Monday, July 17, 2006

Even More Mystery Images

Here 's me trying to draw Katie's girl designs.

This cat is an inbetween-forgive the flatness and weird nose...

Here's Katie drawing my designs:

Actually I really like the things that happen in animation when one artist designs a character and another cartoonist poses or animates it and adds some of his or her own style to it.
This used to happen in a few select places- Clampett's cartoons, early Jones cartoons, Tex Avery's MGM cartoons, Terrytoons, Spumco and it happened like crazy in early Hanna Barbera TV cartoons-I'm going write about this process in a later post.

Lots of new styles spring to life when you mix and match artists and let them influence each other. This is illegal today except at my house where we made this cartoon.

I had lunch with a pitiable cartoonist who was learning to draw some modern cartoon and being forced to draw exactly like these godawful crummy model sheets. She looked suicidal after finding out one of the shows she watched as a child is purposely uncreative.
This is how many cartoonists today feel when they discover the ugly reality of modern cartoon production. I was severely depressed all through the 80s having to work on cartoons that were bad on purpose (even though the people in charge didn't know they were being bad on purpose).

Here's a mild example of what used to happen at studios who would let it:

Katie design + Hers and John's poses + Copernicus' Brad Cayford's animation = the beginning of a new style that just might turn into something really different as it evolves:

Can you guess which poses are Katie's and which John's?