Thursday, December 28, 2006

Raketu Universal Instant Messaging

Here're some more of my scribbly "bus-drawing-style" storyboard sketches for Raketu. On cheap-ass crummy paper. Kali witnessed this whole process and will describe to you what happens to my anatomy during the creative act in a comment. ...If you beg her to.The best place to create scribbles is at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. It's a soul-food restaurant that has the best fried chicken ever.
I recommend "The Stubby" and a side of greens. They have the bext textures to squirt out of your mouth as you furiously try to wring your story sketches into life.

I pitched "Man's Best Friend" to Chris Reccardi at Roscoe's and a brother got mad and threw his knife and fork down and started yelling at us "Hey Hey Hey Hey!!! I'm trying to eat here! And you're talking about shitting and eating dog puke! What kind of a show do you call that!!..."
But don't think about that. Think about how cool it would be to get all the gossip from all your friends in one Instant message window.Get Raketu now. It's super easy to download and start and then you can talk to everyone on any IM service.
Think about how cool it would be to get entertaining ads that actually tell you what the product does.
Think about daring innovative companies like Raketu that could sponsor whole cartoons and just add their commercials in them, using my characters to sell their futuristic products.
Think about Sody Pop sitting in her flimsy static-clinging negligee Instant messaging you on a dark lonely night.


If you have AIM, then you can't talk to your friends who have MSN or Yahoo, etc. Not without downloading each service and leaving all these windows open at the same time. SCREW THAT! Raketu lets you talk to anyone on any instant message service all at the same time. You just tell Raketu which services you want to be active.


Podcasting, multimedia, games, entertainment and more stuff can all be done. To be honest, I haven't used many of these services anyway, but if you do, then you can be useful to the whole world.

So listen. Do me a favor and help me do my job here and you will see more cartoons fast-by the end of January!

If you have a PC (which I don't) download Raketu and sign up (don't even pay the 10 bucks yet if you don't need the phone stuff right away, just use all the free stuff) and then post comments telling me what you like best.

I'm gonna put cartoons up on the Raketu that advertise each of these aspects of Raketu so now's your chance to feed me some input!

I'm counting on you to help me get you the cartoons you want....


Mr. Semaj said...

Ah, so those are "bus sketches". I always thought it was unprofessional to use lined paper for drawings.

JohnK said...

It would be unprofessional to use it on the screen I imagine.

Anonymous said...


Anyway, I'm going to download it right now and try it. I was planning on doing so anyway - I'm going to do a technical review of the product.

As I mentioned earlier, there's a lot of talk in the IT world about Raketu. There is a lot of potential with this product, mostly as a viable competitor to VoIP.

Anonymous said...

The crappy paper trick works for me too (or at least I hope so!).
However, I prefer to use squared paper, for some reason I find lined paper distracting.
Anyway, very interesting post John, thanks a lot.

Eric C. said...


HORAY FOR GEORGE! Bye the way, How's Micheal Batacki Doing?

_Eric ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid your ad campaign is much more interesting than the physical program itself. i would hope that the programmers of raketu follow your lead and jazz up the program so it looks better and possesses the same fun form and function. it is a desirable idea!

i have tried a few programs similar to Raketu and all have fallen short for a few reasons:

1) i feel i would be more satiated if they mimicked their original messengers. every program i've tried has been bland and boring. i would like to be able to notice the difference between an AIM window and an MSN window by style alone. text, smilies, profiles - i believe they should all hold similarity and viewing capabilities of the original.

2) i found the user interface to be clunky and not as intuitive as AIM's simplistic allure. with Raketu, i had difficulties rearranging my groups and finding people. i believe the interface could be a little more streamlined and user friendly, as it's rather busy and not too customizable.

3) it seems kind of buggy. i couldn't view many people's profiles, and i got a lot of errors. this product almost feels unfinished. i couldn't even get it to close properly.

i would love to see this idea achieved though - i have tried many of these programs for a reason! basically i want to see something streamlined, intuitive, and recalls the functionality of the programs we are already used to. i'm not entirely sure this is what you wanted but this was my opinion after messing around with Raketu for half an hour.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"I always thought it was unprofessional to use lined paper for drawings."


Well, John is a professional, so I guess he gets to make the rules, haha!

Roscoe's makes the creative juices flow- or the chicken juices flow- same thing.

Watching John draw is like seeing a boy discover porn for the first time, really.

Anonymous said...

sketching ideas on cheap paper with ball-point pens- yeah, definitely a good way to work quick.
of course, MOST of my paper is crummy, but using a bic to sketch with works well for me too. maybe because once you draw it, you can't endlessly erase and redraw- it's permanent.

Charlie J. said...

hey John,
How long did it take you to be able to draw freehand and still have form and line of action to your drawings?

Jason White said...

Raketeena is really great! also like the yogi and jetson doodles in prev. post!

Jesse Oliver said...

Hey John

I know for a fact that you used the words "Hey Hey Hey Hey, Where trying to eat here!" in the Ren & Stimpy classic "Ren's Toochach" One of my favorite R & S cartoons from the original series.


Allan L. said...

Roscoe's has long been on my "places I want to visit before I die" list.

Anonymous said...

Man, you're great at advertising.
Seriously, I'd love to see these animated.
I made a George Liquor drawing with my drawing tablet after looking at some of your art course stuff, I'm definitely going to check it out.
Keep the good stuff coming. :)

xtracrsP said...

Who's going to animate this? You?

Anonymous said...

Chicken AND waffles in the same restaraunt?
It sounds like heaven!

Anonymous said...

Love the sketches, such energy!! :)

katzenjammer studios said...

john: why do you call it bus-drawing-style? buses make a whole bunch of stops. this seems more like a NY taxi style cuz you fly right through and don't stop for anything. just curious

K. said...

I'm rather disappointed you didn't see fit to mention their macaroni and cheese, John. <:/ It, too, is the best. And I've never had a plate of fried chicken organ-meat as lovely as their gibblets are, for that matter.

Gabriel said...

well, one thing that caught my eye about the app is its size, under 4 mb. That's pretty small, which is good. I havent' tested it, though.

Off topic: I know most people here read cartoon brew, but in case you don't, here is a DECENT quality version of Coal Black. Finally we'll be able to see some detail, the only online file was awful, probably made from some old vhs recording.

Drew said...

I downloaded Raketu three days after the ad for it appeared on your site John, and I've been using it almost everyday since on my pc.

I got my friends to get Raketu and we've had a much easier time communicating over the high quality Voice-Over-IP.

We've also been Instant Messaging, SMS-text messaging, and file transfers/sharing.

I personally have been using Raketu’s information features like the news, sports, weather, stock feeds, and an advanced internet and travel searching facility but I hardly use the travel search but it is still a useful program to have when planning to go somewhere.

I haven't looked into this but I know that Raketu’s entertainment features include a podcast reader/player, games, and a full featured multi-media player with karaoke and I can't simply wait to fool around with them!

The voice quality has very high quality of VoIP calling.And it also has some of the highest call-completion that I have ever had!

I'm very impressed with the sound quality and the easy to use programs that Raketu provides me.

info for everybody:
Raketu runs over any internet connection. Anyone on the internet with a Windows PC and a headset can start using Raketu immediately. And if you don't have a Windows PC or a headset, get out there and buy one
now! Raketu is the future now!


Jorge Garrido said...

Wow! These gag concepts are great! It really captured the way teenage girls are online.


Us teenagers are forever rolling our eyes at moron adults who still use the term "chatrooms" when talking aobut MSN or AIM. DON'T USE THE TERM CHATROOMS IS YOU WANT TO GET A RAPPORT WITH TEENAGERS, which this commercial is obviously targeting. In fact, you could even do a gag where the uncool parents use the term chatrooms and the futuristic teenagers roll their eyes at them or seomthing.

This product sounds great, I'm gonna get it ASAP and psot my review. The cheap internation telephone rates sound greta for phoning my family in Guatemala.

JohnK said...

Hi Jorge

what do they call chatrooms now then?

JohnK said...

Hey folks

thanks for helping.

I don't really need to know about the instant messenger stuff, just the stuff I haven't written about in my posts...the multi media/podcast features and whatever I don't already spell out clearly myself in the last 2 posts.



Jorge Garrido said...

That's the thing, nobody uses chatrooms. Who wants to talk to strangers? Nowadays people only instant message people you know
using MSN AIm or Yahoo.

We call it MSN, vrb is "Going on MSN" and "Talking on MSN" but in my neck of Canada nobody uses anything but MSN, but I bet Kali and your other LA friends can give you the universal usage for AIM and stuff. ALl TV is taken from LA vernacular, right?

I just downloaded it and it has p2p!!!! YES!!!

Anonymous said...

these are good. nice work.

akira said...

does roscoes have good waffles, too, served all day and night?