Saturday, May 27, 2006

George Liquor Stories - John and Katie presentations

The other day we had to go pitch our ideas for web cartoons so Katie and I spent a day drawing these full color presentation boards from some of the cartoon ideas I told you about earlier.

As you all know, in my cartoons you can tell the different styles that each cartoonist has, because I encourage creativity. Katie and I have similar styles of course, but she has the feminine version and I have the manly one.
I wonder if you can tell which drawings she did and which I did.
Hopefuly your eyes haven't been blunted by watching too many of those godawful "on-model" stick-figure shows.
BTW, here's a link to the stories so you can see that it might be possible to have eye pleasing art and funny stories at the same time-a radical concept, right?
How are your eyes doing? Are they waking up somewhat?
How would you like to see this kind of stuff on your media boxes of every kind?
I have a concept for those folks who think that ugly drawings must automatically be accompanied by good writing-or how did it get on TV?: I think then for your tastes, you should only have sex with ugly girls who can only make 3 expresssions, because pretty ones will distract from the pleasure happening in your rude parts.

Then you can boast to your friends with the pants falling off that she's ugly on purpose and just the right kind of ugly to put across the mess.
So have you figured out which drawings were done by Katie and which by me?

Come down to meet us Sunday and find out!