Monday, February 26, 2007

Raketu - Sody Pop is Coming

My theory on advertising is simple. Put sexy girls in your ads. Everyone pays attention to hot chicks, even other hot chicks.

pencil layouts:

On this one, I drew all the mouth positions on paper. I hadn't figured out idea of drawing the mouths in Flash yet. Jessy Borutski told me she draws her keys on paper, then does her breakdowns and inks in Flash-so then I tried it for the George cartoon.

Lip sync:

After I draw my keys, Marc puts them in Flash and I give them to Kristen who does a rough animation. Then she and I go over her pencil tests and make some notes and tweaks.

pencil test by Kristen McCormick:

(Download Quicktime 7 here)

Model Sheet inked by Chad Coyle: (He says the Velvet Underground is better than the Beatles-but I give him work anyway 'cause he is a talented little #@*$%X!!!)

Color keyed by John: I tried some fancy ass crap where not all the borders had outlines and it drove them nuts at Copernicus.

I send the flash files with the pencil tests to my pals at Copernicus, who then ink, paint and animate them. Andrew animated it.

Copernicus clean-ups:

Copernicus animation:

(Download Quicktime 7 here)

Katie Rice is the voice of Sody and Kali is the voice of Raketeena. They are a couple of real live wires.

Wait'll you see the fancy animation Kristen did of the instant message windows. You're gonna wish that all Instant messages worked like that!

IM box:

All the new cartoons should debut on Wednesday the 28 of February at Raketu's site.
I'll let you know when it's for sure up and running.

Raketu has been constantly adding new features too, so download it and start using it! George and his friends will explain some of the coolest features to you!

Not only is it fun and cheap, but maybe you'll be getting more cartoons once it's a big hit!

Let me know if you think we should give Sody her own starring series of cartoons.


Kali asked me to sketch a drawing of Sody for her so she could paint it. I dashed one out and she painted it up and is now selling it on ebay to pay for her class in terrorism at Otis Art Institute!

So if you want a nice hand painted cartoon picture to hang in your boudoir, you better get over there now and start bidding!