Friday, February 17, 2006


Listen up!
I’ve teamed up with your favorite girl cartoonist, Katie Rice to create and help develop new cartoon shows-some of our own, and some shows that others have created that they need wonderfully funny and cute pictures to go with their stories.

Help Katie and I aid science.

We are showing you some preliminary character designs from a new show in development. It’s top secret, so we can’t tell you the name of it yet or what it’s about.

BUT we do want to know from all the girl cartoon fans in the world whether you would like to see a show that looks like this!

I’m sure you are tired of all the namby pamby, talk-down-to-you types of purple and pink shows where all the girls look exactly the same and all they think about is combing their hair and sharing all their material wealth with friends and getting along.

OUR theory for a girls’ show is to make all the girls look and act different-you know, like REAL LIFE???!

So all you guys who read this blog of mine, get your sisters, daughters and Moms and girlfriends to look at these designs of hot chicks done by Katie Godess Rice and tell us what you think in the comments.

(Extra game: try and guess who this gal is based on!)

I think I will make this a regular feature! I’ll preview new show ideas and if lots of you tell us you want to see these shows, then I will have proof for TV networks that you are dying for some real cartoons!

*****By the way-to make this market research completely scientific, please enter your age, sex, race and religion then tell us how you like the characters. Believe it or not that’s what TV people think they need to know, so let’s give it to ‘em, folks! And if you have shows, hire me and Katie to make them look good!