watch a show like this. There aren't enough of them.

Cammiluna said...

Carmen M
Age 25
Gender: Female
Religeon: Athiest
Viva: Latina
Occupation: College Graduate/Cartoonist wannabee

The drawings just impressed me off the wall with the style you guys are taking for female characters now. I love it!

It's fresh, its new! I do hope you keep these up! I loved Ren and Stimpy when I was a kid and two of my best friends, both avid fans of yours and Katie's works, brought me to this blogger entry where i found out about this! Sweet!

akira said...

i love them all(favorite is the second one), but when i picture Jimmy standing next to any of them, they are about 200% better.. but i guess i am a guy, so not the target audience.... but yeah i like the idea of different characters, Really different, not like "Beauty and the Geek" where all the geeks are really hot dudes that are also sensitive... i hardly ever see a group of hot chicks, usually one hot chick and a couple normals and one ugly together in a group... and one other thing, girls shouldn't be able to kick that much ass(they are the fairer/weaker sex)

john, if you keep putting up your pitches, please do Casper the unfriendly bear, that looks hilarious!

p.s. cant wait for the adult party R&S dvds so i can see them all.


Jenny said...

They're all smashig and you know it, the pair of you!

Of course it'd be a complete smash...what the hell! I disqualify myself as a test subject since we who draw are not considered fresh meat by network types, but anyway, I love it. Love love love.

All of em--including--isn't that Katie herself, the "mystery model"? I only know her from a few funny cartoons and one photo. : )

wiggles said...

Would any of those girls be in the market for some new rubber nipples?

Seriously though, I love your style, so of course I would like to see more of these characters.

Glad to see you are busy, looking forward to more John K. joy.

Anonymous said...

mona, 30, female, no religion (but a fan of comics and cartoons)

i like the last two drawings of the girls with their eyebrows in their beehives. they're fun, unique, and don't smell too familiar.

Rebecca said...

Rebecca again... 18 female etc, I had to draw after looking at those chars. I'm just so giddy that you have a blog, and giddy over the prospect of these chars. So i whipped out some doodles of my favorite things on girls.. here are a few. I'm really new to cartooniness, I'm only a freshman and up till now i've been doing comics and paintings mostly, so these are kind of stiff and lame..
(does linking work? Pics )
well I'll write it in case it doesn't.
Anyway.. I noticed the low rider theme in the pants-wearing characters. So I thought I'd speak up for some mom pants, them being one of my favorite things. I get a kick out of girls in old movies with those great high up pants around their wasp waists. Glasses also get a bad rap, i'd like to see some more glasses on girl chars.. they're extra handy and can accentuate expressions and add vulnerability, it's a shame people don't use glasses to their potential. (I loved Anthony's glasses in visit to Anthony. Nothing punches a point home like broken lenses.)
And babushkas/bandanas look great, i think they'd look really great on Katie's characters, they're already rockin headbands, I love that!
And that's all I've got on aesthetics.

cobra commander said...

Dear John,
you're a cool guy with a great sense of humor. thanks to you, i've gotten back into writing comedy and comics (though they're terrible) and have recently blasted off into the year 400 billion. thank you.

cobra commander

Anne said...

Hey John!
Sex: er female
Religion: agnostic bout some girls with glasses? Are glasses hard to draw? Lots of girls still wear them, ya know. Plus, not all girls have tits out to HERE. Some of us are kinda flat. Some of us like it that way.
Thanks for the ranting room.

Anonymous said...

GO FOR IT!!!!!

E said...

Age : 23
Sex : Male
name : E(ee)del
Religion : Artist
Race : black

I think that with the production of this cartoon, it might curve the sassy/barbie/annoying breed of human female that seems to be populating the younger generations now...

OnTOP of the women already out there feeling nausiated by the garbage theyre being forcefed as things they should/are supposed to like.

Designs are really solid... Different body types, ethnic backgrounds may be in order tho.

Anonymous said...

Name: Alicia Wishart
Age: 29
Sex: Female

I was just thinking that I would like to see some girls with glasses too, some neat funky ones. I was a tom boy growing up so girly girls always put me off. I love the drawings, no doubt about that but I worry that even with good intentions, they may get lumped into a pile with the others. Along with the fashionable cute girls, I would like to see an artsy weird girl or a girl with some meat on her but make them just as strong a character as the others, not just geeky or the side kick. As a girl whose only friends growing up were the "losers' and the gay crowd, those characters would be ones that would draw me in.

JohnK said...

Hi folks

there will be a bunch more girls in the show so we can add your suggestions!

Fatties, glasses dumpers to round out the bunch so they are not all perfectly hot!

Thanks for the suggestions.


Eric C. said...

DO IT JOHN, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annmarie said...

I sure am enjoying the vivacious girliness here! I like that these lasses are voluptuous and touchable but also have cool stylized elements. What a titilating combination.

They are engaging because each drawing of each girl is full of it's own unique liveliness and personality. They are not stamped out from a generic formula. As a testament to this, there are lots of comments in this section describing what people think of these girls' SPECIFIC personalities and how they make them feel, creepy or scared or happy or otherwise. All this personal information gleaned from pictures!!!

It's nice to see drawings that depict actual human features instead of using graphic shapes like symbols. Check out all the knobby knees, fleshy thighs, crooked teeth and expressive eyes!

Some folks mentioned their cravings for smarter girls' shows. These drawings themselves are intelligently designed! Our brains must shoot off millions more electrons per second just looking at drawings that are skillfully and observantly made. Imagine a generation of girls raised on intelligently DRAWN cartoons!...Time for another science experiment?

WIL said...

Age: 38
Sex: Male
Race: White
Religion: Papist

I like the middle drawing of "Scorpio". The thigh-high "leg coverings" are... uh... STIMULATING!
*The other 2 drawings of her, I could do without (sorry, just being honest... :).

I like "Virgo". She's even BUILT like an Asian chick (with those low hips - gives 'em a low center of gravity - makes 'em good at Karate!). I don't know how you do it - really amazing! I also like the "stereotypical" outfit; it's "culturally correct", if not politically.

What can I say about "Libra"? She's almost more Katie than the real Katie!

WIL said...

I forgot about "Aries" - she's SUPER cute! LOVE the night/fx picture!

The eyelashes & eyebrows are weird but I like 'em.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you have some girl characters that are just wearing normal clothes? Why do all their bellybuttons and boobs and such have to be showing? They seem just like the characters you say you're rebelling against.

Derek said...

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Religion: Porcelainism

I like the look of them, but as soon as this information of yours becomes declassified I'd love to know exactly what you're going to be doing with them. Anyway, I've always liked your style of animation. You'd have to saw your hand off and draw with your bloody stump for me to be disappointed, or something equally as drastic.

JohnK said...

>>Why do all their bellybuttons and boobs and such have to be showing? They seem just like the characters you say you're rebelling against.

believe me, I would never rebel against belly buttons or boobs.

kp said...

Christian That Doesn't Like Other Christians That Like to Go Around Saying They're Christians

I personally don't really dig cutesy girl-stuff, but I think that little girls will like it. Also if the stories aren't supposed to have any of the airhead crap that the other ones push,that will make it interesting.

Makinita said...

Andres Silva
Age :24
Sex male
Religion : Bad

i love those girly designs they look so cool , but its true they cant be all hot y got 2 trow a big glases girl or a chubby girl for balance , im sure its gonna be awesome for kids or not be sure as hell i would watch that.

Tia said...

Age: 22
Sex: Female

I love the drawings. I'm sick of shows where all the girls look the same and act almost the same. I much perfer real life senarios and diversity in characters.
It would Be cool to pitch it to like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Comedy Centol.

Tia said...

Age: 22
Sex: Female

It’s kind of hard to look at first. But I like it. It’s refreshingly different and cool. The drawings have a kind of older cartooning feel, yet new. They are very strange. The more I look at Katie's drawings the more I want to see like small comic strips, storyboards, and actual animation. it would be refreshingly different to have a real life based cartoon with these drawings in motion.

Graham said...

Graham Ross
I like cats

I think the characters look pretty sweet. Really nice stuff. I think I'd have to know more story-wise to see if I'd like the series or not. But look-wise I definetly approve!

Gyrobo said...

I find it extremely ironic that an artist as good as you don't have an avatar.

Gyrobo said...

Oh, right, demographics... uh...

I just won't express an opinion on that. So there.

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

"JohnK said...

>>Why do all their bellybuttons and boobs and such have to be showing? They seem just like the characters you say you're rebelling against.

believe me, I would never rebel against belly buttons or boobs. "

Rånny said...

name: randy
age: 20
sex: male
religion: agnostic

o wow. i really like this idea and all of your drawings! how about adding a cute, black girl that recently discovered a hair straightener and she thinks its the best thing ever invented or something? perhaps something similar to this:

your sporadic blogger updations make me very happy c:

Anonymous said...

Heh...damn just lookin here, i see basically all the guys from the drawing board, spacesick, corbett...maybe i should start blogging too, anyway onto girls, you have to add the "hefty" chicks who are oblivious to their weight and choose to wear clothes meant for those 1/4 their weight

Anonymous said...

Name: Brian Romero
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Race: Mutt
Religion: No

These characters look great! Each one has a clear personality and is also visually appealing. I would definitely like to know more about them!

CORKY said...

Name: Corky
Age: 21
Sex: girly thing?
Race: ???
Religion: I ated it..upsies

WHOOOP This is frikken EXCITING!!! Love the pics!!

Hmmm..real girls...hmmmmm.. Well, I know when I was in high school, there was always one girl in a group of friends that all the other girls secretly hated and shit-talked or something, and then when they were aruond the girl they'd be nice as pie little two-faced beyotches.

Also make sure there's cottage cheese asses hidden under white-see-thru pants - (un)complimented by black ass-floss...oh and also the hairy upper lips..'cause dang I see alotta them's if you want some real-ness..O_O

I'll think of more later, but it's past my beddy-bye time.

But I WILL get my girl power posse to drag their arses to this'ere bloggitz as much as I can's!!!


Marlo Meekins said...

i rikey the teef the best, fellas

Marlo Meekins said...


Mitch K said...

Name: Mitchel Kennedy
Age: 19
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Atheist
Occupation(?): Illustrator
Country(?): Can-a-da ho

Those designs are really cute, and really cool! Katie sure is shining through in them. All those girly shows (or any cartoon show) on TV these days are stylized in some bastardized popular form -- thus these are fresh! The characters a distinctly different from one another! People these days are shying away from new cartoons that just look like every other cartoon out there. I'd say that folks would really dig this (I know I would). And just imagine the consumer products to come out of these cute girls!

Also: "Extra Game": that character design is really hot, so it would have to be based on ol' Katie.

Wicked cool stuff.

Marlo Meekins said...


age: 24 1/2
sex: Girl
race: Fire Crotch
religion: Angry Athiest

lastangelman said...

your age, 42 but still think I'm 24

sex,red blooded all-male

race, white with speckles

religion, lapsed Catholic

tell us how you like the characters:

Very distinct, very funny, expressive and wild and cartoony, also:they act look and act like real teens
The Paris Hilton character looks great, captured her essence completely, better get a DAMN FINE voice actor for that character

Nalo said...

age: 45
sex: aging tomboy femme
race: black
religion: gave it up for Lent

I like the kind of retro flintstone-y styling, and the colours, and the wackiness. Knowing that you're the demented mind behind the gloriously perverse "Ren and Stimpy" makes me hope I can trust you to pull this one off, too. But I'm afraid that the visuals of the girls don't at the moment seem to me like a departure from what's already out there; skinny girly-girls, white or occasionally sort of vaguely tan, with long straight(ened) hair. I love cartoons, and I like the energy of these sketches, and I have the same feeling looking at them that I've had all my life: *sigh* left out again. And I *am* sort of a girly-girl. I'm getting the general feeling that whatever you do, these girls have to be good-looking. All right. So here's my vote alongside the people who asked whether you could include cute girls with glasses, cute plump girls, cute flat-chested girls, and a wider range of ethnic types. To that list I'd add cute black girls who dare to have natural hair - that *would* be radical - handsome girls who are indistinguishable from boys, cute geeky girls, and generally, girls who don't all shop at the same clothing stores for the same clothes out of the same magazines. I'm guessing that an approach along the lines of Fiona Smyth's work wouldn't fly?

william wray said...

I love these John. You and Katie work well together.
They feel really modern and young. Hope you sell them as a show.

Anonymous said...

Name: Nico Colaleo
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Religion: Jehovah's Witness

I would crap my pants if these wonderfully original characters were on TODAY'S television screens. If John comes by your studio to pitch this, or really ANY idea of his, do America's culture a favor and LET HIM MAKE SOME REAL CARTOONS. The man created Ren & Stimpy for pete's sake. Thank ya!

Catherine said...

Race: Asian
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Christian

To answer, yes...I would want to see this cartoon on tv!!! as soon as possible! There's just a lack of good cartoons these days. The designs look great - I'd love to see some backgrounds so we can get more of a feel for the concept.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

John Sanford
age 37
sex: Dude
Religion: Christian

My absolute fave is the Asian girl!! Sooo Cute!
My next favorite is the blonde girl.
I love the look of all of these characters. I'm tired of girl characters that don't act like anyone I know.
Good luck!!!

lastangelman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

age: 33
sex: female
race: white/caucasian
religion: agnostic

WOW. And also YAY!

First of all, I love the look - all the clashing curves and angles. They look sexy, but they also look interesting, which isn't the norm. And the range is great to see, too - there's a clear stylistic through-voice but there's also tons of variety (particularly in body type) without seeming pandering or particularly 'typed'.

The other thing I'm loving is the dynamism - these ladies really move. I'm getting a good sense of who they are already and I want to know them better.

More! More! Please?

Anonymous said...

I am 19.
Naturally, I had a Ren & Stimpy birthday party when I was younger.

I don't like the first few renditions very well because they remind me of the Bratz dolls, and those are annoying and offensive... in an insult-my-intellect way, as opposed to a learn-how-to-take-a-joke way.

I DO like how the characters move, though, at least, according to the picture where you ask "guess who this is based off of?"

I liked seeing your "evolution of a caricature." It's always fascinating to see how someone you see as having so much talent gets things to look the way they do.

Good luck with everything :)

Anonymous said...

i love these designs!

- ms. bee; seattle, wa

aeater said...

age - 16
sex - female
race - half-caste (asian and redneck)
religion - none

It's such a welcome sight, something that isn't the copy and paste, flash-esque, anime style. The lines, the bold colors, the way they're filled out and not heroin-waifs.

Unfortunately, most girls I know are superficial prissy-pansies that can't think beyond the outfit they're going to wear tomorrow (maybe because of this deluge of bratz in the media, who knows?). So make the characters better than real-life.

ZantiMissKnit said...

Love 'em, but would love to see some chubby cartoon girls who aren't in the role of being the "chubby" girl . . . know what I mean? I know, I tend to draw small-waisted gals myself, but in most cases, the chubby characters in cartoons are portrayed as matronly or mean girls; I'd love to see that change.

Otherwise, great work! I'd love to see some strong female characters in cartoons, with real voices that aren't squeaky!

G Bitch said...

I don't see how these are all that different from the usual fare, just drawn somewhat more hip-ly, less Disney-fied, definitely "cool." I wouldn't watch any of them and neither would my comics-loving and -drawing daughter.

Anonymous said...

Race: Brazilian (that should be a race)
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Religion: none

Yes, I would love to see that show. I really hope it goes somewhere. The last time I craved for something this much was when Katie was working in Forestland, i wonder what happened to that. It seemed it would be great too.

Maria said...

name: Maria or Saphira if you prefer
age: 13
sex: female
religion: no thanks

Love the look of the characters..seems to be better than a lot of the crap that's out there now. What are your other ideas for the show? What kind of network are you thinking about pitching to? Well I'll look back latter..hopefully that is. BTW, love ren and stimpy, one of the best cartoons out there!

SDK said...

Sorry, I'm not a girl, but:
Name: Steve
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Religion: Agnostic

Anonymous said...

survey response by julie,
age: 21
sex: female
religion: churchgrown.

1] No. dont want anymore of that.
2] ...maybe
3] no, too britney spears. makes me think of paris hilton, I don't really like that.
4] cute character but too hoochie for little kids. ok for girls my age.
5] oh no! she looks evil... chuckles
6] sulk, girls like that annoy me.

the powerpuff style is ok for younger audiences but if these are aimed at young audiences they should tone down the sex appeal. for "me" my age 21 group its ok though.

In general I watch all the pixar movies and stuff like ice age and robots and shrek. pretty much mainstream stuff.

SDK said...

Sorry, I'm not a girl, but:
Name: Steve
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Religion: Agnostic

Arnaud Hilmarcher said...

Age : Twenty-six
Sex : male
Race : white
Religion : none

Of course I like those characters a lot !

Kyle Marshall said...

Well let me be comment number 87!
Love looking at your carictures, and of course its cool to see development work by you. Count me in on watching this.

Justine-Q said...

Survey response done by: The Smarmy Justine-Q.
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Religion: Who needs that?

I love these cartoon gals! My favorite would be the chick with the beehive hair-do.The retro inspiration is cool. I can't wait to see this; I would watch it. One comment though, don't make the girls steriotypical. (Ie: The blonde one that talks in the high pitched I'm-ever-so-girly voice and the goth chick who rains on everyone's parade.)
Just a thought.
Good luck with the show!

Makinita said...

Like i said before love the girls drawings their awesome but its true what they say if u aim for a younger audience u have to tone down the sex apeal ,on a diferent matter the Riping friends dvd theres only 4 episodes but i know theres more episodes out there do you plan on releasing them in the future or thats it for the riping friends? love that show man heres a painting i did of those guys hope u like :)

brittany said...

you've definitely got a great gift... use it well :)

Anonymous said...

Race: White
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Religion: Christian, or at least thats what i was born to be =P

From all the given pictures, and given to say that if they were all used in the same cartoon, it would make an interesting cartoon. I feel that most girls in the age group of 8 to 12 are still very much more into a show that would be very preppy like.

But hypothetically, if I was that age and of opposite sex, I would most definitely watch a show with characters like this.

Most females between the ages of 8 and 12 are trying to be way mature then they are. Wearing makeup, trying to act cool by wearing whats in, listening to whatever popular music that the highschool kids listen to.

As josh boelter said about cartoon network or comedy central, i feel that this would be the best networks to air the show on where you'd get best results.

I feel that the show can should be somewhat outrageous but still follow to a storyline so that the viewer can relate to it in a way and possibly learn something from it so we can stop having the younger generations being the way they are.

For example: one storyline could be about how those magazines that the typical girl would subscribe to; and how she sees everyone look pretty and all perfect in everyway which makes herself think shes ugly and fat. And then have the truth about those magazines on how they're so touched up. Like she would see one of the models in the magazine in person and see the big difference.

I have also surveyed some other family members for you. This one is my girlfriend.

Race: Asian
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Relgion: Agnostic

First Picture - She didn't like

Second Picture - She liked

Third Picture - She didn't like

Fourth Picture - She didn't like

Fifth Picture - She didn't like

Sixth Picture - She liked.

She would watch a show that was different and possibly made fun of all those shows that makes fun of "oh im so perfect, What will I ever do without a comb in my hand?"

The next one is a younger cousin of mine

Race: White
Age: 10
Sex: Female
Religion: Christian

She apparently didn't like any of the pictures given. She was being a brat at the time and that was not of any help. She's basically the total opposite of what this show has to offer. A fan of the Kim Impossible show on Disney. (blah!)

The next one is my mother

Religion: Christian

She likes how all the style of the cartoons have a 60's look to them (as do I). She liked the first picture. She didnt care for the second one too much. And all the pictures after that she liked. She said if she was a kid again she would watch a show like this.

The Idiot Savant said...

age: male
sex: Truth and Beauy
race: 19
religion: human being

i really dig the last inked set. the style is fun (& i'm a huge retro sucker...)

JohnK said...

>>Love the look of the characters..seems to be better than a lot of the crap that's out there now. What are your other ideas for the show?

Unfortunately so far we can't talk about the stories or personalities yet. We have a network that is debating what kind of look for the show.

We want to convince them to do it in Katie's style with all the characters having different designs instead of just looking generic as most cartoon girls look.

Soon I will post another girl's show that we totally developed ourselves and get your input on that! We can tell you stories for our own stuff.

Thanks thanks thanks

Anonymous said...


Cool drawings, I let my sister check 'em out and she thought they were cool.

Sam said...

>>Unfortunately so far we can't talk about the stories or personalities yet. We have a network that is debating what kind of look for the show.

What Network?

tiny lil jawa said...

hey, you made ren and stimpy didint you! i watch it whenever its on!

P.S- yes, im a 9 year old kid.

Kris Boban said...

Name: Kristofer Boban
Job: character animator
Age: 26
Sex: m
Religion: christian
Location: Burbank, CA

So far so good. The characters look a little the same. kinda like the Ripping Friends looked. Vary their shapes and sizes a little more, and as long as their personalities contrast it'll be a good match up.
Good luck with the pitch.

mindwrecker said...

Lovely stuff! I'm tickled that a friend forwarded this to me. I'm always going on and on about JOHN K this or that. FOR INSTANCE: the near-unavailability of more than the first four episodes of 'the Ripping Friends' on DVD. Hmmm, why is that? It's too bad- you realize that now we have to take our crummy videos from FOX KIDS TV and dub them to DVD and pass-'em around, whereas I would have actually bought the rest of them if they were available. Which I've done, thank you, and have been able to share those fantastic shows with the loads of people who TOTALLY MISSED OUT on Ripping Friends, and have NO idea what it is/was. (too bad it never cut it as a movie!-but you were ahead of the big-budget animated movie curve, my friend!)
Anyhoo---I just wanted to nag you about that, as those shows had a LOT of work and money in them (it's so obvious!) and more folks should see 'em.
In the meantime----You are still doing terrific stuff, no doubt.
As an artist and voice actor/writer, I would kill to get into a studio as creative as a 'Spumco-type' environment!! But I'm in San Francisco, dammit! What a backwater hick town for film work!
Cheers, Love

Thomas said...

I really think that John K. needs to do a video podcast. It would be so awesome to see your cartoons again, with you having full creative control over them. This new show idea you have with the girls would be perfect to run as a test show that people could download and comment on. It would take a lot of work to do but im sure you could find sponsors/donators to help the cause. What do you think?


boob said...

Name: Bob Rissetto
Age: 27
sex: male
religion: agnostic

F yeah I'd watch this! But I love cartoons, so I'm biased. I'd probably watch it no matter what as long as it stayed in glorious 2D. And even if it was bad, I'd still leave the TV on :)

It's a 100% character driven show. About the characters, about the people, the girls, with real feelings. Man...I can't think of a show that even comes close to that for girls. This would be very different. Very fresh. I'm sold, but it's definitely gonna be a hard sell to the network.

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have supported some great shows and fostered a ton of creativity. It seems it comes down to timing and basically how the Network feels the day of the pitch. If I have a great show about a fish that lves underwater with his fish friends, well, sorry but Spongebob is already out there even though it's nothing like my idea. Next. Or the opposite side to that is "well maybe we can ride the Spongebob wave with our own fish show.....sign here" Guys in suits hafta talk about it and I just don't feel like there's much real thought involved.

Ya got an idea that hasn't been done for girls and you have a great look for the show. I say you have a lot in your corner. Plus, you'll capture viewership from plenty of ogling boys and artist/animator geeks (myself included). It may be aimed at girls, but even your name has a built-in fanbase.

If there's any sense in this world they'll let cretaive people, who have a good idea, that want to work, make a great cartoon. It seems toooooo easy....

Arighty - done babblin'. Nothin' ya haven't heard already :) The best of luck to you and Katie! Love the blog by the way John.

Oh and my favorite girl is the asian-looking virgo. Love the shapes in the head and hair and you'll get me every time with a hyperextending knee :)

Again, good luck, and keep us all posted!


K4-713 said...

Name: Katie Horn
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Religion: I like popsicles. (Not athiest, but not really anything else either)

I love the nobbley knees, and the feet! And the fact that some of them have serious beer guts they seem to be oblivious of.

And how the chicks with too much makeup seem to look, well, evil. And feline. Hell yes.

My favorites: The redhead, and the dark haired chick who seems to know Kung-fu. Why? They reminded me instantly of some of my favorite actual people! Most girl shows only remind me of actual girls I'd like to hit with a brick.

Thanks for this. Oh, and The Pope sent me.

Denise Liu said...

These girls are AWESOME. My favourite is the "Asian" one in the green shirt...if I were a cartoon, I'd wanna look like her and know kung-fu (FYI, i'm chinese and NOT offended...c'mon, it's John's cartoons!). Also, diggin' the pooch on the blondes.

The demographic could be pretty wide depending on how "real/ old" these girls are...they look teen - 20somethings. Make sure they have real problems like serious life-inhibiting insatiable addictions to crazy-flavoured glittery lip-balms...they're true! (a friend's. it's scary. she has one on a CARABINER.)

Very cool - thanks!

Best wishes, and glad new work is forthcoming.

- DL.

C. A. M. Thompson said...

name: Chuck Thompson
age: 25
sex: MAN but i would watch a girl cartoon if it was funny
religion: Secular Humanist

My favorite is the fourth one. Man, the colors in that one are amazing. Also in general I love the funny faces the girls make in all of these.

Elliot said...

Never shy from boobs and bellybuttons - the cornerstone of any fine animation.
Best of luck.

(So many Jesus people with opinions on girly untapped resource maybe?)

Mike P said...

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student

I'm not really too sure what you're expecting for answers with out and kinda discription. But as far as the actual drawings go, they are excellent and well diverse. As long as the characters' personalities are up to par with the drawings, I think you could have a hit show!

Anonymous said...

Looking back at the crappy cartoons from the 70s and 80s, who would have thought styles found in the likes of Hello Kitty, Powerpuff Girls, and Ren and Stimpy would be so successful?

I think we're in a similar state now, and Katie's style is ripe for the picking.

The Winner said...

age 24

They have attitude. As all girls should. can't wait!

Anonymous said...

So.. by "girl cartoon fans" do you mean cartoon fans who are girls, or fans of girly cartoons? Count me in, either way.

I dig the look of all the sketches: all the girls look wiggly, like I might be wiggling and dancing when the show comes on. These chicks dance, don't they? Mm, are they crime fighters? Super-powered? It's hard to say whether I'd like a cartoon based solely on character sketches... premises are important, too.

For the bonus round, I'm really pulling one out of the air here, is she based on that chick from Josie and the Pussycats? Judy Jetson? Why are all my thoughts coming from several decades back?

female, 26, caucAsian, philosophical Taoist

Anonymous said...

Name: Sara
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Race:white, need more be said?

It looks great! I'm a hugefan of Ren and Stimpy, and it's great to see another cartoon in the works from you, but you probably got that impression from the other 109 comments.
Still, I wish you and Katie the best of luck.
Well, as a girl myself, I just want to see a girl cartoon about girls with actual personalities. I'm sick of all of these girl cartoon characters who are drop-dead georgous with no souls. I think some just some dorky, eccentric,phycopathic and stupid girls that are cute would do the trick.
Hope that helped!
By the way, I just want to say that your work has inspired me to become an cartoonist! I'm sure I'm not the first, or last, one to say that to you. I Just wanted to thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

This seems cool, but I think the bodies are just way too distorted. It's weird somehow, and I think it kind of distracts from the characters. I find myself staring more at the bodily contortions than at the characters, in fact.

Anonymous said...

name: elizabeth raligh

no. no matter what we say, deep down most girls have a fondness for cute attractive appealing characters. these look too r. crumb/mad magazine-esque and are kinda gross.
they also look a little slutty.

Toby the Pup said...

For a defunct studio with no regular output for about ten years now, I'll say this for you. You draw some HOT girls. I'd spooge on them any day.

Maddie said...

these pics look really cool and spunky! good work!!!

BrianB said...

Name: Brian Brantley
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Religion: Catholic

Hope that helps you. Anyway, I like the sulk picture in purple the best. But these are fantastic. The possibilities to do a real girl's show, charicaturizing their sulking nature, their overjoyousness, and such.. Girls will love it. Both to identify with and laugh at the ridiculousness of themselves. Depending on how self aware or indulged they are. :P

Anonymous said...

Age: 21
Sex: F
Race: white?
Religion: Christian

I would love to see a show like this. I love the styles of the blonde and Asian girls. I love the hips and busts, since I'm not used to seeing them on TV since most females are too thin. Very, very cool.

man called orange said...

I also draw and play, have a look at my blog, if you can find a space in your busy schedule, I think you might like some of the writing. Good work man, keep it all coming.

Clio said...

I'm a girl and YES! I would watch it, so long as not all of them have valley girl or husky-permanently-exasperated voices!

Phil W. Johnston said...

Age: 27
Sex: rubber male
Religion: Ask me when I'm dying...

I love your work so what can I say?
...I like the fact they're not done all over in gloss, like there might be some flaws in their character. Flaws, flaws, flaws. Let's see some more cool & weird femme's for girl's to relate to.
More, please.

Bobbie Jansen said...

Taoism would be close
mostly caucasian

I like the fourth cell, but the color around her?? whatever is outside tends to reflect whats inside. so shes pink brained, makes me think shes empty up there(if its going to be pink look for something dirtier). I like her because her hair isnt fixed. i like cute people as much as anyone...but they are the best when you can tell they don't spend 1/3 of their life fixing hair and makeup. leaves more time for the important things like art. more variety would be nice, even skinny can get boring.

JohnK said...

Hi Bobbie,

the funny part is that pinky girl is based on Katie herself who is very smart, not bubble-headed at all.

You should have read the description of the artist character that was given to us..."artistic rather than intelligent" !

I guess you can only be one or the other. Well I ignored that one direction and said "let's base the artist character on you, Katie-smart and creative but wacky too."

jtrite501 said...

yeah me too

e.s. said...

name: eric schutzbank
age: 19
sex: male
religion: jew

as a college student and lover of animation, i watch an endless amount of crap cartoons that air on todays cartoon network(s) and have to say these designs are pretty fresh in terms of girls fare. just through the visuals, the characters seem complicated: sexy, smart, seductive, silly, sweet and a whole bunch of shit words that start with s. my concerns lie more with the scripted content of the show - what would the characters be doing? who is watching? - than the drawings. i can say, for sure, that if i saw an ad for a cartoon that looked like this, i'd be intrigued, and would definitely watch.

also, i agree with the comment previously made about the hourglass figure. i love the busts, but don't be afraid to make all sorts of shapely girls! some guys like 'em big..

Mom101 said...

This 37 yo mom/animation fan would LURVE my daughter to grow up to watch this instead of much of the crap on tv today. Don't even get me started on Bratz.

Anonymous said...

Religion: Atheist
Race: Caucasian

I really dig the designs-& you're right-they're no Betty & Veronica-which is a good thing. Although I did fancy the old bitchy Veronica ;)
As for the identities-looks like the redhead is Katie Rice & the blonde is an Ashlee Simpson type. Wrong? Sorrry ;)

Good luck!

Jen said...

Religion: Atheist
Race: Caucasian

Great idea, great sketches. Not only would I love to see something like that for myself, as a new mom with a baby girl, I'm always aware of the type of influences she'll be getting, and it would be great for girls to be able to turn on cartoons and see themselves represented realistically and intelligently. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I absolutley am in love with Katie's Style, and have been since I discovered her blog quite some time ago. I personally am not too into the new cartoons as of lately and it would so very refreshing to see whatever you 2 would put out there....Tv desperatley needs a boot in the pants as far as cool animation is concerned, considering all the freakingly amazing artists out there!!!! anyhoo...DO IT UP!!!!!

k o said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
k o said...

s:female, with one offspring
r:no! spirit, si! ju-bu pagan?!

One of the first things to grab me with these is the swayback look. I watched "40 yr old virgin" for the first time today, and there is a sie view in the bookstore of "Beth" , who has the lowrider-no-hip-tight pants look down to a science. I have always had back, and this waif-nohip look bugs me.

Virgosheet: my personal favorite. They seem earthy (virgos!) and more liable to "tell it like it is" w/out having to have abnormally perky big boobs.

Librasheet: goofy art chick what about goofy geek chick? we do exist! Big boobs seems to make her look stupid instead of genius.

Scorpiosheet: I like the sulk for some reason-makes me laugh. Prolly cuz i live with a sulky 16 yr old. Sulking, sarcasm, silly, stoney (not stoned), all expressions that are good to see.

Ariessheet: Ho's. Beatches. The Supremes?

Since i read some of the comments already, the bonus sheet is based on you...but you remind of the type of girls you might see in a bookstore in the lower haight in SF. I was also reminded of little Cindy Who (Dr Suess)...

It would be funny to see you do a young Ann Coulter or Courtney Love or Molly Ivins. Please parody them, please!

Where is the paypal button, Johnk?

Chet said...


I love the design's of Kaite's women.My favorite of the ones shown is the cartoon version of Kaite herself.She has the best expressions and design.

I would like to see more red headed women though.hahahaaha i really like girls with red hair and i dont know why(alyson hanngan,lindsay lohan(when shes not blonde and anerexic) and a few others that no one would know.

hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Name: Sara
Age: 28
Sex: Fe
Religion: not so much

I'm an overworked single-mom, so my 7 year-old daughter watches way more TV than I'd like to admit. I am sick to death of the cartoons available to her, even on Disney! They seem to focus on the bratty little b*tches my daughter calls the "Popular Girls" or the main characters newest crush. Seriously, these poor girls are being taught that this is all there is... and then we have the nerve to complain about "kids today". They're going to watch TV, someone needs to make it more substantial.

As far as the designs, I like the last one. She looks like a hot-nerd (I can say that without stereotyping because that's what I'm frequently referred to as).

Anonymous said...

female, 40, white, progressive christian

love the funky, ethnic vibe - but do they really need to be sexpots? aren't we all sick of our kids looking like strippers and strippers looking like kids?

i have a 10 year old daughter and i want her to know she is more than her cleavage - why propogate that lie? they can still be fashionistas without being childhood hoochie mommas.

definately like the nerdy cool chick the best (last frame) give her a bigger brain than a bra size please!

Anonymous said...

Age: 26
Sex: female
Religion: agnostic

I like the second set of pics a lot. One thing that bothers me a lot is how girl cartoons dress. Either they are wearing a short dress or, if they are wearing pants they have to show midriff. Not that it's totally a bad thing, but I'd like to see a girl wearing, say, a t-shirt and jeans. It can still be cute and kind of tough, too.

I'd also like to see a more solid ody type - like a normal waist.

I've been waiting since the mid-90's to see a TV girl - cartoon or not - that lives up to the Darlene character on Roseanne.

Anonymous said...


I dig the first two. It looks like anime, but not really. Hope you tag it with a good story. That's what really matters. One that invovles good character development and does your designs justice. Good luck. Don't get used.

E "Eddy" Edwards said...

Nom du Online: E "Eddy" Edwards
Age: Old enough to know the pointlessness of success
Sex: Um, uh, golly, ya make me blush
Religion: Opium is the religion of the stoned

JohnK --
Way-cool nifty illustrations (very, uh, how to say this? "John K-like"). Would I watch a show with characters like this? MAYBE. Would I let my daughter watch a show like this? Haven't got one (anyone have one I can borrow?), but I'd let my sons watch it, MAYBE.

No offense to the startlingly talented Ms. Katie's creations, but it really would depend on the setting, the situations, the stories. Friggit, man, when some dork-wad (to use the medical term) begins to blather on about how 2D animation is dead and yadda-yadda-yadda, I can't help but think that I'd watch stick figures on the screen if the story and the performances where good.

Uh, were any of these drawings based on real-world people (safely over the age of consent. Check local listings, especially if you live in Kansas), and if so, do THEY want to claim to be my daughter?

Anonymous said...

Don't care for any of these... Either they look too scary or like a bunch of dimwits.

What's with making them look like whores? Give the sexualization of toys and cartoon characters a rest. None of these characters look like anyone my daugher could relate to...

I enjoy cartoons as much as anyone and as an adult really don't care how you depict your characters. However, if this is targeted toward a younger, impressionable audience, then I do care. Kids are growing up too fast and it's media such as this which is accelerating them into adulthood.

Damn, I sound old. I can't believe I just wrote that...

Anonymous said...

OmiGAWD...Would I ever wanna Voice Act!!!!! I think I could play one of those nifty chix!!! I don't suppose you would be having auditions??....wink wink???

Marissa said...

Name: Marissa
Age: 27
Sex: female
religion: athiest

Love the style, but I would be MUCH more impressed if you showed a positive portrayal of fat girls. I'm really sick of seeing the overly skinny types, even the "curvy" ones. For real, show me a good fat girl and I'll love you forever! :)

Anonymous said...

name: Darcy
age: 21
sex: female
religion: Christian

The ones I like the most are the two girls in the center (one's blond, one's a redhead). I like something about their body proportions and big teeth. They don't look very smart but they look fun. The ones on the top & bottom just don't look normal enough (although the mod ones on the bottom are my next favorite). The blond girl by herself is good, but somehow seems too typical. I am a BIG cartoon fan, I watch Nick, Cartoon Network, Toon Disney, and tons of anime (although most of the time I'm too busy to really watch television). I'm not really a girly girl, though.

Cute concept. Good luck to you :)

Anonymous said...


Nice illustration. I think the front view looks pretty alright with be maybe you migh want to do something about the side because it looks abit scary to me.


Julianna said...

age: 19
sex: female
race: white
religion: none

i would definitely watch a cartoon about these characters! they remind me a lot of ren and stimpy, which was my favorite cartoon growing up. i will be excited when i see the show on the air :)

Anonymous said...

Can you merge the sets? Lose the long fingernails and boobs hanging out...
Go for the brunette and mixed skin tones Like the faces not extremely sharp (evil) and not extremely round(stupid)

Anonymous said...

37 yr. old female with no religious ties likes the last 3 pictures (except for the red eyelashes in pic. 5.) What I suspect are bottom eyelashes in the 1st sketch makes characters look like catfish. Not crazy about the overbites and massive navel holes in the 2nd and 3rd pics.

Parsley said...

RE: The second cartoon

I actually look pretty similar to girl in middle with cute goofy teeth and big ears so of course I love this new preliminary idea. I am a big fan of cartoons and I love these characters. Is Virgo her name? She's cute and dippy-looking like me.

Well it's a big thumbs up from me.

All the best to you and Katie.


Steve Fritz said...


Tellya what.

Whenever you want to start generating PRESS articles about your new projects, I'll be more than willing to do whatever I can.

-Steve Fritz
Animated Shorts

JohnK said...

Hi Steve

how do I find you?

Parsley said...

Hi again

Just to say, when the cartoon gets the go-ahead could you try to keep the 'Virgo' girl because I think she's so cute? Still love the goofy teeth - adorable. Not only do I look like her my birth sign is on the cusp of Leo/Virgo.


Parsley - Scotland, UK.

Closet Space said...

Katie Shanahan

Aw MAN! These are soooo appealing and cuuuuute. I'd totally love to see a show in this style and with more realistic views of just how bizzare and cracked out my gender can be. I don't own cable but if you guys got this thing running I'd DEFINETLY impose myself on friends with TVs and watch the show religiously at their place!

Hallis B said...

these are amazing. i'd definitely watch a show with these designs.

Name: Hallis B.
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Religion: Agnostic

Dove said...

Name:Dove or Cindy or whatever you wanna call me
Sex:White Fat chick with big boobs
Religion: Christian

I loves it! Only other thing I'd like to see is a not fat but not skinny gal. I mean cartoons are full of hot girls and morbidly obese girls, but chicks like me that are chunky (or curvy, a nicer way to say it) are left out, and hell we make up most of the population of women. Cool ones atleast. Cuz we're not afraid to eat a big manly steak and not throw it up later!!


Aimee Nester said...

We did some research on Katie. We went to When I say we I mean me Aimee Nester (35, female, Lutheran, Scandinavian, earning 40+ a year living in suburban CA, married, 3 children) and My Daughter, Brianna, 10, Italian/Scandinavian).

Whew, I hope that will help the executives.

We came to the conclusion that we would watch the show because the illustrations are way better than anything out there and that we would like an alternative to black upper lipped kim possible. we're tired of the naked mole rat, the monkey men, and the fact that disney recycles all of their staff for every show. And if another one puts out their own CD. I'm gonna make my own show: "Aimee and her missing ears--hear no evil"

ruetes ole said...

show sounds good art looks righteous. I am a 31 year old male rasta. I am a stay at home dad in the day and a reggae drummer at night. Huge jon k fan yo.


skamperdanskitty said...

name: meredith
age: 19
sex: female
religion: not catholic
well, lessee
girl #1: not so sure about those black things under her eyes but otherwise nice I'm a fan of the hair…I also like that little Betty-Boop-meets-Dr.-Seuss number she's got on on the left, there
girl #2: ooo…spiffy fashion, LOVE the outfit she definitely seems like someone I'd want to hang out with
girt #3: she seems like she should have a southern accent and be none too bright (what's 'ignorant' mean?)
girl#4: she looks SO cute on the right there (I have a shirt just like that)…but I REALLY love the drawing of her crying it's super fly!...or this the another version of the girl #3? If so, I find this version preferable
girl#5: I'd have to say the middle drawing is my favorite of these and I'm really digging the alien mod chick vibe you've got going on here

let me just start out by saying yes I am a girl and yes I am obsessed with clothes… but not in the usual way, I enjoy making clothes, ripping them up, making them something else, etc. and I hope to one day be able to support myself as such
anyway, (tangent)
I would definitely watch this cartoon. hell, I might even have to convince my mom that we need cable for something this awesome

miss 3awashi t said...

name: aisha m. thani
age: 17
sex: vaguely female
religion: muslim with a dab of ketchup

i would love to see a cartoon like this! i am starved for good art over here!
the one with big hair rocks i love girls with bigs hair ^^

Mr. Semaj said...

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Religion: Baptist

I’m sure you are tired of all the namby pamby, talk-down-to-you types of purple and pink shows where all the girls look exactly the same and all they think about is combing their hair and sharing all their material wealth with friends and getting along.

Have you seen a show called Braceface? I swear to God, this must be the kind of airheaded crap they show in Hell's waiting room!

I like the girl with the paintbrush. And I'm just guessing that the other blonde is Katie herself. :p

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paul said...

name: Polyvios Giorgos Christoforos
Age: 21
Sex: Generally male
Race:Greek-American w/ Aspherger's Syndrome
Religion: Greek Orthodox Christian

Yes Johnny K.! I would love to have all your girlie 'toons made!; my sister, mama, and one of my female cousins love some of the Goddess's awesome designs (Goddess means Katie Rice!)

I agree with you Johnny K., when I look at cartoons like for example Bratz and Winx Club, the girls have little or no design whatsoever; girls are always getting along with each other and tackling issues.
If you and your girlfriends wanna make those pictures, I say, so do it, either sh#t or get off the pot.

Here's to you and the Goddess,