Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some more good inks, with subtle nitpicks

These are some of the best inkers I've found (or who found me) so I'm putting them up as good examples, but also am going to nitpick them slightly for the edification of everyone who wants to know how to ink our stuff. The fact that they made it into the post means I like these artists a lot.

This is how I like to check the inks against the pencil drawings - as jpgs next to each otherThe inker changed the head shape and position from my pencil layout for some reason.
George's eyebrow is too short in the above and missing the eyebrow wrinkle that should accompany it. I think it's supposed to be the same eyebrow as the rest of the head that is being re-used from scene 3.

Jacket didn't need to be redrawn, just the part that stretched.

***All INKS should be labeled, just like the pencils! - 1) numbered and with 2) action instructions and 3) dialogue (this is the first time I've told anyone that....)

lost some shape in the arm above...Back of arm in pencil is an 'S' curve - changed to an even "C" curve. Front of arm in pencil is straighter (not totally straight) has been changed to be fatter.

These are excellent. (Jimmy's smile line is indicated in pencil to be thicker...)I'm sure that the reason these are so good is that Ryan is a big UFC fan and pretty solid himself.

This is impressive...Mitch is critiquing himself and improving his work with each critique. This is a good way to learn any skill - to be self critical. Some young artists love everything they do and don't take to constructive criticism well, which will inhibit their progress.



This one by David is very faithful to the subtle contrasts in shapes of all the elements, which is very important to me. He has not turned the eyes into ovals, and has captured every change in direction of each curve. He has kept it solid and organic.

He also kept the bends in the curves in the same places that the pencils have. Many people when they trace drawings move the bend in the curve to the middle of the curve.

I have 1 criticism: the line weights are inconsistent. One side of the tongue is thin, the side thick. Same with the arm. One part of the face silhouette is thin, the other thick. This makes the big forms not hold together and breaks apart the image.

The eye outlines should be a bit thicker and so should the bottom line of the open mouth. The whole open mouth is a single shape that should hold together by the width of the lines.

I indicated a thick side to the shirt button in the pencil, but it's not in the ink.

The line around the tooth should be thicker to make it a whole object. Etc.

Compare to this one, which holds together the larger forms more consistently.
The big shapes are bounded by thick lines, while the interior details are thinner and wrap around the big shapes.

The hierarchy of line widths is well thought out - plus he kept all the subtle shapes and organicness.

The bottom of Jimmy's legs are behind a box, but should have a blue line cutting them off like in the pencils.

This one is 90% there.....

a couple minor notes on this one:

The Inking is making the characters fatter than the drawing, because the inking tends to be on the outside of the pencil lines, instead of straight down the middle

Overall lines could be thicker (I think there is a button in Illustrator that wil take them and do it automatically)

Slab N Ernie's eyebrows could be closer to the drawing

Slab's sleeve should flow along the form of his arm on the right side.
Be a bit more conscious of angles - like the back of Ernie's head and his ears

it's very good though, I'm just nitpicking

Here's some funny stuff inked off my crappy story sketches...

David did a nice job inking Katie's sketches below. He kinda softened some of the contrasts in the shapes but it still looks funny and cute:

BTW, should I post more rough story sketches from any of the cartoons?


ofthq said...
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Wicks for Candlesticks said...

I want to thank you for the comment on my blog. Keep the critiques coming. Every one of them helps immensely. Working on corrections as I type.

Excellent post. I've been waiting for an inking tutorial since this blog started.

-David O.

Mark said...

That drawing of George in snorkeling gear just kills me.

crazyharmke said...

Hi John,
Thanks a lot for the comment on my blog!
You are right about the mistakes in the shapes.
I'll keep that more in mind next time.

Nico said...

these are looking great!! Very promising inkers starting to rise up. can't wait for this show!

Jeremy Brooks said...

Thanks John. These critiques help me a ton. I've found a lot of good older inking posts by clicking the "cleanup" labels also.

crazyharmke said...

Owh and, YES I'd love it if you post more rough drawings ^_^

Ryan G. said...

Yes Indeed. Simply watching UFC will make you stronger at anything you do.

carlo guillot said...

Hi John
I'm curious, what are the possitions still available?
Inking? Layout? Story?
Please let me know.

DorkyMalone said...

Some great stuff here. I'd like to take a look at some source files, to see what techniques are used.

SoleilSmile said...

Thanks for the great inking posts John. However,just in case you were expecting me to do a test, I've decided to pass. The George Liquor Show, is one of those shows I would enjoy watching, but be completely unable to work on. I wouldn't be able to act for the characters. I envy animation artists who can act for any character. I really do!
Thanks for teaching. I will always check in soak up your wisdom.



Wendell said...

Are these inked traditionally with brush and ink, Flash, Illustrator, or something else?

kevin said...

Here's a couple:

and here

...Lots more to follow.

Ben Monsta said...

I'd love to give some of these a try if you could post up some more rough drawings.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

I think this is the post i've been waiting for with regards to good inking! I can see what you like and i gotta say, i need to give illustrater a spin sometime and get cracking on my inking practise. Thanks for the post John!

Ben Forbes said...

Definitely post more story roughs!

Maybe some with Sody?

carlo guillot said...

Here is my first attempt, I will post more soon.

carlo guillot said...

As I've promised, here is another inking... now the turn is for lovely Sody!

Gabe Fullilove said...

Here is another attempt from some of the recent rough's you posted. I'd love any criticism.


I'd love to see more roughs please, bring em on!

:: smo :: said...

do you have any animators in house? or are you going through copernicus?

i just moved to LA, after 3 years of animating in new york I want to work somewhere I can do some solid animation and learn too. not just limited flash bs.

i didn't get into this just for a dayjob.

i'd even be down to inbetween your stuff just to be in a good environment with people who care about what they're doing.

here's my reel:

smo's reel


if there's any room for a bitter new yorker in your midst, let me know!