Monday, August 13, 2012

Stretch Goals - Animate the Pretty Girl and her Pussies

John K's "Cans Without Labels" by John Kricfalusi — Kickstarter

Thanks to everyone who is helping me skirt the man on this one!


Steph said...


Congrats on a successful Kickstarter!!!!

Dudo said...

The Sody Pop pictures were removed weren't they.

akira said...

i don't understand... are you first doing the ending that you like best and works best on cans without labels? (not just self-censoring.. kind of sounds like people would keep contributing just to see you do something offensive... i'd rather pay more just to see more john k cartoonery that you wish you could do most).... i really hope this leads to Kaspar cartoons some day!!!

kurtwil said...

glad to have helped ya get Cans without Labels funded!

is Sody Pop part of the HEARTACHES story?

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the 1 2 3 means? I find the female cartoons to be harassing/undefined characters. I'm a bit shocked.

J C Roberts said...

I wish I could make a contribution, but the post-2008 economy is still beating the tar out of me on a regular basis. I'm having nothing but fresh air for lunch again today, in fact.

I do find pretty distressing, though, that a short cartoon requires at least 125 grand to make in the digital animation age.
I guess all the same work is needed, and just the inking and painting of cells, and subsequent filming process are eliminated. Those massive costs sure prevent a lot of great work from ever seeing the light of day.

As a no name unknown, I don't think Kickstarter would help me any more than begging on street corners, but I could get something done by myself for just the cost of the electricity my computer uses if I didn't have to hold down a full time job. Even if I spent a full year on it, though, that's only the $30,000 income I'd need to replace. Since that's not happening, I'll have to settle for the snail's pace.

I hope the funds are raised for "Cans Without Labels", though, and we get to see it. Too bad Cartoon Network has turned their back on animation, though.

kurtwil said...

JC, looks like basic Cans funding is done, and that its first stretch goal may be reached by end of this week!

JK, are you considering using Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or possibly Toon Boom itself for editing? The former two are not hard to learn ( is a great resource) and might reduce editing costs as well as giving you __full__ editing control!