Monday, October 30, 2006

Classico is here! Tenacious D video starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass

Hey Everybody! Today is the official premiere of Classico. I drew it, Nick Cross did BG design and color styling and Copernicus did the Flash animation.
Marc Deckter, Jay Li and Marlo Meekins also were invaluable as were Pringle and Kristen McCormick. And Kali Fontecchio too!

If you are OVER 18, click this below!

See it at Tenacious D's site:






Pencil Test seq5,6,7 (Kristen McCormick):

Pencil Test seq8 (Kristen McCormick):

Pencil Test seq9 (Pringle)

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bgudna said...

oh man! that made for some serious cream in my jeans! non dairy!

quality stuff john ,, i´m goin back to the drawing board!

Jorge Garrido said...

Holy crap that was an amazing cartoon! I'd wager it's even better than "Close but no cigar" but I'm not sure yet.

It's like that crazy 1930's rubberhose animal style if it evolved instead of died out in favour of chase cartoons in the 40's. The crwod are nuts, I can't wait to get the hi-rez one and freeze frame it!

I see a So-White/Dopey kiss, too!

Congratulations, you've pushed the boundaires once again and created something brilliant.

Gabriel said...

1 minute?? Someone should pay you to make a full feature.

Say, you really wanna get rid of the name Spumco, huh?

Jason Davis said...

Yikes! I can't get it to load in any of 3 browsers!

thechrisproject said...

That's fantastic! I just realized after watching this that you probably did the video for "Fuck Her Gently" too, which I've seen about a zillion times. Don't know how I missed that before.

Trevour said...

This made my night! Love that title screen, and the Marlo BGs are FUN! The zany animation goes so well with the song too. And the pencil tests are hilarious with the audio!

cemenTIMental said...


Amazing work, congradulations!!! wish you much succcesssss from it!

Patrick said...

WOW....that was intense..especially first thing this morning!!!
Now "THAT'S" a goddamn cartoon!

Fire Exit said...

I don't know how to say this, but I think theres a bit too much going on.

There I said it. It's georgeous, highly stylistic but the amount of detail just makes my brain explode.

Regardless though, it's still much better than anything that's on TV at the moment.

Hammerson said...

This is f*ckin' awesome, a real masterpiece!!! So much good stuff and funny drawings packed in just one minute... it's unbelievable. I watched it ten times in a row, and with each viewing noticed so many new details. The editing and use of color is impressive, and no matter how fast the action is, it's easy to follow it and doesn't look confusing (it's a lesson that many today's animation and live action directors should learn from you).
Is it going to be included as a bonus on "The Pick of Destiny" CD? There is advertisment for the de luxe version of the album, so perhaps a bonus DVD will be included?
And who did the background painting on "Classico_AnimalPainting.1.jpg" screenshot? It's absolutely amazing.

The GagaMan(n) said...

Great poses and expressions throughout, but some of the animation (Particularly that scene where the little devil fucks that duck in the ear) looked a little jerky, although maybe it's just the compression of the video. Still a great piece of animation, but I think I preferred 'Close but no Cigar', myself. Can't wait to see this in cinema!

The GagaMan(n) said...

On another note, I'm presuming this is only a sample of what we will see in the final film, as some of the poses you showed us some while ago are not in that clip.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Watch everyone come to your defense on this one.
That was terrible.
A one minute mess.
The stills on your blog look amazing, but once it all gets in motion it is a mess.
Not one gag hangs long enough to make you laugh.
This is what you have been lending sneek peaks to for the last month or so???
A one minute clip???

Noone else will admit this, I bet, but this is not your strongest work.

David Germain said...

My one critique: too short. You drew me in and cut me loose. I believe the term is cloitus interuptus but I'll have to look that up. In summation, you left me wanting more. Well done sir.

By the way, the frenzied crowd sequences were inspired by Bacall to Arms (by Bob Clampett c. 1946) somewhat. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was great. I wish it was longer! I like how the stage background had a more graphic Chuck Jones/Maurice Noble thing going on and the theater background had more rendered, dark and rich feel. Did Nick Cross do the backgrounds?

Anonymous said...

- maybe it gives college boys the incentive to act silly, go to a gig and stick fingers up each other's asses, and stuff like than. There's actually a game in Japan now (a popular game) whereby you have to aim to jab your buddy up the ass with two fingers... it's called 'Kancho,' and from what I've read, features in the 'another action anime' Naruto.

Spizzerinktum said...

Is that a fleur-de-lis on the baseballsack? I love it, whatever it is. I thought I was going to have a seizure when the eggs starting popping out of that duck. (The little egg dance was especially delightful. It could be its own movie.) Great job!

And, **AHEM** Jorge Ignatz Wolfenstein von Garrido, YOU are under 18 and should have your eyes washed out with soap! Tsk!

Todd Harris said...

This is one amazing blog. great work you have on here.

The Butcher said...

Great shit. Will the other stuff you did for the D be in their movie?

PCUnfunny said...

John that was awesome, so lively and cartoony. I suppose that was just a snippet but still, great stuff. I don't like Tenacious D but your starting to turn me on to them.

Jorge Garrido said...

>And, **AHEM** Jorge Ignatz Wolfenstein von Garrido, YOU are under 18 and should have your eyes washed out with soap! Tsk!


I love the warm background colours, very cozy.

Anonymous said...

That stampede you hear is all of Hollywood's development execs in a rush to licence "Kancho" as a CGI spectacle with a 200 million dollar budget. I can see those two brown fingers on the side of a bus now.

James said...

Wow - that was really awful. Characters worming around and no focus or phrasing to the animation.
Every action is of equal value. Isn't that opposed to everything you preach.

Mega said...

oh whoa, that was worth the wait! marlos backgrounds are amazing! great team you got John, real impressive work.

Stephen Worth said...

You made more of an impact in 60 seconds than big budget studio features have made in last 40 years. I keep playing the video over and over again. I'm not afraid of my brain exploding. I like it when it does that! Great cartoon!

See ya

Vincent Waller said...

Jiminy I do love pencil tests!

David Germain said...

Not one gag hangs long enough to make you laugh.

Um.... well John had to pace the animation according to the rythym of the song which was quite fast. The only way he could have slowed things down at all was for him to ask the permission of Jack and/or Kyle to "slug" the song (adding pauses inbetween sentences) so that the slower people watching this can keep up.

Ted said...

The backgrounds look great. So does the title card; unfortunately that's not on the main video page (altho it's in the YouTube version on NIck Cross's page).

Chloe Cumming said...

I love it I love it.

Danne8a said...

I can't believe that was all done in flash too!
That was the best visual enjoyment I have had since viewing the Adult Party Cartoon DVD!
Well done!

Sean Worsham said...

Great Artwork! I just wish I could see more. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, does absolutely nothing for me either. Wonderful designs and drawings but an utter mess in motion. Too bad.

Ryan G. said...

Its interesting to see how you guys do pencil tests with cut-outs.. The video is great! Congrats to all that worked on this! Boy you all really turned this project over pretty quick. How long did this take John? A couple of months?

Anonymous said...

meh whatd that take 30 minutes to animate/design? Im being sarcastic but it couldnt have taken over 20 hours to do

Max Ward said...

I keep watching it over and over again. The way Jack sings in the video is so specific to the song, you captured every little nuance. And the color is amazing. What happened to the cartoon where they are doctors, or something like that?

Max Ward said...

And I can't believe that is flash animation. Holy shit.

mike f. said...

Wow!! When did you do the "Tenacious D Cartoon" title card?? I hadn't seen that before. Is that your painting, John? Beautiful!

Jeez, what a difference the last 2 posts have been from that dreary Anime crap! Thank God you're not posting any more of that stuff.

(Oops! Sorry, Anime fanboys. I know how partial you are to animation shot on "sevens", with characters that look like they're moving underwater. Gee, I sure hope you're not offended or anything.)

Nico said...

AAAAAUUGHHH so freaking good!!! i love it. I completely agree- this and the APC Ren and Stimpys are the best cartoons in 40 YEARS.

someone give John money to make MORE crap like this!!

mike f. said...

["meh whatd that take 30 minutes to animate/design? Im being sarcastic but it couldnt have taken over 20 hours to do"]

Breathtakingly ignorant. More evidence why cousins shouldn't marry.

By the way, what's a "meh", Einstein?

Citizen Drummond said...

I was pretty disappointed in the content, so I guess that makes me one of those conservatives that don't want you to see stuff. Most gross-out humor doesn't bother me. I even listen to The D, but this cartoon took it too far for my tastes.

I hope you'll put your amazing skills to use on something all ages can enjoy soon.

Your loyal reader,

Anonymous said...

I read this blog because of the Incredible passion John has for animation and the wealth of knowledge about his craft he imparts.

I find the 6 paragraph gushing fanboy OMG JOHN YOURE THE KING! posts pretty amusing though.

I see John as the absolutely brilliant music teacher who has a few cds out of his own compositions that you politely accept and say were pretty good so he'll keep teaching you. (I.E. ripping friends)

My passion is comedy (mr. show, Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Mitch Hedberg, Stephen Wright etc.) that springs from interesting ideas and bizarre logic, And I see John K's opinions as being pretty useless in this area.

His dismissive attitudes towards shows like Family Guy and Aqua Teen hunger force remind me of cartoonists like Bill Griffith who completely trash comics like "The Far Side" and "Calvin and Hobbes" (which Im pretty sure John doesnt care for either) and then gush about how amazing Nancy and Gasoline Alley were.

Course its all moot since John will probably just delete this

JohnK said...

Hey Will

I'm a bit confused. What gross-out humor? The cartoon is completely cute. Ren and Stimpy is much grosser.

Do you mean the dirty words? I didn't write the song...I just illustrated it. That's why the warning for over 18.

I have kid's shows that are "for all ages", but networks produce all their own shows in house now.

JohnK said...

I like Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes.

My passion is comedy (mr. show, Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Mitch Hedberg, Stephen Wright etc.) that springs from interesting ideas and bizarre logic<<

I wish I had made cartoons that spring from interesting ideas and bizarre logic. Unfortunately I'm very conservative.

akira said...

wow! AWESOME post! you show all the steps for making a cartoon masterpiece!

Step 1: hire John K to direct

scuttlebutt said...

It's very cool of you to share your work with us, especially pencil tests.

I hope you won't mind some honest criticism: to my eye the animation is a mess, lot's of fun poses but the actions are strobey and difficult to read. (I wish I could frame-by-frame to see why this is.)

Also, I'm not a big fan of the line quality that's coming out of Flash in this case; it seems so uniform and lifeless. I miss the organic rhythm that comes from hand drawn lines. I love the look of Kyle but for some reason Jack just looks poorly drawn.

Sorry to sound so negative, just being honest.

Jordan said...

I love the new video. It really is a huge load of creativity and life squeezed into one minute.

My feeling is that John K and his crew are a very very creative force. Desperately creative, it's pouring out of them, trying so hard to put some feeling and joy and life into modern cartoons.

Most people don't let them.

So when they get a chance to do even ONE MEASLY MINUTE of animation, it has to EXPLODE with non stop creativity, because where is the time to do anything but?

The song itself I'm not too crazy about, as they did a very similar song before ("rock your socks off") and I prefer their all original compositions, but hopefully the movie and album will be awesome.


Anonymous said...

Duh! The only reasn i can spell anonimuss is be4cuz blogger spells it 4 me.

JohnK said...

>>to my eye the animation is a mess, lot's of fun poses but the actions are strobey and difficult to read.<<

Because you are looking at it online at 15 frames a second and compressed. If you see it on DVD, you will see it's extremely smooth and mostly on 1's.

Jorge Garrido said...

>Because you are looking at it online at 15 frames a second and compressed. If you see it on DVD, you will see it's extremely smooth and mostly on 1's.

Holy crap you animated on ones? That's rare isn't it?

What's the budget of this short cartoon compared to one minute of the average cartoon sitcom (FG takes a million bucks for 22 minutes)

scuttlebutt said...

>> Because you are looking at it online at 15 frames a second and compressed. If you see it on DVD, you will see it's extremely smooth and mostly on 1's.

Thanks, John for the clarification about the framerate. Makes sense now - something with so much fast action is definitely going to suffer when converted to a 15fps compressed web movie.

I'm looking forward to seeing it on DVD.

Julián höek said...

how could i see the on 1's john? i also think it was to fast and plus the video was one minute long i was like..."what? where? when??" right after it finished. i couldn't apresiate all those great frame captures you posted. must be couse it's in 15's as you say 'couse after i saw it i watched the pencil test with just poses and they hold longer and it was way funnier for me.

Eric C. said...

John, I got to say. That must have been the best animation I've seen since "Ren Seeks Help."

That was Flash right?

How do you do your animatics?

I've noticed that your doing mostly mature adult entertainment now a days, but will you ever come back doing family entertainment like the original Ren & Stimpy? I really miss the surreal yet cleaver sillyness in the diologe and drawings.

And to ask you about the Preston Blair book, we're learning the drawing princables from it right?. And Creativity and style come last.

I just wanted to check in with you to see if I got it right.

Thanks John,

God Bless you

And Happy Halloween.


mike f. said...

Gee, and here I was thinking John's work was full of interesting ideas and bizarre logic.

There's nothing bizarre about a half-duck/half-imp "brain" creature hatching from an egg after having its mothers skull inseminated by a conjured demon, is there? Happens in every cartoon.

I can just see audiences rolling their eyes - "Not the obligatory demon/duck/brain egg ending, again!"

Mr "Anonymous" can obviously do better, which is why he's so eager to sign his name to his posts. It's not as if he's a sniveling coward or anything.

I sure wish I was smart and cool like him, and could enjoy the "interesting ideas" on "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" with the rest of the nine-year olds on my block.

Anonymous said...

Those who find this video too fast or that the animation doesn't read might prefer "Spunky and Tadpole" timing and subject matter because it doesn't threaten their little heads, and that's fine because this is America. But if all of electronic media moved at this pace and with this refreshing attitude toward public nudity, there wouldn't be time to kill the next generation overseas for the purpose of corporate oil profit. Get the stick out of your ass, uninformed critics, and smell what looks like coffee.

stiff said...

Wow that's fast! I just started watching some Chaplin (never had before), which I'm finding very funny because of the apparent speed from the early camera technology and the really fast cuts. I was disappointed that your film was so short, but only cuz what's there is so engaging, and I'm greedy and I want more. I think some SFX would've enhanced it, if only because the song itself is instrumentally light. But great work! Keep 'em fast!

Mr. Semaj said...

Very interesting.

I have no problem with the quick timing. This actually cures the problem I've had with some of John's last few projects.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Flash player is shite.

I want to see it in full res.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Yay! Now that it's online I can go show it to everyone I know. LOVE that title card- beautiful drawing/coloring. Did you paint it? They are just so gosh darn cute as cartoon characters- I hope that they will want more of this sort of thing from you.

Great job John, especially considering you drew every frame!

And yay Marlo!!!!! And yay Marc Deckter!!! Marc should get a big hug from everyone with his super organizational skills.

junior said...

john thinks the colors on Belleville are depressing, but Aqua Teen Hunger Force was the only cartoon that made me seriously think about killing myself.

About the D video, I liked it, but i know I'll it a lot more when i can see it on a bigger screen and freeze frame the thing.

JohnK said...

Yeah folks, the cartoon is very fast.

Jack and Kyle's song just put so many ideas into my head (and Eddie, Marc and Mike's) that I tried to fit as many as possible into the cartoon. I even asked if they could do an extended version so I could put a few holds in.

As it is I had to cut out a whole pile of gags.

I figured since people listen to songs over and over, that they would see this a few times and catch lots of things they might have missed the first time.

Maybe they'll give me a longer song next time. But I do enjoy a bit of hyper timing now and then rather than the typical slow TV pacing.

I'll split the difference next time!

Anonymous said...

>>Holy crap you animated on ones? That's rare isn't it?

unfortunately, with the advent of flash "tweens" it's not. thoughtful inbetweening is rare.Don't tween kids.

David DeGrand said...

That was pretty much the best minute of my life, the genius of John K once again leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said...

i also love the title card, John. every time i see this cartoon, i see something new i hadn't seen before. good stuff!

on another note:
i like how 98% of the whiny, "i hate your cartoons and opinions, John, but i read your blog everyday" posters always post "anonymously". figures.

Marc Deckter said...

Hey thanks Kali! You were a big help too!

I'm really proud that I got to contribute to this amazing cartoon. I promise I will only use my organizational skills for good and not evil...

I actually like that the song is super short - it's like a burst of CARTOON ADRENALINE!

Stephen Worth said...

unfortunately, with the advent of flash "tweens" it's not. thoughtful inbetweening is rare.Don't tween kids.

Animating on ones isn't the same as inbetweening down to ones. If you still frame through this cartoon, you'll find that just about every frame is a key drawing. There's nothing mushy about this cartoon.

See ya

Justin said...

>I figured since people listen to songs over and over, that they would see this a few times and catch lots of things they might have missed the first time.<

That's exactly how I feel about this cartoon. I can watch it twenty times and find something new each time.

I think that today's audience reflects the new techno-informative generation that is used to taking in tons of imagery every day, and unfortunately as a result of this, they rarely stop to savor any good visuals that are thrown at them. If you don't like this type of fast paced animation, that's fine, but just remember to watch it a couple of times to really enjoy what you are seeing, instead of blowing through it once and moving on.

Maybe some people are too used to watching animated shows nowadays with little to no aesthetic value to them, so they just can't handle something with "so much going on". More has happened in this one minute cartoon than an entire box set of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

anti-anonymous said...

>But if all of electronic media moved at this pace and with this refreshing attitude toward public nudity, there wouldn't be time to kill the next generation overseas for the purpose of corporate oil profit.

Oh, God, here we go again. Please, enough with the politics, people!

Sliced Oranges said...


queefy said...

I watched this a few times and the sync is amazing.

Michael Amos said...

Hey John,

FUCK ME - that was great! Animation was fantastic. Reminded me a lot of old Bob Clampett animation!

Any chance you can upload some more pencil tests? Love to see some more of that.

Thanks! Well done

The Mighty Robolizard said...

Oh Anonymous... always with the radical opinions...

I liked the breakneck speed, like flipping through a glorious sketchbook. And the Jack Black animation is teh divine... plus, breakneck philosophizing on the human id. Nice.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there could just tell me what cartoon this is from.... ....

Max Ward said...

I honestly can't stop watching it over and over. Unlike most, I like how fast it is, I love the fact that there are still some funny pictures that haven't registered, making mulitple viewings amazing. I like when you have to freeze frame to catch the funny pictures, it's kind of like an easter egg.

anonymous to avoid people's grudges said...

I watched it over many times, with and without sound. Can't say I'm that impressed.

Dazzling is good, but this is bombardment. Several moves and gestures don't attract the eye as much as they should because they're being bounced and jostled around too much. Jack's face sloshes all over the place, enough to make Disney's squashy-stretchiness look like anime.

There's nothing in the soundtrack that merits the amount of jumping and smashing around that I see here, except maybe after halfway through. Even one continous shot of Jack expressively crooning a full line like "If you think it's time to f**kin rock/And f**kin roll/Out of control" without freaking out would have made things smoother. Sometimes the video looks like it was cut to hide shortcomings, even though that's certainly not the case.

And the whole thing looks like Flash, what with those heavy black lines in the closeups. Also, the bounce up-and-down dance with the fists at 00:25 looks like it was partially tweened by computer - look at how his shoes distort without changing, and I see things going up and down without changing perspective. And his fists gain and lose volume in a way that make me suspect shape tweening in Flash. I noticed things like that in the Weird Al video too.

Oh, and color. Whaddya know - I see some of those poo and pee colors that you were talking about! Dig those sewer hues at 00:39 and 00:52, and maybe it's just me but the stage set looks nasty with that yellow plus the fart-ochre Kyle.

Enough blasting. Good parts: Nice multiplane-style perspective trucks. Great run cycle at 00:39.

And the whole thing must look much better on full interlaced video. Hope they play it on MuchMusic.

Jesse Oliver said...

Hi John

I hope you get to make more cool cartoons. Espeacialy NEW Ren & Stimpy cartoons for adults! I'm still waiting for "Wilderness Adventure" and "Life Sucks" to be produced! Keep up the cool work John!


Citizen Drummond said...

John, I guess by "gross-out" I meant "devil guy screwing a duck in the ear." The t-bagging, the monstrous french kiss, the boob fondle all pushed the line for my taste, but the devil crossed the line. Is this part of the movie? Does the devil have a purpose? Maybe I'm reacting to something out of context.

And, yes, it is plenty cute. But pretty disgusting, too. My taste, though. You're the man making it.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Beautiful. I watched it twice in a row. Looking forward to seeing it in full quality on DVD!

There's something I really love about the black bird barfing the egg, hah!

Great job everyone who worked on it! :)

Gene Fowler said...

I've only watched this twice. So I'll comment quickly.

After the second time, I said to myself, oh, that's what he's doing, I see how it all comes together, nice work! Wow there's some great animation in there, especially Kyle hammering on that guitar!

After the first time I watched it, I said, what the hell is going on here, it's messy and a bombardment on the eyes. There's no fluidity here!

Final verdict:

It's classic John K posing and animation with some great BG art thrown in. The boys at Copernicus did a great job converting all the poses to flash and smoothing it all out, however I feel that the internet version doesn't do it justice. Need to see a proper quicktime or it on broadcast.

I also feel that there are too many ideas being smashed down the viewer's eye sockets and that not all of the visuals read well. But that was only on the first viewing. During the second viewing it all melded together perfectly, upon my next watch I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more.

Perhaps John was a victim of too many quality ideas and having not the iron fist to cut some of them or slow them down a bit. Perhaps he planned on MTV like cutting and jamming it full of shit so that people would watch it over and over again?

I'm no expert, who is? The My Adventures with Cloe pilot is way fast and alot of gags don't read. (

My main gripe is that it was far too short. That's a great compliment. BEcause we'll be watching it over and over again until the next one comes out!

Great stuff John! Kudos to you and Copernicus!


Anonymous said...

Giraffes have black tongues.

Lee said...

love what your doing. Looks great.
wonderful inspiration!'
thank you John.

Shawn said...

>>I watched it over many times, with and without sound. Can't say I'm that impressed.<<

I'm sure it must be everyone's one and only goal to impress only you. The gestures and the "squashing and stetching" is in context and in beat to the music as far as I can see.

If it looks like Flash, that's because it IS Flash, genius. And it looks like the best Flash animation yet. The thick black lines in the close-ups are what real inkers do. Things that are closer have thicker lines (I'm surprised that God's gift to cartooning hadn't noticed that).

To any intelligent viewer, the poo and pee colors you're talking about would look more like muted browns, burnt sienna, and shades of gold, with many other hues and greys painted in for depth.

But what do I know? Everyone's completely ignorant until they have the priveledge of viewing your perfect cartoons, "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

the rabbit's ear is clipped somehow in

A.A. said...

tenacious D just kicked gorillaz monkey asses for the honors of best animated rock band!

everything that JB says in the song about the Kage is true about John K as well!

kristen said...

You are a true genius! It was such an honor to work for you and get to stare at your beautiful drawings!

What a masterpiece!

LêA said...

A little draw for a man,

a great day for animation...

Kion said...

damn!!!! it goes by to fast!! i need a way to step frame it, I'm missing to many great wacked out drawings, especially the mouth shapes in the biggidy boo part(hey john can you post sections from that?). flippin hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

"But what do I know? Everyone's completely ignorant until they have the priveledge of viewing your perfect cartoons, "Anonymous"."

What's with the hate? I think he had valid points. I don't nessesarily agree, but he wasn't saying anything irrational.

I loved the video. It doesn't bug me that it looks like flash, because the only way you know it's Flash is from Flash's appealing elements like the squashing and stretching and clean smooth digital lines. I can see how it can bug some traditionalists, but I personally love it. I wouldn't want to see Ren and Stimpy in Flash or anything, but for music videos like this it's perfect.

It was a little rapid for my taste, though. Sometimes it's just too hard to take in. I wish it was around 3 minutes, but for a 1 minute cartoon, a slow pace wouldn't have allowed for a much slower pace.

Gabriel said...

hahaha, I just noticed the Snow White/Mickey hybrid! Funny as hell!

Anonymous said...

lovely colors!

anonymous to avoid people's grudges said...

>>The thick black lines in the close-ups are what real inkers do.<<

Some do, others add more detail. I still think the close-up lines are too thick for the frame. Page 69 in Frank and Ollie's Illusion Of Life book descibes how they dealt with line width and closeups, and I agree with what's in there.

>>If it looks like Flash, that's because it IS Flash, genius.<<

The old Renegade Animation episodes of Elmo Aardvark were Flash and had zero aforementioned Flash-isms to be found. None.
Unfortunately, they're hard to find other than at (see episode #12).
And the first episode here:

And of John K's web stuff, this one most looks most like cel and least like Flash:
Great colors, too.

>>I'm sure it must be everyone's one and only goal to impress only you.<<

Ad hominem. *yawn*

Pico said...

Great Drawing, lame song. Geesh.. Post the Pico!

Anonymous said...

Hey there John! Long time reader, first time poster. I have three questions:

Why was the cutting and pacing so quick and abstract that you'd have to watch it over and over again to know what's going on?

I believe it was you who said if everything's crazy then nothings crazy. Do you feel that's how this video comes off with every drawing extreme and caricatured? I didn't see a lot of subtlety or contrast.

And lastly, it seems you're on a brown kick now. From what I saw in your color examples, there are a few "clean" colors that tie the theory together rather than just browning up everything. I guess my third question is more of a comment. It felt a little too muddy.

Sorry if all these questions seem pointed. I'm a huge fan and have not posted before on your site. I guess I'm just starting to miss the heart your work used to have. Everything you did was clear, well thought out and, emotionally moving. It seems now that you are trying to "out weird" yourself with every consecutive drawing. Almost every pose is angled and pointy. Where’s the softness gone?

A fan

JohnK said...

It's a Goddamn 1 minute music video, not a ten minute story for Chrissakes.

It's sung fast, it's got dirty lyrics. I didn't write it, but I liked it and made cute images to take some of the edge off, not to make it more "edgy".

Anonymous said...

Wow, try to make a fun cartoon for everyone to enjoy, and people want to stab you with knives of extreme hate. People are certainly entitled to their opinions, But why all the vitriol? Is it jealousy of John's "name brand" success? Was this the cartoon equivalent of Tom cruise's couch jump? Will Rocky save Bullwinkle in time?! (I liked it, but I’m off my meds.)

Julián höek said...

hi john please post more pencil test!

Yu said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Im so happy that I found this place. I've been a big fan of Ren & Stimpy for years. I live in the Netherlands (hence my shitty english)and it was first broadcasted here about 12 or 13 years ago. All these years Í've been praying that all the Ren & Stimpy cartoons will be released on DVD.

I finally received the Ren & Stimpy Lost episodes DVD last week.
I almost shit my pants watching the hilarious cartoons. In the intro of this DVD you said that there were about 15 episodes that didn't make to tv. 6 of them are on this dvd now, but when will the other ones be released?

I found this site since you mentioned Katie Price's webpage on the dvd... then I found the link to your site via her site.

I read on Katie's blog that you sometimes go to conventions for signing sessions and stuff like that. Do you ever go to Europe for these kinds of things? I'll be the first in line if you'll ever come to Holland(the Netherlands).

I'm getting the keys of my new house next week. I'still don't know what to do with my walls. So I was wondering... what would the walls of a cartoonist like you be like. Did you draw anything on your walls? Got any tips for me?

Geez my msg is getting too long... Dun wanna sound like a psycho fanboy stalker so I better stop typing now. Keep up the great work and I'll check back regulary!

Christopher Carver said...


Overall I think your composition was effective--my eye moved continuously over each frame, not getting stuck on one or two elements.

In the scene wherein the lil' devil leaps over audience members (trying to prong their heads), you made proficient use of rhythm without succumbing to excessive repetition. In the same scene, however, when the devil finally humps the goosey character, it looked like kind of a loose fit.

The Tom & Jerry "eyes as transparent windows into a hollow head" gag works well enough, but I think it might've been more idiomatic had you tightened up the ears a bit--much as in 1940s WB cartoons in which a character cleans out his ears by pulling a towel through (the tight space within) his head.

As usual, fine attention to detail and craft. Strong work, typically orthogonal to comparable work in the genre. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

These comments are insane! The guys just showing a project he did for a one minute song and youre getting these 11 paragraph ultra pedantic criticisms.

"Overall it was good but I feel that perhaps at the 33 second mark the facial expression was a tad deriviative of early tex avery work, perhaps if you did a bit more squash and held off the stretch you would have gotten your point across better? furthermore..."

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Just checked out the video. Top notch! I don't get the haters though. They seem to be interpreting the lessons taught in this blog in their own distorted viewpoints. Try readin' carefully before bashing. First of all John went over the pacing issue in this Post.

This is a music video thus it has to fit the song. the song is quick and speedy. The images are speedy but I believe they read clearly. The human mind can read images quickly even at quick speeds when the animation and gags are clear and done well, and that is the case here. Now the internet player is not DVD quality but it's still pretty smooth.

Now about color, just becuase you use brown it doesn't make it poo. The brownish hues give a good contrast to the brightenss of the stage. The colors perfectly helps you read the audience shapes, which if you payed attention are supposed to be in a darkened theatre. It is not depressing. There are bright happy tints in the brown. I don't recall poo having bright happy tints unless your diet is really bad. Those are just some thoughts from viewing it a couple of times. I do wish they would have given John the title sequence like in troop beverly hills. Would of been nice to see some cool animation on the big screen again.

Nate Birch said...

Short but sweet!

Was this all done in Flash? Because aside from a few seconds at the beginning it doesn't look like Flash. If it is, it's pretty fantastic Flash work.

Marshall Scott said...

"Wow, try to make a fun cartoon for everyone to enjoy, and people want to stab you with knives of extreme hate. People are certainly entitled to their opinions, But why all the vitriol?"

I haven't seen any vitriol from any of the people who didn't like the cartoon. Most have voiced their criticisms in a respectful manner.

The only vitriol has come from people wildly leaping to John's defense as if he's some frail thing who may break if he hears anything but glowing praise.

Personally though I liked the cartoon lots. Yeah it's fast and crazy. It's a 1 minute cartoon done for Jack Black. That's exactly how it should be.

Anonymous said...

It only looks like flash animation when it zooms in on Jack Black as he leaps wildly about.

When I first watched this I didnt like it as much as your Weird Al music video.

After watching it a couple more times, I like it quite a bit.

Huzzah, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

'it might' come to dvd soon...? WHAT? You can't just make a cartoon then not have it publisised in some form of medium, surely..!


Gabriel said...

i agree with zsl, i've watched it about 10 times now and it only gets better. Every time i notice something new.

The GagaMan(n) said...

I must say this is actually growing on me, after multiple viewings. By multiple viewings, I mean about 20 times now, and I like it even more each time I see it. The song has been stuck in my head ever since.

Not a masterpiece or your best film ever, but still great fun with fantastic timing.

Gillian said...

good stuff John! Keep it up!
Also I find it amusing that the critiquers have to post their opinions anonymously, interesting.

Jason Davis said...

John: is this an excerpt of the cartoon or is there more to it? The reason I ask is because I know the song has an instrumental part on the beginning that was omitted for this cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Veoh is having a contest for the movie... you should submit your stuff. They are giving away some decent stuff.

corgan74 said...

oh, man, ich muss das mal auf deutsch schreiben, hoffe es kann jemand lesen ;-)

alos, nach dem film "school of rock", den ich total super fand, holte ich mir dann "kings of rock" und war total begeistert, die musik, der slapstick und halt die beiden dickbäuchigen typen ;-)

es gibt nur eins, was ich sagen kann... a new fan is born!!!

fandumb said...

I have not seen 'APC' so 'Classico' is pretty much the most obscene thing I've ever seen.