Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's Something

to tide you over

I haven't posted much lately because I have been working on a short secret project

watch for it soon

assistant animation by Tommy and Jojo

Slick camera moves by Alex

Story by Tom Minton and me

Design and animation by me

Furry voices by Steve and Auralynn

*Explanation of techniques:

Adult Swim asked me to do a few short shorts in completely different styles using different characters.

So I thought maybe I would experiment and try out some styles and techniques I like about some of my favorite old cartoons. In some of them I mixed and matched ideas from 2 styles and then did my own take. Like, there's one where I combined some rubber hose style movement with Anime expressions. Or I did some UPA style designs but did wackier animation.

In this Furries short I wanted to see how to do wall to wall dialogue like how most modern cartoons in primetime are done. The only wall to wall dialogue cartoons that ever really inspired me though were Fred Crippen's Roger Ramjet. I always liked the funny cutting and quick camera moves and wanted to try something like that myself.

Hence the fast cuts and silly camera moves in this. I also like early limited animation where parts of the character are held and other parts move. Only they usually try to hide that contrast by making the movement very slight or non descript. I thought I would instead do the opposite. I made what moved be goofy to contrast against the frozen parts.

Soon you will see a much more fully animated short short I did for someone else.