Tuesday, February 13, 2007

it's been a whole year so thanks!

The origin of this blog:

A couple years ago I had a short few exchanges with some guy who wrote a book on old cartoons once and who had started a blog. He wasn't an animator, or actor, or writer or any kind of expert on any aspect of animation, he had some kinda embarrassing day job that you would never admit to anyone..I can't remember...a male nurse or something... but he likes old cartoons (sort of) so I thought it would be fun just to talk about what made cartoons work or not.

The guy had the same old tired opinions that had been written in all the previous books on animation-that Disney was a master at story and acting, Chuck Jones "refined" Clampett's characters and nonsense like that, so I thought, being an actual practitioner of art, story and acting, I might be able to separate all those concepts for him and the few people who might read his blog, so that people could understand the differences between subtle artistic and entertainment concepts.

Well, it didn't work. I would explain the difference between specific acting and generic acting and I would just get back, "But Grumpy is an amazing piece of shaded acting" after I had already explained the difference between solid weighty animation and specific individual personality. I got frustrated and gave up after he just kept repeating the same mantras while not ever answering my arguments.

I realized that you can't explain art and entertainment to people who aren't artists or entertainers. I also hated the whole concept of "blogs". The idea that any amateur layman could write about any subject in the most ignorant fashion. I even hated the word.

...Until Katie Rice started a blog to document her lightning progress in specific character design.
She not only would put up all these great drawings of hers, but she would explain the thinking behind them. And I thought: "Wow! Now that's useful! This could actually help other artists."

Around the same time, Steve Worth had started up the monumental Asifa Animation Archive-http://www.animationarchive.org/the greatest resource in history of not only animation, animation art, interviews with animators-but also all kinds of related art and the artists that inspired a lot of animation artists of the glory days. So now there were 2 great animation blogs that were focused on the things I was interested in! Of course Cartoon Brew had already been around for awhile but I had thought of it as a website-I didn't know what blogs were at the time, and that's more about general animation. A few other classic cartoon blogs followed-Kevin's, Thad's, Andrea's, Marc Deckter's and many more. Now lots of lost art and history are being rediscovered.

I decided to take a stab at my own blog, thinking I would only get maybe 10 or 15 other cartoonists a day. But I did it with the purpose to inspire and educate other cartoonists and give them information that took me 25 years to find through trial, error and making successful cartoons and training tons of artist who went on to their own successful careers. And I did what all cartoonists had always wanted in the animation and cartoon books but never got, I used tons of pictures to back up my concepts and stories. What a radical concept! To my amazement, I got thousands of hits a day (over 2 million so far) and it led to lots of cool work, new friends, discovering new artists and I can see that lost concepts of classic cartoons are now beginning to be understood and embraced again.

And that's all thanks to you folks-even the little buggers who just show up to heckle. I get ideas from people who don't understand a particular concept I had just explained, and then I go on to elaborate in other posts and the concepts become clearer.

So thanks for a great year!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day all you lovers. Here's a couple cards to print out if you need 'em!

Kali just told me this is my blog's one year anniversary. Well thanks everyone for keeping it going and listening to all my running off at the mouth!

Some stuff coming up:

















Trevour said...

Congrats on ONE YEAR! Here's to another year... or a jillion!

I enjoyed the retrospective montage! Meeemmmmmmmmories!

And I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts! Sounds exciting!

Matt Greenwood said...

A year already?! It's gone by quick. Thanks for keeping this with this blog! Quality and Quantity. I think all of your readers have benefited greatly from it.

Dan Spilatro said...

also wanted to congratulate you on the one year thing!! wish I could say I was here from the start, but I found your amazing blog a couple months after you started!!! Keep up the great job.

can not wait to see the new cartoons!!

Shawn said...

What a great year!! I always look forward to reading your blogs. All Kinds of Stuff is what turned me into a "blogger" in the first place, and it inspires me to no end. I'm glad there's a place to communicate with you and other interesting cartoonists. Keep doing your thing. I'm looking forward to all the other great crap you have to post.

David Germain said...

Hey, John, my blog is coming upon its "Paper Anniversary" as well. (I believe that's the substance that a 1 year anniversary gift must consist of). Anyway, I just have to say that you were what inspired me to start blogging in the first place. For that alone I thank you. For all your artistic knowledge that you have given for free over these passed 365 days, I thank you again. B)

Graham said...

Hey John.

Thank you so much for keeping this blog going and congrats on the 1 year anniversary. I check your site pretty much every day and I have to say I learn something every time. I'd go so far as to say that your posts have helped my skills improve as much as going to school.

Thank you so much and please don't stop!


Robert Hume said...

Hey John, I want to thank you for sharing with all of us complete and total strangers all of your insights, aquired knowledge, and your artistic inspirations over this past year! I have learned a great deal from this blog and from the artists, and art work that you have exposed all of us to on here.
I hope some significant changes in our culture, and in the industry as a whole result from what you have been presenting to us on here day, after day, after day. I say this because I know that is what you want, and I believe that is what the people who keep coming back to this blog time, after time, after time want to see happen as well. Please keep up all the great work!


Ryan G. said...

Ill also extend my gratitude to you for keeping this blog going as long as you have. The blogging community wouldnt be the same without you bud!

Graham said...


Congrats on the one year! Please don't stop the blog!


Robert Hume said...

Hey John, I want to thank you for sharing with all of us complete and total strangers all of your insights, aquired knowledge, and your artistic inspirations over this past year! I have learned a great deal from this blog and from the artists, and art work that you have exposed all of us to on here.
I hope some significant changes in our culture, and in the industry as a whole result from what you have been presenting to us on here day, after day, after day. I say this because I know that is what you want, and I believe that is what the people who keep coming back to this blog time, after time, after time want to see happen as well. Please keep up all the great work!


Mad Taylor said...

Wow one year...and by looking at the list of what's to come many more!!!! Congrats and what a great job you've done bestowing all this animation knowledge to us. You have for sure made me serious about being funny! John K for president (of animation)!!!!

Uncle Phil said...

Congrats on the year John. I've enjoyed everything you've been posting and look forward to what you have coming up.

Thanks for all of your work you put into this blog. I for one, really appreciate it.

Nico said...

John, thank you for a year of laughs, revelations, damn fine information, and stupendous teachings. I've read every single post with utmost delight. Can't wait for what's in store, with all those topics you've listed!!

Your biggest fan,

the plummer said...

a year ago for valentines...keep the love alive john!

i can't wait for you to talk about pluto's ass.

Benjamin said...

Happy Anniversary! Though I may not agree with everything you say, this has become an invaluable website to learn from, and to shake things up and get some discussion going about the state of the industry and art of animation. Congrats, and keep it up!

David said...

Congratulations! My own blog is just a few months online, so it 'll be a while until I have a one year old blog!

What's that about the new studio?? where can i sign up!

Love to read the rest of the upcoming posts as well!
Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! This should be "best blog of 2006"

On another note, If anyone is a fan of Billy West, Howard Stern is doing The best of the Billy West years on Monday, Feb 19 at 6 am. Should be a very good special.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can't wait for another year!! You're doing us a a wonderful service by running this blog, John!

Keep up the good work!

Ecto said...

thanks for them damn posts, JK

Hryma said...

Happy Birthday to your blog, while it's young keep it innocent and away from rubbish!
You also forgot to mention in the 'what's coming up':-
Hryma working for you, ha!

Joel Bryan said...

Ahhh... this is such a great blog. I was here for the beginning and I'm glad to see it hasn't ended.

I'm excited about this new studio! I want to see some asses kicked all across the world!

Lee said...

Happy one year anniversary John! Thanks for helping to educate the masses. I've learned a tremendous amount from you. (I've got a tremendous amount more to learn -- but that's another story.)

You absolutely rock!

fabiopower said...

Hello John, congratulations for this great year! and thanks for everything what you give us… VIVAN THE CARTOONS!
I hope to you in my country…
you will come?

Leafy Snout said...

Happy Blog-o-versary John! This site has meant so much to me in the past year, thank you for kicking our asses with awesome posts almost every day for the past 365 days.

Rafi said...

CONGRATS JOHN! can't believe it's been a whol eyear already - well done on delivering such a goldmine of inspiration to us all. Having your blog as a daily haunt has kept me going in my pursuit of ccreating cartoons for a living! And I know I'm not the only one...thank you and keep up the fantastic work, you may be this industry's last hope!

Kate said...

hahahaha! pluto's indefatigable ass! hahahaha!

The GagaMan(n) said...

You're posts over the last year have been a real inspiration, wherever I agreed with them or not, and I hope that you keep this up, as your posts are always fascinating and informative. Can't wait to hear your analysis of Lady and the Tramp, which is one of my personal favorite Disney films, mainly because it has any of their dull human characters in it!

Josh Lieberman said...


Where can I apply?

Gabriel said...

no other blog managed to keep me visiting it daily for a year! I'm addicted to All Kinds of Stuff, when you take more than 3 days to put something new I get anxious and start pulling all my hair out.

Max Ward said...

Thank you for one year of unlimited knowledge, John! I'm proud to say that I have been viewing this blog since day one.

And holy shit...a new studio? It's time for me to crank up my artistic input.

Joe said...

I know this might defeat the purpose of a blog but... has anyone (john included) thought about taking this blog and SAVING IT to a hard drive? maybe even setting it up for PRINT? god forbid something awful happens at the blogger.com servers. all this hard work and important information/discussion will be lost! hopefully i did not just jinx it! :X

i'm not even an animator but these posts help me at my web design job, my personal art, my life! check out this post on a design blog:


this is great great stuff that should not be left to exists only on some servers god-knows-where.





Franky said...

Happy anniversary, John. I look forward to your blog every day. I've learned a lot and have been turned on to a ton of artists that I was never into before. In addition to that I've bought a bunch of new DVDs because of you. I never thought that I'd have Huckleberry Hound or The Flintstones Volume 1 on my wish list before I started reading your stuff.

Anonymous said...

>On another note, If anyone is a fan of Billy West, Howard Stern is doing The best of the Billy West years on Monday, Feb 19 at 6 am. Should be a very good special.

Do you think they'll have the time John K. went on there? The youtube video was eye-opening!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moses! Thanks to you for supplying all of us schmucks with your free knowledge...I've learned so much and improved so much in the past year almost completely due to your blog. I look at everything in a different light, discerning what it is I like about things, and what exactly is irritating me, etc.

I'm seventeen and was fully intending to spend thirty thousand dollars going to animation school, but from your and countless others' complaints about it being a mind numbing ripoff, and the evidence of crap on their sites, I've decided against it.

I've spent the last months practicing and experimenting with the Preston Blair book (which is bloody boring) and your color and layout theories, although my stuff may still be crap, I think it's beginning to pay off.

Thank you Mr. K, for supplying an uneducated youngster like myself with the knowledge of how to make stuff not suck.

If you are interested in seeing how your animation knowledge and the Preston Blair book has paid off for me so far, I would be much obliged if you'd check out my animation:

My Animation

Thank you again for a year of inspiration and mirth, and the world of cartoons owes you aLOT.

-Josh Heisie

KieranM said...

I love that Flintstones toy with the giant Dinosaur.

Paul B said...



Mitch K said...

Congratulations! I've been reading since your started. I'm looking forward to the future topics. Keep it up!

William said...

Happy One Year! Looking forward to Lady & The Tramp and the new studio! It's been a hell of a year for you and certainly a helluva year for your faithful here!

Pat McMicheal said...

Happy Anniversary JohnK...It's been a pleasure discovering your blog...I'm glad you didn't bail out back there!!! You sure DO have alot of traffic moving through here!

J.E.Daniels said...

Happy 1 Year JohnK!
Thanks for all the advice and points of view!
My Blog is fast approaching the same as well....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time and energy you spend posting all this great information John!

Hammerson said...

Happy anniversary, John!!! Thank you for all the education and entertainment!

Anibator said...

Obviously I find myself often disagreeing with you, but then I wouldn't bother if I didn't care.
And, obviously, it's really fun.
Happy PAPER anniverssary... appropriate, don't you think?

benj said...

I'm still reading you...
didnt miss a post yet.
Keep it up!

What about a post or a link to the
The Unofficial Spumco Website

glamaFez said...

I read your blog every day. It's one of the best things on the Web. And a YEAR of it...well, that adds up to an unbelievable amount of good stuff.

The bad examples you provide are just as educational as the good ones.

Thanks, John.

Mr. Semaj said...

Cheers to a full year!







These I'm looking forward to.



Kent B said...

Hey, John

Thanks for all the hours you put into this blog. Because of you and Steve Worth & Shane Glines, there is tons of information and great art available now on the internet --- and people all over the world can share it and talk about it. There is a real reason to be optimistic about the future of cartoons.
This Sunday is Chinese New Year - Let the ass-kicking begin!

The Jerk said...

awesome. It doesn't seem right that so much knowledge can have been shared with us in so short a time! I for one am looking forward to the Sophomore year of John K's Spumco University. keep this great stuff coming, those upcoming posts make the mouth water with anticipation!

akira said...

Happy Anniversary! and Valentine's Day! and THANK YOU!!!!!!

(calarts alum waiting patiently)

ps. i saw someone say John K for president (of animation). Howabout just President of Cartoon Network! Maybe instead of creating bomb hoaxes and syndicating live action shows, you'd actually make GOOD CARTOONS that utilize the strengths of the medium.... and if you gotta show reruns i know you'd play the good shit... man if only ted turner (or whoever owns it)had a pair of balls and half a brain...

akira said...

pluto's getting his salad tossed!

Craig D said...

Congrats on reaching the one year mark! Thanks for the inspiration to start doodling again in earnest. Best of luck in putting together that new studio. Myabe you'll be up and running by this time, next year..?

Kris said...

Hi John,

Thanks for keeping up with this blog. You're a great teacher--a tough one, but a great one! I've only had time for a couple of the Preston Blair lessons so far (but haven't yet scanned and posted, should do that sometime soon), but I've seen a huge amount of improvement in my own work just from those.

Someone could (and should) create a textbook out of all the information and examples you've provided here. It would be great to have all this stuff available to reference and peruse offline.

Anonymous said...

Your the greatest! I have learned a lot from your blog. Things that had never crossed my mind before about animated cartoons, you have brought to light.

I had bought an old cel from your Ren and Stimpy show it was from "Stimpy's Fan Club." That cartoon had some of best animated acting in it, I had ever seen.

Ren really goes psycho. It's also funny how everyone thinks Ren is a mosquito in the fan mail Stimpy received. Pushing him over the edge.

Happy B-day All Kinds of Stuff!

Adam H said...

Congratulations! I also have to say thanks as well. I've learned more in the 8 or 9 months of daily reading than I have in 3 years & 80 grand at art school. Here's to another year of All Kinds of Stuff & the new cartoon army!

Raff said...

Congrats and thanks for everything!

My favorites were the posts on color.

Less venom and more positive inspiration please!

A quote from an early post:

One of the reasons I put this blog up is to see if I have any rich fans that like cartoons and hate networks and would like to see some fun stuff get made.

Did the blog help?

Anonymous said...

John, what where the initals of the guy you taked to?

You should let 'em be ignorant.

grantarctica said...


Thank you for doing this blog. I have been reading for the past 10 months, checking in close to daily.

I really appreciate the way you provide good examples along with the names of artists. This is a really great education. I have been finding out about a ton of neat inspiring stuff. The examples of what not to do are great as well because you get specific about what you don't like about them. For me this is very helpful.

I have been heeding your advice, focusing on fundamental principles, practicing along with the Preston Blair book.

I look forward to the new posts. Ok now time to go practice!


Sean Worsham said...

Hey John,

Coincidentally when you started your blog it was also on my 30th birthday (what a great way to celebrate!) I am now 31, but for some reason after reading your blog I still feel like I'm under 10 years old.

I feel as young as ever and my passion for animation has never been more fiery than ever. I got to erase most of those Academy of Art lessons that they teach (the useless kind taught by people who don't care) and I feel reinvigorated because of your blog. I got to talk to Eddie, Corey, Steve, reunite with my friend Chad and more importantly my biggest highlight was meeting you last year when you saved San Francisco. Thanks a lot John, I owe you one!


John_Fountain said...

It's always refreshing to discover a blog where the author is actually trying to do something productive, creative or entertaining with it. Bravo.

Vermaquale said...

I like this place bunches. It is real neat and stuff. I R can't wait for all of the post that you do this for this year.

Max Ward said...

Wow, I just realized how much I have improved as an artist in one year...pretty much because of this blog too. I'm sure there are many more that could say the same. Thank you John!

Jack Snider said...

Thanks John K. for all the inspiration, education, laughs and illustrations this year. I've enjoyed the hell out of your blog. You're a forward thinker in a backwards world.

Jordan said...

Thank you John.

I'm not a cartoonist (though I do keep sketchbooks and doodle obsessively), but this blog has really opened my eyes to art, pop culture, and the "hidden treasures" of the cartoon world.

My friends hate me now cause I quote you a lot when we watch cartoons. Oh well!


PCUnfunny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PCUnfunny said...

Happy first year anniversary John ! Keep beating the hell out of ignorance !

applepwnz said...

Congrats on one year John! I love the blog and read it every day and it's even inspired me to start drawing again using the tecniques that you teach us about.

Oliver_A said...


I'd like to thank you for this blog. During this one year, I learned a lot about animation, and all the information you provided helped me to articulate and notice certain aspects of animation which I have been previously unaware of, or of which I had previously only vague concepts in my head.

You show a lot of balls by doing this blog, because many things you say surely piss off a lot of people working in the industry. Which, looking at the current state of animation, is the best response you can hope for. ;)

I also hope you will get something out of it. Discovering new talents working for you. Or getting much more recognition in the public beyond "Ren & Stimpy". I admit before reading your blog, I had absolutely no idea how immensely knowledgeable you are. Which is your strongest and most effective weapon against all those idiots trying to discredit your opinion and your work.

Anyway, thank you again, John

your fan


Charlie J. said...

Happy anniversary!

I cant thank you enough for all the free knowledge youve given me over the past year! I've improved so much!

lastangelman said...

You and Steve Worth deserve a MacArthur Foundation Genius grant for your respective blogs and websites.

Marc Deckter said...

Having the opportunity to contribute to this momentous blog has been a real honour for me.

Here's to another great year!

Stephen Worth said...

Thanks, John. Your blog is THE destination for folks looking for commentary on animation written by someone who knows what they're talking about. That sure makes some people jealous, doesn't it?

Your pal

mdouglas said...

Thanks alot John... Your blog is the shit! You've turned my ass around in the right direction. Much appreciated!

Rob said...

Thanks John!

Trevor said...

Congratulations on the year -- a year already?! :) Looking forward to many more posts.

Saul said...

Feliz Aniversario Maestro!!!

Gracias por todo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I only discovered your blog (I hate the word too but oh well) a couple of months ago, but I've learned tons already. One thing that I'd really like to find a little info on is production drawings. Do you think one of your future posts could be about how those were/are made? I'd really like to know what all of the different color lines and marks are used for, and by whom. I can figure out some of it I think, but I haven't found anything that really explains any of it.

And BTW, I have chosen to ignore your post about us over twenty-something types who are too old to become really good cartoonists/animators. I plan on giving it one hell of a shot anyway. :)

dieselcreek said...

Happy Valanniversary Day!!

Did anyone give you a heart-shaped bloggity treat?

The only blogs I read are political, but this one managed to get a spot on my "Bloglines" tracker list. Cause it's fuckin' neato'!

Keep it cartoony!...


PCUnfunny said...

The "male nurse" put a response on his blog.

Hryma said...

Thank you John!
I have dreams now after seeing all this wonderful art of all this other wonderful art that I think wow I wish I had that or I buy it in my dream. And then I awake and realise I don't have it or it wasn't real, then I think, 'NO' I can make it real!!

I dreamt last night that all the 'all kinds of stuff' followers/army went to follow you.
You then jumpt on a bike with fat tyres and I asked you about the fat tyres but you didn't respond and just took off down a stair case, so I chased you in hot pursuit sliding and grinding in my sneakers.

We were racing each other down stairs alongside spanish type houses with shrubs and vines everywhere, then you stoped at a bakery and bought a ham cheese and tomatoe sandwich.

diego cumplido said...

the same that everyone else. yuhu!! keep it going.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Glad you're enjoying writing this blog as much as we enjoy reading it.

-David O.

Tony C. said...

Thank you for everything over this past year. I've been with you since day one and will keep reading until you run out of knowledge and opinions (and I think the well is quite deep on both counts).

msmarg said...

Thank you for the blog John!

Julián höek said...

hi john, thanks for doing this, congratulations. your blog is a great source of inspiration for all of us and you have been opening eyes for a year now and that's amazing!!
please keep it going for a long long time so we'll keep learning and a new generation of cartoon will be born!!

happy aniversary!
julian form argentina

Brian G. said...

Mr. K,

I am an illustration student, and am spending mucho dinero for the opportunity to be extremely frustrated with little guidance.

Your blog is an invaluable resource. I can't express how much I appreciate what you are doing.

Ed said...

Dear John,

I don't comment much but it seemed like a good occasion to say thanks. I often come away from this blog feeling like the most uneducated and terrible artist on the planet who has taste in crap, but i'm really glad you're here and I wouldn't come back if it didn't help me. If nothing else you continue to think criticly about art, which is always inspiring.

Jeremy said...

Congrats, I read your blog almost everyday and constantly think about your words when i'm working on stuff!

thanks for taking your time to help us all!

Neal said...

I have really enjoyed your blog and I hope there are many posts still to come.

:: smo :: said...

yeah! thanks john for helpin get all of us cartoonists geared up and learning again! here's to saving animation!

Rodrigo said...

Thanks for the instigation. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for the information and the cartoons of mental retardation.

Keep up the swell job!

LeoBro said...

Just adding my thanks. All your readers' "$100,000 Course" blogs (including my own) are a testament to how much you influence us to improve our skills.

rajesh said...

happy 1-year.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations on your first year, John! your blog is absolutely unique!

Some of the Disney guys occassionally put up drawing tips from the past, and this is greatly appreciated, but this site has gone way beyond that. Here's a chance to get free instruction from the best living line artist in his own words. Not only that but he's actively seeking artists for the studio he's building so he's motivated to be direct and to the point. No padding, just the good stuff! This site is cartoonist heaven! Thanks John!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another thing I forgot: by new studio, you mean "not Spumco"? Why did you decide against just reopening Spumco with a new crew again (just out of curiosity).

Or was that the plan?

PS: Man, I wish Sody Pop would attack me...wearing nothing but a fig.

cableclair said...

Thanks so much!

Nate_Birch said...

Congrats on a year! I first found this blog when you only had 2 or 3 posts up and I've been visiting regularly ever since.

It's been a facisnating and informitive ride with one of my artistic heroes! Thanks for both the help for us hopeless artists looking to improve our craft, and just the plain old entertainment.

I hesitate to say anything negative at all since so far the comments have been such a love-fest that I'm sure I'll get bashed by someone, but here goes...I love the blog and the service you're providing, but sometimes I wish you would choose your words a little more carefully.

Obviously this blog has also met with more than it's share of controversy, and most of it seems so needless. Your main messages, your big points...nobody, or at least very few (not even Mike Barrier!) have any complaints with those. It's the casual offhanded comments about certain figures in the animation history, or certain cartoons, the little jabs at this and that, the un-necessary personal attacks on certain people, that stir up shit.

It's disappointing to see a post of great importance and intelligence get put up only to have it get dragged down into petty squabbling again and again because you can't resist taking crude shots at this and that. I'm not suggesting you censor yourself, but perhaps take a note from your buddy Eddie Fitzgerald...he has very similar opinions to you, but he manages to express them on his own blog without all the controversy.

Here's to another year of fun and important discussions about funny animal pictures...hopefully one with the fun less obscured by petty squabbling.

Neutrinoide said...

Thank you John,

Because of you I actually faith on humanity.

When I watch Ren seek help.
I actualy cry of joy. I'm not joking.
There is actual people like you that care of doing something great.

Rogelio T. said...

I never know what to expect from your blog. I am always amazed by all of the artists whose work you've exposed us to. The art instruction posts are incredibly helpful and the posts you write on things such as Art Lozzi's backgrounds are fascinating. You really have me looking forward to all of your upcoming posts.
Thank you for everything.


Barx said...

Thanks for all the great stuff this year. It's been inspiring, humbling and motivating.
Obviously all of your fantastic insight and information on contrast, composition,contruction,etc. applies to storyboards but I wondered if you will be posting more specific storyboarding goodies this coming year.

NateBear said...

Happy Happy Anniversary Happy Happy Anniversary Happy Happy Anniversary Happy Happy Anniversary Happy Happy Anniversary
HAPPY HAPPY ...An-ni-ver-sary!

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

This has been a regular stop for me for about a year, and it has consistantly been one of my favorites. You never disappoint. I've learned a lot. I don't always agree, but you always make me think.
Thanks John! Please, keep it up!
-John S

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary, Johnny boy! It's great to see that future animators appreciate your information AND your free $100,000 animation course.

BTW, I hope that Uncle Eddie is smoking something legal in that picture that you posted...

Freckled Derelict said...

Thanks for giving us animation slobs someplace to look to for a decent education. Keep up the amazing work!

Mad Max Winston said...

Much information has been given this year. I can't wait for some of these upcoming topics you listed here! It should be interesting...

Brandon said...

Thanks again for a great blog. There are a lot of great artist with blogs out there, but this is the only one that I return to regularly.

I count myself lucky to be numbered among the multitude that has stolen and continues to steal the wisdom that you can find here by the bucket full.

lyris said...

Yeah, thanks a ton for everything you post, John. Always a good read.

Roberto González said...

Congrats! I'm really looking forward to some of your next posts, the titles sound very promising.

Rob said...

Keep up the great posts.

I enjoy reading your views and tips on animation and design. I've started taking more into consideration while designing.


Penny Collins said...

Hi, I thought this was a good time to post my first comment.

Since I found this website I've learned an incredible amount about art, for which I'm extremely grateful. And I don't have to pay a thing!

I never went to art school because I felt I could find out for myself what I needed to know. Since discovering your website and the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive blog, my abilities as an artist have grown in leaps and bounds.

Your website is just the sort of thing I was looking for - it's teaching me what I want to know.

Thank you! I hope you continue sharing information in such an accessible format for a long time to come. It's what's awesome about the internet.

I'd really appreciate it if any artists here would have a look at the drawings on my blog. I like drawing girls, animals, toys and plants.

Tim said...

Congrats John. I'm one of those that can't draw for shit and have no interest in doing so, but am fascinated with not only quality (and bad, for that matter) cartooning, but the CONCEPTS behind them as well (honestly, something I never really paid attention to until I found your blog - it was all subliminal). This blog has brought to me a greater understanding of what goes into cartooning (and cartoony art in general) and, most importantly, what makes it WORK. And it's all just entertaining as hell to read.

Keep up the good work man!

Ms. Jane D'oh said...

a gem of a blog!
happy valentine's day to you and yours.
ms. janey d

gashlycrumb said...

I love this blog. I've never posted before, but damned if I don't check this thing out on a regular basis. Many thanks for a great year!

Allan L. said...

Congrats on reaching the one year mark! Your blog has been enlightening from the get-go, so many thanks for all the info you've been sharing.