Friday, August 18, 2006

More Funny animals and some other fun

Here are some of my designs...

And here are some by my favorite modern day designer...
and inked by Chad Coyle.

Here's a couple that are part Katie and part me:


Vanoni! said...

That's one sly giraffe, John.

And Katie's girls look great as usual.
Especially with that slick coloring.

I want bathing cat girl to be my new friend.

– Corbett

Marlo Meekins said...

johnny's got the funniest and greatest characters ever. the groundhog!!!!! Hhahahahaha hha ha aha laugh laugh

Chris said...

Great stuff! As funny as ever!

The Mighty Robolizard said...

Oh hideous animals [I'm looking at you hamster] my unconditinal love for you will never end... but Bosko-- what became of you!? [sighs]

The Mighty Robolizard said...

Comment... APPROVAL!? WHAT IS THIS-- fa'scism'.... WATCH OUT FROM THE UNDERGROUND! EVIL LAUGH! EVIL LAUGH... for good of course.

Dustin said...

That Giraffe has the best mouth ever.

I LOVE how you draw the nose and teeth on that hippo, too!

Katie's stuff rocks as always. I'm totally jealous of how she draws their eyes.

Ryan G. said...

Awesome John!! I think you tend to draw women with more meat and a little more realistic in their midsection and hips. While Katie uses that sphere for the construction of the hips and a super skinny waist. Your collaborations look great.

I know you have some assholes that leave stupid comments here, but the comment author approval thing is taking away what is so fun about your blog. I come back and forth for its spontanious comments and I love the fact that you have such a huge and loyal following. Its probably just best not to respond to these stupid comments. Dont fuel the fire. Just banning anonymous comments would take care of this problem right? Do you have to approve everything? Well, Ill be back no matter what John. Its your blog afterall.. Keep up the good work.. Ryan

LĂȘA said...


Donald S. said...

I never have to wonder why I'm a fan!
... yes sir, I like you.

The Mighty Robolizard said...

Huh... I can't believe that fascist comment got approved. Oh well. Are these for the Jack Black video? THE JACK BLAAAACK!? With his beautiful evil.

David Germain said...

Are all these going to be in that Tenaciuos D project too? Either way, I can't wait to see it.

Yeah, Katie's work just smack's you in the face and leaves you saying "Geez, where did this greatness come from??!!" "What divine spirit controlling this universe brought this wonderful image to the surface for us??!!" I especially felt like that upon seeing the picture of that one girl sitting atop that other girl.

Why does Katie not have an Annie Award yet?

benj said...

I dig them! :)

Clinton said...

Great works you two (John & Katie). I don't know if either of you have done it or not, but what kinds of deformed shapes do you use?

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

Wow! You and Katie are amazing together. Like the yin and yang of a perfect drawing!

Alex said...

I like the bunny girl and the first pink haired girl best.

Hammerson said...

Wow, this post and yesterday's post contain some of the best designs I've ever seen from you and Katie. You have absolutely no problem inventing original characters and new undiscovered shapes.

Kali Fontecchio said...

That groundhog looks like he's made of mud- scary! And those are some sexy giraffes...

The pink haired girls are pretty cute, but deadly! Those eyelashes could slap some guy's face off!

Incredible stuff yet again!!!!!!!

jessicaLynn said...

hey JOHN
Your getting cuter everyday! I like the hippo the best.That groundhog looks like your pool shed freind.Ground Hogs are the funniest!

Gabriel said...

The best part is that the groundhog has a human nose.

lastangelman said...

The giraffe is my favorite. He looks like a camel about to spit. Definitely a mischievous looking character, a lotta fun.

heidi said...

the groundhog reminds me of Beaver Fever!

Jesse Oliver said...

Hey John

thoes are some cool designs. Katie's are really cool too. I hope you are still promoting the 2 Dirty Pussies idea. That would be a great TV or DVD series!



Also, Lets hope that Paramount, Viacom or Spike TV begs you and the SPUMCO gang for more Ren & Stimpy cartoons!

Hryma said...

Damn you John and you making us get a blog, took me freakin ages to work out how to post pictures, I was always an 'Other'.
Though this could be a good thing (to get a blog) I really don't want to damn ya, there's a hell of a lot of great artists on the blogger.
Can't wait to see the 'D' animated! Any chance of visiting Oz

Pedro Vargas said...

Those are friggin' great! At first I thought Katie's style was similar to your's from how the lines flow naturally. Katie's lines are real elegant and long and your's is more rigid and strong, but you both have that natural feel involved in the lines. And they're real complex too, very very natural. I also like how you varied shapes in each animal.

These drawings have really good cartoon vibes all around. You're too damn good John!


David Germain said...

Hey, John, i think some of the regular hecklers that usually frequented this blog came over to mine recently and pulled some shit. So, I've also turned off the anonymous posting option as well.

Aren't trolls wonderful? >:P

Arschblog said...

The Girls are fantastic drawn and sexy!
Good work!:D

cemenTIMental said...

Great designs!

John, have you seen Mind Game yet? I just did last nite... I highly recommend it!

So amazing and contains everything you listed in your insightful 'what is a cartoon' post, and more! I don't say this to start a 'debate' about anime etc, I just think you'd enjoy it. It's pretty amazing.

Max Ward said...

I have no clue how Tenacious D as doctors and a crowd of funny animals and zombies will fit in the same cartoon, but I sure as hell can't wait to see it.

Hammerson said...

Is anybody else today having a problem accessing this blog from the main page? The individual pages of each post are all available, but during the last four hours I get only blank page when I try to go directly to
It looks like the main index page is corrupted, or something similar happened.
John, if the other people also complained about this, can you please try the option "republish index" in Blogger? I had the identical problem last month, and it fixed blog back into the normal state.

tedrex said...

hey john,

I'm not sure where else to post this, so I'll do it up here.
I'm an animation student in Vancouver and someone brought in R & S on DVD.I just watched Man's Best Friend and...Holy shit! It is easily one of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen! When Stimpy takes the doggy treat after being screamed at by George Liquor to get off the couch, I almost pissed my pants! The drawings themselves are some of the funniest I've seen.

It ranks as one of the best cartoons of all times. Insanely funny and over the top; ain't nuffin better!(But jes so you don't think I'm some Spumco-phile sychophant, there were also a couple of stinkers!)

If the Tenacious D stuff you're workin on is even one tenth as funny, we're in for a treat! Keep it up!

David Germain said...

John, I'm participating in the Friz Freleng blogathon going on tomorrow. I made my post early right here.

I linkedtoit here because it involves you slightly. Just scroll down to see the little picture. (Hee hee! I think I'm funny)

You always provide a specific analysis whenever you caricature a celebrity. In drawing you, I noticed that your head is kind of an upside-down rounded pyramid. That's what I see anyway. If not, it would be great if you could provide the right analysis of your head's shape so that people can caricature you more accurately.

All done in fun of course.

Jesse Oliver said...


"Man's Best Friend" is one of the best R & S cartoons EVER! That and these other great R & S Classics.

1. Big House Blues

2. Space Madness

3. Fire Dogs

4. Untamed World

5. Stimpy's Inventions

6. Ren's Toothache

7. Rubber Nipple Salesmen

8. Sven Hoek

9. In The Army

10. Powderd Toast Man

11. Big Baby Scam

12. Dog Show

13. Out West

14. Haunted House

15. Fake Dad

16. Visit To Anthony

17. Stimpy's First Fart

18. Onward & Upward

19. Ren Seeks Help

20. Fire Dogs 2

21. Naked Beach Frenzy

22. Altruists

23. Stimpy's Pregnant


The Butcher said...

That groundhog (or whatever rodent it may be) has some chewed-up looking arms.

Your designs are very reminisent of Big House Blues, which is what I've been hoping for.

I'm wondering what you think of episodes that you're revered for, like (my favorite) Big House Blues, Space Madness, Stimpy's Invention, ect. You criticise even your own work saying you "see the mistakes". Space Madness is riddled with crude drawings, but Big House Blues and Stimpy's Invention are nearly perfect in my opinion. What are the mistakes in those episodes?

I'd like to see a post about the evolution of your own characters (mainly Ren and Stimpy), how they've changed, and who inspiried what changes. You're definetly not the only genius behind the show. I'm thinking that the most influencial artists behind the progress of the show are Bob Camp, Vincent Waller, and Jim Smith. Any Ren and Stimpy show fan owes them a huge debt, but what do you think? Some of we rabid fans may shit ourselves from the insight.

For the record, I think Ren Seeks Help and Altruists are even better than the original run, but these episodes would be nothing without the breakthroughs made by the earlier run. I must even credit Billy West. The show would not be nearly as good as it was, or is now, without him.

Adam B said...

Hi John.K,Do you like the funny animals in 'Horton Hatches the Egg"?

Gavin Freitas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick said...

FANTASTIC......There's that Katie rabbit again!!! I love those cute cartoony chicks, I hope you dont mind if I do some more pencil drawings of them!

Marlo Meekins said...

I can't believe I didn't compliment Katie's Girls on this post!

But not only are Katie's
girls really fun to look at, but Katie in person is the best character of all. She's the funniest girl in the entire world and she's happy and fun and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the giraffe & the hippo, I think I'll put them on my desk top. I just made a hippo myself if you want to check it out on my painting blog.

Eric C. said...

Hey John,

under the Funny Animals and Zombie Crouds. That female bunny that you drew looks alot like Nazz from Ed Edd N Eddy.

Did you ever watch that show?

The creator's name is Danny Antonucci. He's well known for the 1987 short film "Lupo The Butcher"

RyanFabian said...

The eye in the "I.O.U" on the groundhog's chest...I wonder if that's a symbol for the ever-present eye of the government omaybe the UN?! They never stop watching, they're watching me right now. They're watching you too! I can taste them!!

Alex Whitington said...


JohnK said...

>>Adam B said...

Hi John.K,Do you like the funny animals in 'Horton Hatches the Egg"? <<

Sure! I got the idea for the mouse with the giant ears from that cartoon.

Clampett and Suess are a great combination!

JohnK said...

To "The Butcher"

Yes, my cartoons are all about who makes them. Every cartoon is a different feel and style depending on the artists that worked on it.

I don't know of any other studio that even allows that.

You can see the work of those same artists in other shows and you would never know it was them.

I am a big fan of individual artists' styles and I encourage the artists to do what they do naturally. Many artists are so unused to that that they can't express themselves when they actually allowed to.

They need to be retrained to just be themselves.

Compare Billy's work in my cartoons to that of say...Doug.

The Mighty Robolizard said...

Doug was a fist of jolly roger beard [with fleas, but without the pirate], but fun for the retro-adorer. Billy is, however, also a master in Futurama. Richard Steven Horvitz is also an underused actor currently doing 'Squirell Boy' [to be fair, only seen a small part, but said part was a bit difficult to tolerate], but in Zim and Beavers, mwah, the master. Actually I think Billy West even lit up Doug. Him and Richard Steven Horvitz are magic like that. Phil LaMaar also needs more great parts besides random bland fronts. Futurama he's spectacular, and the best Justice Leaguer [Green Lantern] in the bunch. And Maurice LaMarche, from Keef to an fruit adoring Toucan, just glorious.

cemenTIMental said...

John, you should maybe turn off moderation... it totally stifles the previously very interesting discussionw here in the comments if you're only gonna approve comments every couple of days or so... :(