Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jack and Kyle Toys-buy them soon!

I'm back making toys for you again and I hired my old pal Chris to be in charge of the sculpting.

Look what Chris Peterson and his lovely assistant Derek did for all you Tenacious D fans!

Remember who gives you the most detailed butts when you purchase your next cartoony-type toy!

So I'm gonna get Chris to sculpt the toys for my characters and maybe Katie's girls too. Are you gonna buy 'em?

Which characters should we do first?


Marlo Meekins said...


Eric C. said...

Cool John, Does Chris have a email or a website? I would like to get some tips on constructing and molding and stuff like that.

I would like to see you do a Kowalski and other lummuxes!!!!!

That'll be cool.

Max Ward said...

I'm buying, god damn definently I am buying. Release all your characters! Is this an official John K. product or are you selling it to a toy company?

Max Ward said...

Let's see George Liquor, Wally Man, Jimmy the Idiot boy, Dirty Dog, and Cigarettes the cat butt nakeds! (thats what they are called, right?)

Sam said...

So the front of them have clothes on, and on back of them they're naked?

Still it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

damn! those are some fine-ass sculpts! especially the butts. all i know is if there EVER is a Billy Chicken toy, I'M BUYING IT!!!

subsketch said...

I will buy them all! Every single one!

The Butcher said...

You said it, baby!

How much are these gonna cost? I need to know how much money I should set aside.

This is pure genius. You should make millions off of this. Everyone I know loves Tenacious D, including my 6 year old neice. She'd crap her pants if I gave her one of these!

lastangelman said...

I'll second that Marlo (and a couple of hubba hubbas for your photo!).
Is it possible to also re-issue the Three Stooges, George Liquor and Jimmy The Idiot Spaceboy dolls? I really like the look on the Jack on Kyle sculptures, Jack is so devilishly mischievous and Kyle looks so like blissed out, harmless and unaware, like Elmer Fudd's uncle on Stelazine.

Danne8a said...

These toys are amazing and soooo Darn Appealing!
I Can't wait to buy these!
They look soooo smooth and shiny with sparkly goondess!

creempuff said...


Shawn Luke said...

S-O-D-Y- P-O-P!

If you make a Sody Pop toy, I'll...I'll...I'll buy nothing but Sody Pop toys for all my friends and relatives for Christmas!

And eat my shoe.

Pedro Vargas said...

Hell yes! These look marvelous! Now I really want them! I still can't believe you're in cohorts with the movie. You all were meant to cohort with one another!

Ryan G. said...

Oh hell yeah John!!! These are faaantastic!! Are these coming out the same time of the movie? Any feedback from JB and KG? Ill buy any of your toy ideas.. Kowalski is a great idea... Katies girls, etc...

Jw said...

I'd definitely pick up a George Liquor and a Sody if they were cast in such fine detail!

And of course, I love the D.

Excellent stuff.

Jw said...

I'd pick up a George Liquor and a Sody, if they were sculpted in such fine detail.

And of course, I love the D.

Excellent work on all parts!

Trevour said...

I'm buying 'em!

And the obvious choice for future toy - SODY POP! I'd also like a HE HOG!!!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

In the 10th picture down it looks like Jack is making babies with his guitar's hole(the guitar is backwards)! Very naughty!

-David O.

Shawn said...

I wish there were toys like this of Cigarettes the Cat!

Or better yet...Sody Pop toys, with nice asses!

k9_kaos said...

I never realised how cool they looked until I saw those close-ups! I'd love to buy some. My sister Trina and I went to see Tenacious D live when they came to Australia, and they were awesome! I must have drunk 20 beers that night!

Speaking of coming to Australia, do you have any plans John? If I recall correctly, you did once, but that was years ago when I was a bitter old soul before you showed me the light! It'd be so cool to see you do one of your shows and watch cartoons with you and your mates!

One other thing...
I'm feeling concerned that since you've enabled comment moderation and only accepted comments from blog owners that you are publishing far fewer comments than before. It's just that it may be much harder for you to impress networks who might want to buy your shows when it appears there is not much public support for them. Just a thought...

Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

I would most certainly buy a complete set of the Ripping Friends, He-Mom, The Angry Duck, Ralph Bakshi, Wally Man, Mr. Horse, Catholic Girls...pretty much any...

I might buy some Katie Rice ones, but I'd buy yours first.

Nico said...

Definately make Sody Pop.

If it's legally possible, make Ren and Stimpy! You HAVE to, because those old toys that Nick made are hideous.

Nico said...

Make an Eddie Fitzgerald too. :)

mantoe said...

excelent characters. great likenesses on your part john, great sculpting on chris' and derek's parts. thank you for the butt shots. more toys need sculpted buttocks.

Shawn said...

>>Make an Eddie Fitzgerald too. :) <<

Haha! YES! A talking/laughing Eddie Fitzgerald Theory Doll!

Patrick said...

Yeah...Make some Rice Bunnies...The Jack Black looks Awesome ( I wonder why his guitar is backward, I hope he's not gettin ALL-UP-ONS). I'm over here laughing @ Kyles "pilot-whale" forehead.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'll buy these for me and my sister, who is a big fan of The D.

As for your characters I'd like to see:

Cigarettes the Cat

Dirty Dog

Bugs Pussy

Ralph Bakshi

Sody (or any Katie girl)

George Liquor




Mr. Horse

The Walrus from Rubber Nipples

Hell, as long as they look cool I'm in!

Chris_Garrison said...

What everybody else said, plus Paris Hilton et al.

JohnK said...

>>I'm feeling concerned that since you've enabled comment moderation and only accepted comments from blog owners that you are publishing far fewer comments than before.<<

Don't worry, I'm publishing 99% of them.

Only the psychos don't get to vent.

Drew said...

YES, YES, YES! John, I will buy all you're Butt-Nakeds! I love how Chris made the eyes look like their sinking into Kiles and Jacks fatty faces.

Make a Wally Man sculpture first, That would be super cool looking!

How long are you going to be making these? I hope they never end!

Eric C. said...

Hey John,

I remember you said that you play classic rock music.

Can you send us a MP3 of you singing, I think alot of us would be very interested.

_Eric ;)

Pico said...

John, the world NEEDS GEORGE LIQUOR. Do it. Love you, eep eep!

Brian O said...

I'd buy an Eddie Fitzgerald toy!

Brian O said...

Oh, but I'd only buy the Eddie toy if it comes with the laugh!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Make the Spumco bigshots! And the jimmy the Idiot Boy shampoo container! I'd gladly take bubble baths with any Spumco character!

jert said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, i'll buy that shit

Jennifer said...

Nice sculptures! Very detailed. What material did Chris use - resin?

I'm not sure if I would buy a Tenacious D sculpture, but I would probably buy a Ren or Stimpy (if you are allowed to make those), or some other animal cartoon character (preferably a cat).

Elisson said...

I still treasure my Jimmy of the Future doll.

Got two of 'em! Rubber nipple footwear and all!

Marlo Meekins said...

I felt sudden twinge of ecstasy when you people mentioned the UNCLE EDDIE doll idea! I'll make my own doll and not share it!

Lori said...

Quick! Collector Geeks! To the store!!! I'd like to see a Petey Pate toy, but that's just me.

Freckled Derelict said...

Those look so damn appealing I'm sure they'll sell like crazy.
Next ones to make:
Sody Pop - Her first she would sell out sa fast.

Slab and Ernie - They would be great as stand alone dolls or a box set

Cigarettes the Cat & Bugs Pussy -
I LOVE the idea of Bugs Pussy as a toy he is one of my favorite characters besides George Liquior!


bodidarma said...

the duck from the alturist with a condom

apc ren w/cig pack

eddie fitz

DR horse(renseeks help verson) w/gun

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Hawhawhawhaw! Those are AWESOME scuptures! I'll buy ten!

Brian Goss said...

Sody Pop and Katie Rice bunnies would be cool. :)

Brian O said...

Squeezable Katie and Dominatrix Marlo dolls!

Shawn Luke said...

I think a wedding theme with Sody-Pop and Rip would be great. Imagine a culpture of Rip looking the way he did in the "Rip's Shorts" episode when he tells his shorts he loves them. And Sody could be in that ultra cute pose she's in when she first meets George Liquor. Oh and make them 12 inches tall!

EIBass said...

The sculptures are looking great!

I thought for sure you would be posting about Tom And Jerry quitting smoking. Hell, the whole cast of Hanna Barbera Characters went cold turkey. Forced Rehabilitation.

No more Texas Tom.


Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

Nobody has mention Old Man Winter/Hunger or the fat lady from Fire Dogs either. Are they too minor of characters to get figures?

Ryan G. said...

Chris used super sculpty clay right john? If so, that stuff is cool to work with.. It doesnt dry out.

Toren Q Atkinson said...

Rip from Ripping Friends and He-Hog

please and thanks!

Chris Wyatt said...

Haha, love the expression on Jack's face.

Mukpuddy said...

These are sooo freakin awesome, I'd definitley buy any type o' toy you had a hand in makin John!!
Man, any word on when these puppies will hit the market?

Jesse Oliver said...

Hi John

If you are going to make more toys heres a list of some SPUMCO characters that should be the next toys like Jack & Kyle.

1. Ren & Stimpy (if possible)

2. Mr. Hore

3. Powderd Toast Man

4. George Liquor

5. Jimmy The Idiot Boy

6. Sody Pop

7. He-Hog The Atomic Pig

8. The Ripping Friends

9. The 2 Dirty Pussies

10. Wally Man

11. Ralph Bakshi


The Jack & Kyle toys remind me of the SPUMCO Three Stooges toys.

benj said...

I'll buy those THEYRE AWESOME!!...
and I'd buy a Cigarette The Cat & Bugs Pussy too!

benj said...

Great designs John & Chris did a TERRIFIC job! WOW!

marc said...

John, I'd love to see your versions on classic animation characters as these kind of toys. Add in Jimmy as the "Turtle Food Collector" too!

J said...

Oh their little butts are sooo cute. You just want to give them a hardy pat!

G R I G O R said...

bad- ass!!!!

caporana115 said...

are there arms,legs and there heads going to move?

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous Tenacious D figures !!! Cool Blog too !

Hollie said...

I would buy bunny, for sure!

SpooNMan said...

It's going on a long while since I heard anything about these tenacious D figures.. I imagine they were canceled. It's ashame! On a similar note. I was really hopping to get a DVD quality version fo Spumco's Classico video on the Tenacious D DVD. It's really the main reason I bought it. It said on the back tenacious D Music Video.. I should have known better :(