Friday, February 05, 2010

'Tude Treats

Cal Arts gay-tude - a spinoff of regular 'tude

Can you imagine anything more disgusting than this sweatshirt?

Send me more in the comments. Let's get a nice collection together.

Here's one from Nico:

from Taber:

Yikes! I gotta go back and fire someone.


talkingtj said...

no- i will not send you anymore for the comments section-ive got too much of an attitude-im ready for my close up mr.katzenberg!

Lampshade said...

This isn't 'tude but I think it's important that you consider this:

Martin Juneau said...

Oh god! This Sonic t-shirt shows perfectly what's wrong with the current design. Too edgy and too 'tude at my opinion.

But remember that even the best characters like Daffy and Bugs Bunny suffered of the 'Tude syndrome by their own creators. You should watch some Pink Panther films by example. I hate his 'Tude attitude but the early cartoons at least are pretty good.

Nico said...

cartoons with tude

the return of tude

KennethJ said...

A double hitter from Dreamsmirks,

KennethJ said...
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Austin Papageorge said...

Tude With Already Ugly Design

Part 2

Taber said...


This count?

drawingtherightway said...

Here's one


Austin Papageorge said...

Part 3

Part 4

Juz Capes said...

It's everywhere.




'Tude Ben 10

'Tude Betty

Turtle 'Tude

Austin Papageorge said...

Pixar Tude

Khato said...

Look out for these flying tudes who are simultaineously standing up and down:

A tude and his horse:

Mighty Max tude:

Though I must admit I have a soft spot for that show - it genuinely was enjoyable to watch. The tude on that cover seems pretty out of character. But still, full of tude.

Shawn Dickinson said...


A.M.Bush said...


there should be a library of overused cliches, tude is not the only face i want to punch.

rob mac said...

Does anybody know who or when "TUDE" started.


Roberto González said...

>>But remember that even the best characters like Daffy and Bugs Bunny suffered of the 'Tude syndrome by their own creators. You should watch some Pink Panther films by example. I hate his 'Tude attitude but the early cartoons at least are pretty good.>>

I must admit I had never thought about this before John started to talk about it. Well, I had noticed the "perfect teeth" thing that I find kind of annoying in Disney features. I know their male and female leads are supossed to be good looking but I hate those big- perfect-white-smiles. The frog prince in the last feature also suffers of this...

...but he does have some kind of excuse for his tude pose at least. He's an smug character.

I must admit I kinda like smugness in the right context, and I really enjoy the way Chuck Jones drew the smug characters. I think a lot of people liked that and now it's everywhere.

Yeah, maybe Jones actually overdo it a little cause, even though I like the expression, Bugs is a little less likeable in his cartoons as he's in Clampett's. I actually prefer when the loser character had that expression of confidence and then fail. That's pretty funny with Wile E. Coyote.

To me this smugness is a really funny expression in context. And I can kind of see why they would use this face in the posters, cause in a poster it's an easy trick to draw the character looking at the viewer, and smiling.

However 'tude is mroe annoying than smugness and it comes from moder world when they think characters with bad attitude are more appealing, so they just draw them with the full package: the raised eyebrow, the eyelids, the perfect teeth and of course their arms are always in a position that indicates some kind of self-confidence. They usually look a little angry too, much like rappers.

I recently drew this poster with some of my characters for a little exposition I made, and I guess I used some smugness in a couple of them, but I tried to apply a expression that fits with each character personality. At the very least the people who make the posters for animated features should try to do something like that.

Well, the alligator or the firefly in Princess and the Frog are not smug, and I didn't see them with that pose in any poster, so they kind of did it well in that department. Only the frog prince appears in a smug attitude, cause he acts like that in the movie. But Dreamworks can't help but draw everyone with tude. And certainly some characters like Porky Pig shouldn't appear like that on T-shirts.

drawingtherightway said...

I guess this would count as tude Super Mario Brothers

and this one Babs

Fred n' Meg! said...

Liked the movie, but this is a horrid poster.

Mr. Semaj said...

But remember that even the best characters like Daffy and Bugs Bunny suffered of the 'Tude syndrome by their own creators. You should watch some Pink Panther films by example. I hate his 'Tude attitude but the early cartoons at least are pretty good.

Which is why I don't think the expression in itself should be outlawed.

But it is troubling when it becomes a standard for EVERY contemporary cartoon poster.

Kate McElroy said...

Look up some Street Frogs episodes on youtube. This show was basically ABOUT 'tude

Operation GutterBall said...

There's gotta be more 'tude faces than that,Aladdin has 24 I think.

Operation GutterBall said...

They love crappy air brush too. Try and find a cartoon movie poster, or dvd cover that doesn't look like an 8o's Happy Meal box.That's what marketing has brought: small thinking and small artistic expression.

Trevor Thompson said...

Why the effe would you want to collect something that's everywhere? It's like collecting dirt, almost literally.

There doesn't need to be a holding cell for this trend to act as a reminder of the fact that the industry has been dead a lot longer than it was alive; the mall, the airport, billboards, bus stop benches and the coming attractions in the theatres do a fine enough job.

Niki said...


I actually like Homer in this. Though it seems like time for a suicide pact, who wants to "go skydiving" with me.

Dorseytunes said...
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Cristian Avendaño said...

Well, I can't really get pissed off at Sonic, for example. He was a product of the nineties, and he was meant to capitalize in the whole 'tude trend.

What I can't even begin to understand is why nowadays they give that weird smirk to every single cartoon character ever. Even the classics can't escape! Madness.

And that Pixar/Dreamworks little comic is perfect.

Kristen McCabe said...

Oh God!! My eyes! If my eyes could throw up they would.



I'm embarrassed to admit this but when I was 12 I owned a shirt similar to those.

Isaac said...

Ben Tude
Floaty-face 'tude
Punk-rock 'tude
Primary school 'tude
Beatnik 'tude
Dog 'tude
Vacuous 'tude

Andrés Sanhueza said...

Can you imagine anything more disgusting than this sweatshirt?

The same sweatshirt as graffiti.

A.M.Bush said...

Hey Kristen, did you want the shirt or did someone buy it for you? I remember thinking that they looked contrived and made me feel embarrassed for the characters. You'd figure our age was the target demographic of those shirts in their heyday.

RooniMan said...

Heres one to gag at: The evil that is "'Tude."

Not only does this have 'tude, but it has wretched colors and bland design.

Guy said...


Martin Juneau said...

"However 'tude is mroe annoying than smugness and it comes from moder world when they think characters with bad attitude are more appealing, so they just draw them with the full package: the raised eyebrow, the eyelids, the perfect teeth and of course their arms are always in a position that indicates some kind of self-confidence. They usually look a little angry too, much like rappers."

When i started to see the perverse side of the 'Tude is when the Nestle company changed the cute Quick rabbit for a 'Tude and rapper look. I remember make a complain when i see it the first time and it's damageful for the actual generation who never grow up with appealing and cutest characters. Now and i agree with you, it's everywhere. Even at our own drawings posts unfortunately.

Because when you watch nothing but just 'Tude and edgy stuffs, you'll be for longtime!

Elana Pritchard said...

Love the Pink Panther forever!!!

May he ash his cigarette on non-believers!

Jeff Read said...

Of course a post about 'tude just wouldn't be complete without Sonic.

I think it comes from the fact that much like literature can't celebrate the human condition in order to be appreciated by hippies, you can't show cartoon characters having fun anymore like you could in the old days since it makes them look like dorks. They have to be all cool and detached like "I just did a frontside 360 to toegrind to method, and it's no big deal."

Also, Lampshade, thanks for that. Now I'll be seeing it everywhere. Sonic and "Tails" are blue and orange (and have 'tude!). So for that matter are the submit and preview buttons at the bottom of this thing.

C said...

Man, finding tude in cartoons is like finding leaves in the fall!

HemlockMan said...

I never heard the term "tude" until I began to hear it from one of my gay friends. "Flinging 'tude" is how he'd put it.

In animation I can recall it as far back as LADY & THE TRAMP. I don't remember that particular quirk in animation before that. But that film comes to mind, at least.

King of [Silent] Cartoons said...


Mattieshoe said...

Here's Smug-Groundling-Comic-Driven-Cartoon Tude:

101 Dalmatians

I'm pretty sure you can blame the 50s-Jones smugness of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs for this.

Mattieshoe said...

I wonder how all those "Cool" characters from the 90s fit into the 'Tude spectrum.

It seems like they at least designed characters like these with the purpose of being "Cool" in mind, not the purpose of having "Attitude"

cartoonretro said...

'Tude aside, I've always hated those blobby airbrush shadows that appeared on everything after Roger Rabbit. If you have to do shadows on characters in cartoons, do them like the last shot in Buckaroo Bugs, or the forest scene in Coal Black.

CabelStudios said...

Are they still making those 'gangsta' Looney Tune shirts?!

Why haven't we burned them all yet?

John E. B. said...

I give you Cow 'tude

Chip Butty said...

The new, cool Chuck E. Cheese has a more pronounced eyebrow raise in the TV commercials but this was the 'tudenist pic I could find.

King of (Silent) Cartoons....C'mon, at least it was specific to the situation. Ren was inviting us to anticipate his mischievousness. It wasn't a raised eyebrow for it's own sake.

chris said...

heck dude, whaddya think of avatar?
none of your thoughts stay long, but what?

Frank Macchia said...

just and observation.

I think the "tude" facial expression is just the by-product of the real problem...the REASON for tude is...what other facial expression are these characters supposed to make?...they're not doing anything or reacting to anything...they're all just standing around looking at teh viewer. if the characters were actually doing something IN character, there would be no need for 'tude because there would be a reason for them to have a soul.

again,just an observation. maybe i'm loking way too deep into something shallow.

Malcolm said...

Good one, King of Silent Cartoons!

Nicol3 said...

Dodger from "Oliver and Company", a movie I have yet to see.

Sleepy? Strung out? Or FULL OF 'TUDE?

Backalley Doggie Drug Deal

I'll never be as cool as these dogs

'Eeeey man.

Not cool enough. GIVE HIM SHADES

Kingfish said...

That look is EVERYWHERE and is so lazy. I'll never understand why you would put that expression on a movie poster- isn't the point of such a poster to draw you in? How are you going to do that with a smug, unappealing character looking at you with that smirk?

In real life, when someone looks at you like that, you want to punch them in the face.

One note- that "Where the Wild Things" image isn't the real character design, it's a parody someone put together with the bee face from "Bee Movie" (worst character designs ever)

Noe V. said...

'tude isn't just a problem in cartoons. It's been a sad part of video gaming since the 90's. The former GI Joe-ish character Radd Spencer became a dreadlock wearing brooding anti hero in the Bionic Commando remake.

The old and the new

Paul Penna said...

All by itself it's what keeps me gunshy about seeing any contemporary animation. Take it away, though, and there'd still be the fact that there are only about five or so other stock expressions that get used, and that would keep me away, too. Seeing one of those just ONCE is enough to ruin everything for me.

ardy said...

nintentude (you didn't work on this show too did you John?)
notoritude (this cartoon was literally about a producer)
clerktude (I swear this is a drawing from an
"animated" cartoon. It is not a random assortment of lines and blocks of colors)

Lee said...

.....Except that Ren is actually about to do something awesomely insane. That makes a world of difference.

JLG said...

Frank Macchia:

Very good point. There's not much else for them to do.

I also never noticed the 'tude epidemic until I came across this blog last year, and I can't believe it never jumped out at me before. It's amazing. Down to a T. Almost EVERYONE does it. I don't mind it in characters like Sonic the Hedgehog who was, like someone pointed out, a product of that era (and, I believe, pretty much the first popular character of that type). But to superimpose it on every character out there is dumb.
However, some characters are meant to be all about 'tude because that's their character in the context of the series. For instance, an earlier post pictured Riley from "The Boondocks" as an example of the 'tude epidemic, but a central element of that series is that the character's stubborn 'tude constantly gets him in trouble, and he never learns the right lesson from his experiences. 'Tude has its place, that particular one serving the purposes of satire.

But...plastering it on the Chipmunks? On Goofy? On Bugs Bunny ALL the time? It's so forced and phony.

Harmke said...

Yu Gi Oh
Johnny Bravo
Peter Pan

RooniMan said...

NOO!! Even Ren & Stimpy cought the 'Tude virus!

RooniMan said...

Heres more:
The monkey from Aladdin
The same damn monkey
Antz Tude
It keeps on going

Katie Regan said...

Sonic the Hedgehog (especially the newer games) are a goldmine for this stuff.

Kaiser Fate said...

I briefly went over this in my own blog, but here's something completely relevant.

Notice how the only bearable pose is that of Alvin, who looks triumphant rather than smug.

Wait, hang on...

Would you look at that! The chipmunk on the right is identical and the one on the left has had his hand changed. Otherwise, the information telling us what the film is about has been removed, and now Alvin looks just as smug as his asshole brothers! Now we can use this as promotional material for the new film.

Marketing genius, I say!

drawingtherightway said...

Well you already have ren tude so here's some stimpy tude Stimpy tude Finding cartoons with tude in it is easy. A more difficult assignment would have been to find a modern day cartoon that doesn't use any!

Isaac said...

Rob, 'tude came to the forefront when smug and arrogant began to represent "cool". The expression had always existed, but it used to represent, well, smugness and arrogance.

For instance, in the original Lion King, when Simba acts smug and arrogant, he makes that face. In the sequels, he makes that face all the time. Throw in the "seductive" eyes, and you get... sick.

GoldDarkShadow said...

"tude isn't just a problem in cartoons. It's been a sad part of video gaming since the 90's."

Your so right about that. And a great example I can think of on the top of my head are those generic Sonic designs we have today. All the characters look the same, they just change the color, ears, and nose of the character and that's it. None of them look appealing whats so ever.

Whit said...

WB marketing promoted those gangsta Looney Tunes shirts in the 90's, then backed away after parental criticism. These were the same captains of industy who sold shirts with Daffy and Taz as "Miami Vice" characters in the 80's, chasing every lame trend. All these geniuses really need do is tweak their franchises and make themselves part of the act: Dirty Harry blowing away corporate executives. Bruce Willis buggering CEOs. Batman bloodily ripping the head clean off whoever heads the studio this week. These would sell better than the suits fear. It'll never happen in America because it would cause people to think.

JohnK said...


Just having sleepy eyes isn't 'tude.

'Tude is when a character is trying to be cool or hip or smug a sif he's a rap star or something

Even Ren's expression is not exactly 'tude; he's being sneaky, about to do something evil to Stimpy-although the drawing looks the same as what they use for 'tude.

Luckily, he has an infinite amount of other expressions and doesn't automatically resort to 'tude in every pose like so many modern characters

She-Thing said...

Argh, I hate 'tude. And it's not just the characters, (of course unfortunately I also drew stuff like that) it's the creators, at least in what I see in the interviews, everything's like

"Oh yeah, because we did our best of awesomeness to do this work of art"

That's why I hate Quentin Tarantino so much.

Kingfish said...

The dangerous thing about this look is that it's so pervasive, it's easy to get lazy and draw it yourself when you don't bother to dream up anything else. Looking back at my work I've certainly been guilty of it. There are definitely situations that call for an arrogant, smirky look, but it shouldn't be used as a default. And like JohnK stated, this "thug life" thing being applied to every character is just disgraceful- it implies that no character has his own personality and the expressions are just interchangeable.

Why would Tweety Bird ever look at you like he's about to pull one over on you?

Roberto González said...

RooniMan, those drawings of Abu aren't 'tude at all, especially the first one. He's not being "cool" or "smug" in that scene of the movie, he's suspicious of the magic carpet.

Like I said before the frog in The princess and the frog resorts to that expression a lot, especially:


Well, I think that's a fan art but it's an exact copy of an actual frame of the movie.

On the other hand there are some moments in the same movie where they use the sleepy eyes and it's not 'tude and it's actually pretty funny.

I'm talking about the reaction shots of the other character when the alligator does something dumb.

When he arrives crying "I've found a stick!" and everybody looks at him with sleepy eyes because he was taking them in the wrong direction.

Or when he starts shouting because he had some thistles in his butt and the firefly looks at him like saying "You big sissy".

This kind of sleepy eyes reaction to something moronic always cracks me up in any animated movie or short, even though it's not the most original joke, and I would't count that as 'tude cause those expressions are in context.

GoldDarkShadow said...

I know understand the definition of tude, and i thought it had to do with design. To a certain except I think it is, but Dreamworks and the CGI movies has some of the worst examples of tude. I CAN'T STAND IT!!!! They think that trying to make thier characters look hip to appeal to the kids is just dead wrong.

drawingtherightway said...

Sorry about that! I kinda figured Stimpy was just being goofy but thought that he looked kinda smug! I'm guessing that image is from the episode where Ren's teeth rot out.

"Eyenot" Petrie said...

I notice that most of John K. "cartood" doesn't involve standing there with the side of the toon's mouth hanging open like some haltwit lolligagger.

Why is that so popular? Why are toons going about looking like they "talk out of the corners of their mouth" (considered dishonest and disreputable *no matter who* you ask) or like they had a stroke, or have half lockjaw, or ...

well anyways.

rob mac said...

Da loonie tunze keepin it real on DA Streetz.

Tim L. said...

Yay for bad advertising art! As if it has anything to do with whether the actual movies are good...

".....Except that Ren is actually about to do something awesomely insane. That makes a world of difference."

If you took that image out of context and didn't know why the character is making that face (like the Lion King or Treasure Planet image) you'd say it was the "tude" face... which it's not.

Context is king when it comes to the actual production images like that Lion King image (Simba makes that expression what... once in the original film?) and the Ren and Stimpy image.

Martin Juneau said...

In 2005, i remember finding by a comic-book dictionnary that they having a new Boule & Bill cartoon in production. I remember reading the original comics all of my life and watching the 70's rare cartoons series (I have a collection at my home.), but the final result of this adaptation is a bland 'Tude version of the Roba's work. Here's some screenshots for show you!

Boule and Pouf 'Tude!

Real Boule & Bill before the 'Tude

Even in comics, the artists don't escape to the 'Tude mentallity. Trying to found a series who don't talk kids like rappers or edgiers. You will have problems to found.

C said...

Just because a character has an eyebrow up, doesn't make it tude. It can also be used for a perplexed expression or something.

I'm over-anaylizing this, I think.

M.gunnerQuist said...

John, I didn't know where/how to send you a message. But this blog article looks like as good as any place to pass along an interesting tidbit of info. I came across this online article about kids and parenting, etc. The part I found interesting was about modern mamby-pamby cartoons. I've always felt there has been a profoundly negative aspect to them. The article nails it:


One of the most controversial and potent chapters in the book revolves around "nice" TV, and its potential contribution to the rise in bullying. Interestingly enough, it appears kids are not watching any more TV than a generation ago, but the new trend in programming is towards "prososcial" shows often seen on PBS like Clifford and Caillou or even Sponge Bob. They are supposed to teach our kids how to be 'nice.'

But, it isn't working.


Ninety-six percent of all children's programming includes verbal insults, and of the 2,628 put-downs identified, only 50 circumstances featured some sort of reprimand or correction -- and not once in an educational show. "Fully 84 percent of the time there was only laughter or no response at all," found Dr. Cynthia Scheibe.

"The more kids watched, the crueler they'd be to their classmates," Ostorov reported from the Minnesota study. "The correlation was 2.5 times higher than the correlation between violent media and physical aggression. They were increasingly bossy, controlling, and manipulative, and it was stronger than the connection between violent media and physical aggression."


Most modern cartoons suck. They're not funny. I've always felt there was a negative "vibe" to them. Now it turns out that these shows are teaching our kids to be little assholes.

Sorry about the long post. I just thought you might find it interesting. I felt I just had to pass it along to you.


Roberto González said...

>>If you took that image out of context and didn't know why the character is making that face (like the Lion King or Treasure Planet image) you'd say it was the "tude" face... which it's not.>>

You are somewhat right but not totally. I don't remember the exact moment when Simba makes that expression...but he's certainly being smug as far as I remember and he makes that expression several times during the movie. That whole Hakuna Matata song was about being "cool". So it was in context, but the context was that the character were acting smug and cool. It's not as cheap as the Dreamworks posters but it's at least close to being 'tude.

Ren isn't trying to act cool, he is comunicating to the audience that he's about to do something evil.

The Treasure Planet one is more debatable IMO. Jim Hawkins' character was the prototype of 'tude cause he was your average rebel teenager with skate and all, but he's not the one with the 'tude expression there. I guess the cat-like woman was kind of a feminist, controller character (I don't remember it well,I only watched this boredom of a movie once), but I'm not sure if that counts as 'tude.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether or not you read these, but this article got me thinking.

Older characters from HB and WB had some level of attitude.

Jerry Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, and even Fred Flintstone were all known to be assholes when they wanted to be.

What is it about them that we can actually enjoy, that we hate in the Dreamworks characters and... well, pretty much every cartoon character from the last 10 years?

JohnK said...

They had lots of expressions, not just stock generic ones

Isaac said...

Tim, that Simba is from the Lion King sequels. Both the sequels are full to the brim with all the characters making the 'tude face all the time. No false advertising at all.

Atli Viðar Hafsteinsson said...

Before I read all your 'tude posts, man, I'd never realised just how much 'tude there is everywhere. Or just how annoying it is. The Dreamworks bit (even if a bit hard to read because of the scale) is sadly right. I'll never be able to look at half-open eyes again.

Chip Butty said...

M.gunnerQuist, that's a really scary true point. I was shocked the first time I saw "Kim Possible" - literally everyone on the show but the dorky dad, dorky villain and dorky male sidekick friend was a smarmy, bitchy, smug piece of crap. And we raise our children on this?

Frank Macchia said...

people are getting confused.

The "'tude" expression in itself isn't's the fact that it has become a crutch, A cliché for "coolness".

Ren has the expression....but he's using it IN context.

The Jerry Seinfeld Bee has no rhyme or reason for making the expression. he's just a soulless stock character desperately trying to sell himself to an audience that doen't know any better.

Bill said...

Its hard for me to consider these eyesores "treats", but "Eyenot" Petrie was asking about off-center mouths and I beleive its thanks to anime and that when you resort to this you do NOT need an actual fomed mouth, in early Flesicher shorts they used this but now its mostly to make-up for a character having no jaw. Off-center-wise I bet its just easier to draw yet its more flat too, you can just draw the head then mouth with less attention to construction.

Martin Juneau said...

I just see the Pink Panther movie poster and i believe that Pink Panther is actually Bugs Bunny in a panther's suit.

Ironically, Warner in the Seven-Arts banner created Cool Cat, a Pink Panther knock-off who talk in a 'Tude style but this cartoons didn't help to bring back the creativity of the 40's Warner cartoons, even some shorts was directed by Robert McKimson.

Today's Pink Panther is like Cool Cat in 1967 but in much lousy.

John Paul Cassidy said...

'Tude is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the character.

Mr. Incredible (from THE INCREDIBLES), I can understand more than most, because some superheroes are best known for having an inquisitive smirk/raised eyebrow.

Hell, if you do a James Bond-type character, then that smirk/eyebrow may very well come in handy on the movie poster! (But that movie poster still has to be *good*!) Or even a simple smile like James Coburn's Derek Flint character.

But when *every* animated character is required to have this look, it gets boring, dull, and generic. Artists just aren't creative enough. It's as generic as movie posters with the actors' faces plastered across the whole poster, lacking the spectacle that classic movie posters once had!

SoleilSmile said...

Stimpy looks adorable though:)

Tony said...

Brilliant! HAHAHAHA

Stefano said...

It's not about this post, but you might like this:

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ChrisK said...

I love these 'tude bashing posts. Seems little has changed in the last two decades.

Ross Irving said...

Well, I was going to leave a post here, but it turned into something else about the efficacy of conflict in advertisements since people are more attracted to that sort of thing rather than happy characters or characters who seem too in control, like the cocked eyebrow.

Here it is.

georgeliquor said...

That Where The Wild Things Are picture was fake.

Also, I'm surprised a Pixar-basher actually posted a pro-Pixar comic. You might want to re-look at what you posted. :-P

.M. said...

There is something worse than the urban WB character sweatshirt, unfortunately.

My wife spotted a few modern styles (abstract backgrounds in silver/gold print) that looked like they were attaked by a very high person armed with a bedazzler.

Granted, I'm as casual a fan of these characters as they come, but that nonsense is a strong case for the non-abbreviation of WTF in mile high letters.

If I personally come across some examples, I'll share.

rad sechrist said...

Oh god, I've made this mistake more times than I would like to admit.

Eric said...

Haha... I was going to link that "Pixar versus Dreamworks" thing with the stick figures... beaten to it!

MistahB said...

those people who design such stuff DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! I mean Loonatics?! Thats the WORST IDEA EVER! plus they really have to stop it with the CGI characters having confident smirks and having to raise one eyebrow it's getting old!

Pokey said...

Actually, the one that Niki lnked to of Catherine Zeta-Jones, which isn't even a cartoon, #5, is "sexy and colol" and I consider it appropriate! GOod point, drawingtherightway, of using Babs, that show was oine of the first, and many following even used the same voice cast [Disney and Nick shows, especially] and only doubled the socalled tude on those.

Funky Al said...

What's worse then tude?
MS Paint tude.

Frank B. said...

Awesome blog! Hillarious! My animation teacher stressed this during our lip syncing assignment. It was alittle difficult to get new ways of facial expressions with all of the really bad shit cartoons out there.

Vincent Waller said...

LOL Looks like I'm the guy you need to fire over that monstrosity.

MistahB said...

auugh! this is a crime against nature, I mean The Loonatics?! What a DUMB idea! Plus they gotta stop doing these things that just desecrate our beloved American icons into pop culture crap.

Candimente said...

That Simba one makes me laugh every time I look at it. When I see it in the movie I'm like "uumm... okay what just happened?!"

Jeremy Rowland said...

An owl with 'tude!

Bill said...

Heres whats probably the earliest case of 'tude, or atleast the eyebrow thing:

Its Magneto from the 70' Fantastic Four cartoon.

Kingfish said...

This is a bit late, but here's a great example of a real-life guy showing off some smarmy-ass 'tude:

Pokey said...

Paul Penna said..
"All..keeping me gunshy about..contemporary animation."

Paul, you said the point in a nutshell. This majorly ties in with the voice-acting: Even with voice actors-would YOU wanna watch the Rugrats or these other awful shorts [of course something like Flash Gordon, with Marvin Miller or Scooby-Doo, with Don Messick, couldn't even be saved by those original VOICE actors who started prioir to 1965.. In short, I prefer the oldtime radio era voices. Then again of course, how can you IMPROVE what's too broke to be fixed like Rugrats or Tiny Toon Adfventures [now THERE's a good new motto-trademarked by me.]

Hard said...

Whatever, these are cartoons we're talking about! How about games? Surely some of the first video games I played as I was younger didn't have any "'tude" being thrown at my face as I open some of the disc cases, like Spyro & Crash Bandicoot for example, amirite??

Oh, wait...

Seriously, look at the covers of some of the first 3 three games for both Spyro and Crash. After about those 3, both game developer companies moved on to the PlayStation 2 era to create 'Ratchet & Clank' and 'Jak & Daxter.' Maybe they stopped, let's check NOPE NA UH NOT AT ALL

(And Crash doesn't exhibit tude in his games, so why on the cover)

Pokey said...

What happened to the 1/27/07 post, "No More Tude". Had (I believe) a Garfield and some others like that?


AM said...

I was wondering what happened to that post too - it amused me!

Pokey said...

I found the post somewhere before, but don't know if it's there now...

4/25/15 SC