Sunday, May 28, 2006





Now write up a report on this blog to tell everyone how much fun you had!
Rub it in for the folks who couldn't make it.

What did you think of the clips from the Lost Episodes of Ren and Stimpy coming out in July?

And what happened to you, Sabrina?


rickgo said...

damn,this makes yet another reason living on the east coast bites it

Jason Davis said...

Meh - I wish!

(South Florida - beautiful, but no Spumco showcases)

Anonymous said...

yeah i wish too. i'd come if i wasnt so far away.

Anonymous said...

I'm there tonight. So excited.

Peggy said...

I'll just hop on a plane... Maybe not. Have fun!

jorge garrido said...

And after you write that report, everyone go reply to my last (huge) comment in the evolution post!

What videos were posted in this post?

Duck Dodgers said...

Wish to be there!

Greetings from sunny Italy!

Kali Fontecchio said...

I hope traffic won't be too bad today.

Eric C. said...

Oh I'm Sorry, I can't make it.

Next time you have a screening,
Can you come over near NY or CT ?

I would Love to meet you in person, your my 2nd Idol.


P.S. Let me know if you do.

Robert Hume said...

I got at least one of my L.A. friends comeing out there today John! I told him to buy a poster for me and to make sure you sign it. ;)

cableclair said...


Clinton said...

I wish I there....:( Sucks to be the South. Do you hold events like this often?

jorge garrido said...

holy shit, the acting in that first scene blew me away! It was so varied and interesting!

Eric C. said...

John, I have a question.

When you do web cartoons, what do you use to draw with?

A computer pen or a mouse?


Anonymous said...

see ya there John!

JohnK said...

When you do web cartoons, what do you use to draw with?

Hi Eric

so far I've been using pencil on paper, then scan it in, but I'm gonna switch to drawing right on the computer with a stylus.

I don't know if I spelled that right!

jorge said...

R.I.P. Alex Toth 1928-2006

Eric C. said...

You probably want to be careful when you buy a computer pen John.
I once got a $111 pen and easel and starting traveling with it. Cheap but I save it for back up or when I try to figure out how to fix it myself.
anyway, me and a good friend of mine were thinking about making a cartoon about Geeks and Nerds taking over the future. When cartoons are nothing but anime, technology replaces the good ol entertainment. And were trying to build the story and end it with a big smash. Not literally of course. LOL
Would you like to see my animated Three Stooges scene from my latest film ?
I'll upload it on my site if you do.

Eric C. said...

Anyway, good luck John.

Tell us all about it when you come back.

And please do one near CT so I can see you in person!!!!!


Eric C. said...

Anyway, good luck John.

Tell us all about it when you come back.

And please do one near CT so I can see you in person!!!!!


Robert Hume said...

"so far I've been using pencil on paper, then scan it in, but I'm gonna switch to drawing right on the computer with a stylus."

That will speed up Flash animation immensely John, or at least the drawing and tracing end of it...

The pen feels a little slippery at first, but it cuts time out of tracing scanning, and all that jazz.

Robert Hume said...

Scanning sucks...

Anonymous said...

drawing straight onto the computer seems so artificial. How did you do the drawings for WPH? Whatever you did there keep doing it!

murrayb said...

yes agreed. dont let pencil and paper die! digital cleanup is fine but I have yet to see a digital layout rough that looks as good as a paper rough.I'm convinced thats why stuff looks crap nowadays. No more layout posing, just straight from the board into flash animation. The board artist is the poser now.(not to mention the director in most cases)

Mitch K said...

Take lots of pictures and do a HUGE post about it!!

P.C. Unfunny said...

I wish John,I Really, Really whish I could. I am in New York. :(

makinita said...

YEAH i dont get used to my pen i draw directly to my computer with my good old " logitech mouse "

Anonymous said...

Hi John

It's Jesse. Wish I was in Santa Monica meeting you. It would be cool if the next place you visit will be New York. Thats as far as me and my family can drive. Also, have a great time in Canada.

your pal,


Anonymous said...

John K.

I know that Eddie Fitzgerald does the voice of Cigarettes the cat but who is the voice of Bugs Pussy?
I just can't stop looking at the 2 Dirty Pussies drawings. The designs from you and katie are so friggin AWSOME! I would love to see some cartoons of those cats on a future DVD.

your pal,


P.S. Lets all hope and pray for future Ren & Stimpy cartoons straight to DVD and maybe the future Ren & Stimpy (Life Sucks) movie.

Rachel. said...

So I went down with my friend today and we made shirts and everything.

And it was the most amazing thing ever!
From the sex jokes while he autpgraphed and drew farts on my stimpy t shirt to the very graphic and amazing shorts we got to watch. It was so freaking fantastic. I cant wait to buy the DVD of ren and stimpy.

The bo bo one was so funny. As was the Pussy one also. I wish that there was more to watch! I didnt want it to end!

Tnight was awesome John! Sorry go to the after party. Maybe my friend and I will again when we are legal next time. and Not 17. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Awesome show John!!! This was definately the higlight of my year so far. It was great to see all of those cartoons and clips, including some that I had never seen before. The "Life Sucks" clip about the Children's crusade was fuckin' GENIUS! It was really awesome to meet you in person and thanks for being so cool and nice. Talk to you soon.

3DMaker said...

Hey John,
Tonight's presentation of your work was really inspiring. Thanks for all the work that you do to entertain us. Thank you for your signature on my "Life Sucks" print. I know you must've signed 100's of things today. Mine you signed with Mr. Horse. Anywho, keep up the good work. Do finish you cartoon about the little "crusader" kids as well as your altruist Ren and Stimpy. Do continue with your $100k Drawing Course. It's well worth it. Take care buddy. Can't wait 'til your DVD comes out in July. Cheers!


Dirk said...

It was a really good show tonight--lots of good cartoons and clips. The "Childrens' Crusade" animatic was hilarious, but it was all great, actually.

I'm sure glad we drove down from Santa Barbara, and thanks for signing the print to "Dirk and Decker." My young son is officially headed down the cartoonist's path now : )

I should have asked when I was there--in regards to those graphite animation drawings that we saw at the gallery--why do you use graphite to build a line that looks like brush work? Wouldn't it be quicker/easier to get that thick/thin line with a brush?

Talked it over with my friend on the way home and we agreed--in the animation medium, you're a type of genius. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see your show!

Morly said...

No surprise, tonight's show was great...before, during and after. Any executives out there, do whatever it takes to get John working with you! His original stuff, remakes of Hanna-Barbera characters; regardless of what he's doing, it's all great.

John, it's Chris from Acme (we traded business cards towards the end of the night) and I knew I was going to forget to ask you something: what happened to the music tonight? I'm a musician, as well, as was looking forward to hearing you guys playing out anytime in the near future at least? Please let me know if you do.

Thanks again for everything tonight and I will talk to you soon.

akira said...

THANK YOU JOHN!!!!... what a great night.. usually i feel like LA is kind of yucky but tonight i feel extremely spoiled to live here and be able to see John K live and shake his hand and see SOOO MANY(2 1/2 hours of stuff) things he and spumco has made that have barely been seen by anyone else except for the stupid idiotic TV executives who haven't found a use for mr. k's genius lately....

there are just so many levels of greatness to John K's work that you don't fully appreciate unless you see such a variety of stuff as was shown at the screening... beyond the violence and "pervertedness"(as he was introduced)... there is incredible drawing, impeccable timing, and hilarious acting/dialogue/interactions that have nothing to do with the easily trivialized "gross-out humor" stereotype.

the sad thing is John actually seems to want to continue to make more great entertainment for the people of the world but nobody with money is giving him the chance to do it.(hey pixar here's another animation genius that could make you tons of money)

personally i hope they pick up john and katie's(who is also super nice)heartaches pitch just so that the world can be exposed to john's versatility.

well to everyone who WASN't able to attend we were shown some great stuff that's going to be on the upcoming R&S set... but i really hope they will release the BOO BOO Runs Wild... that is just awesome.. i think there must have been stuff cut when it aired on cartoon network or maybe it just looks great on the big screen because i just noticed so much more this time... anyways i'll shut up now and let someone else talk...

cableclair said...

aaaah! Thanks for filling me in on what I missed out on! That sounds fantastic!!

Jealous? me? NO! (*whimper*) (*sulk*) (*bawl*)

makinita said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish i could be there heheheh ok next year for SURE !!!!

Spencer said...

To bad I cant go! I want to meet John K. and Katie Rice [or atleast be in the same room as them]

robot9000 said...

the show was pimp.
Thanks to Katie and yourself for signing the BLUEGRASS BITCHES FROM SPACE. I really dug the R & S Beach episode. Also loved that crazy ass
HeHog. Get it made. Hey, MTV or
MTV2 = Buy It! We will watch!
Peace and Good Luck!

Jennie Rosenbaum said...

Its times like this I hate living in Australia, it sounds like it was a brilliant night though!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

The show was great! I'm an effing cheapskate so I didn't get anything signed. But, I had a good time creeping in the corner watching everyone get their stuff signed. I felt spoiled as well that I live near enough to see such cool stuff. You gotta take this act on the road.

-David O.

P.S. Was there any music performance tonight? I didn't see anything set up and I left the after-shindig early to go get my beauty sleep.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Oh yeah, LIFE SUCKS was one of the funniest things I've seen so far. Ren and Stimpy's acting in it was top-notch.

-David O.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Fabio Power, from Chile, Southamerica...Greetings from the world`s ass!
I like your draws John K. and hope i can send you some of my draws and to know your opinnion.

Anonymous said...

>>i think there must have been stuff cut when it aired on cartoon network

i think only the extended fight scene between yogi and the ranger was cut. i dont understand why they'd do that if it was on adult swim tho, maybe for time?

David Germain said...

but I'm gonna switch to drawing right on the computer with a stylus.

I don't know if I spelled that right!

Right now I have a Wacom tablet hooked up to a IMAC laptop containing the Flash program. The Wacom is annoying. For some reason I can't set the perameters to get it to work right.

Oh well. Wish I could have been there. Stupid only-source-of-income job. >:(

Eric C. said...

So, how did it go John ?


Jennifer said...

I couldnt make it to the show :(

Ive been trying to contact you for ages now, im so glad I finally find your blog. I heard your making an art studio close to my home (I live in barrhaven, ottawa, ontario) and I would KILL to go there. Please, if you have time, can you critique my artwork and send me some feedback? Ive been a huge fan of yours since I was little (my dad taped EVERY episode of ren and stimpy.. lmao) and it would mean to much to me! Thanks!

My art site is

-Jen Morgan

Anonymous said...

>>> so far I've been using pencil on paper, then scan it in, but I'm gonna switch to drawing right on the computer with a stylus. <<<

I use that combination; it takes a LOT of practice to get it right. But the more I get used to it, the more I discover that you can get much more nuanced, sweet linework with the tablet than with scanning. You can zoom in and get all the details perfect, so no more spikeyness on tapered lines or clumsy curves.

But a good screen is cruicial for your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, John!!
I am Fabiopower… I would like to know - how you obtain the outline to color in your animations? - it is digital color? - You worked with digital tablets Wacom?
I am preparing a short of cartoons in my country and admire your style. I like very much! This it will be my first attempt
Hopefully you can visit my blog
(made very recently…)
Greetings from Chile!!
If you could answer this post, although it is briefly…

Anonymous said...

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

The show was great! I'm an effing cheapskate so I didn't get anything signed.

Were they charging for autographs?

Kris Boban said...

Hi John!

Just a quick thanks for the invite last night. Had a great time at the screening as well.

Look forward to hanging out soon.
And next time you need to pull out your SG.

Morly said...

They were definitely not charging for autographs OR sketches. I wanted to grab a quick moment of John's time to discuss a possible opportunity with him, so I waited at the end of the night and watched him fulfill one request after another for sketches...most of the requests coming from the same group of 4 guys. Most people would have lost their patience after so many trips up to the table by the same guys (it was annoying me just watching them continue to go up over and over), but John drew everything they requested including original caricatures and digging way back in his mind for Beany and Cecil and Mighty Mouse sketches even...which, by the way, he still drew flawlessly.

Nice to meet one of my biggest influences after so many years and have him prove himself to be such a patient and kind guy!

Spizzerinktum said...

>>David Germain wrote--

Right now I have a Wacom tablet hooked up to a IMAC laptop containing the Flash program. The Wacom is annoying. For some reason I can't set the perameters to get it to work right.<<

I have a Wacom also, and I think it's fantastic. Which model do you have? I'm guessing that using Illustrator would give you much better results--the libraries of brushes are fantastic, to say nothing of the programmable features.

To the commenter who asked if using a tablet was "cheating", drawing on a piece of paper and drawing on a tablet are identical actions. The stylus and the pencil are identical tools. Today's stylus is so versatile, it picks up every nuance of your drawing style, just the way pens, markers, and pencils do. It's a completely different experience from using a mouse. It's real drawing, coming straight from your own hand. And scanning does indeed suck. Why waste time, if you're just going to scan in your pencil drawings anyway? Once they're digitized they are THE SAME THING as a drawing done using a tablet, and you can "cheat" all you like.

My Wacom is an Intuous2 and I love it. I only wish I could use it the way I use paper and pencils--lying on my bed!

Kevin said...

Hey John,

Great show last night! I never get tired of seeing animator's drawings on bond. Especially if they have timing charts on them. Mmmm...timing charts.

Anyway, you wanted comments on the toons, and I gotta say, I really, really, REALLY loved Hee Hog and Life Sucks. The last half of Hee Hog and the whole crusade thing were wonderfully subversive. As much as the "perverted" stuff is a selling part, it works so much better with that shiny coating of innocence.

Now to contradict myself, the most painful cartoon to watch was Weekend Pussy Hunt. Family feuding flash animation was just not as much fun.

And to contradict myself again, Pee Boners was hilarous. It would work especially well with a narrator actually explaining what the hell they were and how to pass off public arousal as a pee boner. ("Mam, I assure you this has nothing to do with's...a..PEE BONER!")



Eric C. said...

Hey John,
Are you going to bring back for your webcartoons or get another deal with

And can you give us some info on the upcoming George Liqour Movie ?

Will Ren & Stimpy be in it ?

_Eric :)

Robert Hume said...

George Liquor movie??? You know over the years I've heard everything from a possible Ripping Friends Movie, to a Ren and Stimpy Movie, to now a George Liquor Movie...I think it would be a GREAT Idea, but how would you approach that exactly? I trust not like the Fleischers, and Disney did...

Chris McD said...

Great show John and Spumco crew. Life Sucks was funny as hell I didn't get to see that one before. I also got to see Michael Jackson's favorite cartoon for the first time (pee-boners) as well as He-Hog which was also funny and one of my favorites. Really great drawings in that - a true masterwork. Living marmalade was a highlight. See ya later.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

"Were they charging for autographs?"

Nope. Not at all. I just didn't get the prints(though they were mighty cool, darn budget!) and didn't have paper on me. I'm too much of a puss to ask for a sketch when there are so many people waiting in line to get autographs. John and Katie were very nice though, about getting people some sort of sketch if they asked. Real upstanding citizens those two.

cartoonfans_everywhere said...

Gosh, what a drag! First off, I don't live on the West Coast. Second off, Sunday is the night when all those great shows are on FOX! How could one choose?!?!?!?


1. Next time have the show on a Tuesday night. (Because I have Wednesdays off down at the shoe store and I can stay up late!)

2. Hold the screening in Dover, Delaware. At the quadplex, not downtown beacuse my Mom won't drive downtown after dark.

PROBLEM SOLVED! You may thank me later.

Eric Dotseth said...

Next time, all party attenders should post their comments in secret code. This way, people, like myself, won't feel as horrible about missing the presentations. (Damn happy people.)

The distance between Idaho and California is too great.

Wicks for Candlesticks said...


It's no problem John, just being there was good enough for me. I'll be sure to ask for one next time. Thanks again for making this show happen.

-David O.

Roberto González said...

I'm also interested in that George Liquor Movie, I guess John said before it would be direct to DVD. It's a shame, I would love to see these characters in the big screen (it would also hep A LOT to make them more popular, especially in countries like Spain, in fact here not even Ren and Stimpy are too popular). Anyway, if that's the only way he can do the movie the way he wants, I don't mind so much.

I recall John K said once "everything that is corporated and big is doomed to be bad", that includes almost evey new animated movie. And he's clearly not a fan of Disney's is there any animated movie you really like, John? I have always wondered, you talk about the shorts, about real action movies you like, about animated movies you don't like and about animated movies that "can get a pass" for you(Toy Story), but I don't recall you talking about an animated long feature you really love. So it would be interesting how will you approach that format, which would be your references...

Pamela Moore said...

Show was AWESOME last night. I loved "Boo Boo Runs Wild" and the Bjork video. I'd enjoy seeing more stuff like "Boo Boo" in the old style when cartoons were funny. I also liked "Life Sucks." Do more of that.

It was a great night of raunchy fun.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

It was really great!!!! What a treat to see rarities like "Life Sucks" and He Hog on a big screen!

If you ever go to a John event definitely get in line for an autograph, even if you have to wait for an hour! The man can't help but do genius drawings drawings around his signature. Ditto Katie. I can't believe the drawings she was making for people!


Andrew Moore said...

Terrific show, John! My wife and I had a great time!
"Life Sucks" was like classic R&S (pre-titties) with a generous dash of today's "edgier" R&S. So freaking funny! I can't wait to see the finished cartoon!
"Boo Boo Runs Wild" was incredible. I'm no animation connoisseur, but that was a perfect cartoon. A beautiful nod to your influences. Anyone who says "They don't make 'em like they used to" hasn't seen this one!
"He-Hog" - WTF? How is this thing NOT on the air? I know MTV sucks ("Daria"?) but I'm surprised you haven't had a reach from HBO or Showtime to produce an "adult" cartoon (like "He-Hog") as an answer to Adult Swim. They're missing a great opportunity here!
I hope this becomes an annual affair! A couple of suggestions: I would've preferred Jerry Beck interview you "Actor's Studio" style, instead of an open Q&A. Beck would know all the right questions to ask! Also, I know it's cheesy, but how about a "Behind the Scenes at Spumco" video? Sort of like a mock-1940s newsreel/publicity reel. Show us how an animation studio SHOULD be run! (Maybe even juxtaspose Spumco against other "modern" executive-driven studios, using stock footage of communist sweatshops for the latter.)
One other comment: I'd love for you to present your favorite cartoons - all those Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett cartoons - on the big screen! Sort of like what Tarantino does with his "QT Fest" in Austin.
Anyway, thanks for giving us such an engaging and entertaining night!

Andrew Moore said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shawn said...

Hey, everyone!!
John's show yesterday was the BEST!!! It was great meeting John, Katie, Vincent, and Eddie Fitzgerald!!!

John started the show off with Naked Beach Frenzy, and it was HILARIOUS!! Then we saw lots of other amazing Spumco cartoons that I haven't seen in years, and some that I've NEVER seen, including an unreleased episode of Weekend Pussy Hunt!! That Ernie and Slab cartoon about the pee boners had my eyes crying from laughing so hard!!! It was great to be in a theater full of people who love those cartoons as much as me. The entire theater was roaring with laughter!!! People who appreciate QUALITY entertainment!!!

Everyone needs to buy the new Ren and Stimpy APC set this July!! That set will have some of the greatest cartoons in history!!!

All you damn executives out there need to give John the funds to make more cartoons!!! Yesterday's show PROVES that people love quality cartoons!!! Let John make more!! And let me SEE more!!!

P.S Hey, John! Thanks for inviting me over to your house after the show. That was a fun party! It was great hanging out with you, talking about Bob Clampett, and griping about all kinds of shit. See you again soon!
Your pal,

Dr.Awkward said...

> Second off, Sunday is the night when all those great shows are on FOX! How could one choose?!?!?!? <

Alternative solution: forget about "all those great shows on FOX", because they aren't so great, especially when compared to what this is all about!!

Dr.Awkward said...

Hey John

Remember how you said that most modern animated shows punish your senses, and that classic cartoons were meant to please the senses? Well, here's something interesting from a magazine interview with the Simpsons' Matt Groening from "Flux Magazine, Issue #6, September 30, 1995", found on the "Simpsons Archive" website:

Flux: What's it like to realize that you've created something which has seeped into popular culture to such a large extent?

Groening: Well, that was part of my plan. I really thought that most television punishes viewers for paying attention; it's a good thing to watch in a distracted, half-asleep way. And I thought it would be great to do a show that actually rewards you for paying attention. That's why the main titles change every week, what Bart writes on the blackboard changes, the saxophone solo changes, the couch gate changes and all that stuff. That's why we sneak so many gags in there. We try to jam as much stuff in there as possible. Sometimes we come up with really good jokes and say, "Oh, no, that's only a freeze-frame joke." That is, a joke that you're only going to get if you videotape it and go back and freeze-frame it. We always stick those into every episode.

What's your comment?

Kali Fontecchio said...

The show was really amazing- except I was sitting one seat over from the jackass who kept yelling the WHOLE time. That's precisely why those executives need to put your shows on the air- so I can be at home enjoying the cartoons.

Until then I will continue my tv hiatus, because every cartoon sucks nowadays.

JohnK said...

>>The show was really amazing- except I was sitting one seat over from the jackass who kept yelling the WHOLE time.<<

what was he yelling?

Kali Fontecchio said...

he was yelling ,"I'M GETTING A BONER!" "THIS SHOW SUCKS!" "WHERE'S STIMPY?!!" "I'M GONNA CUM!!" etc.

JohnK said...

>>he was yelling ,"I'M GETTING A BONER!" "THIS SHOW SUCKS!" "WHERE'S STIMPY?!!" "I'M GONNA CUM!!" etc.<

Holy crap, Kali. Why didn't you smack him?

Kali Fontecchio said...

I didn't want to interrupt your show- I could have socked him good too- he was like 50 lbs. or so! Next time I will John, for you.

Robert Hume said...

Hi John,

My friend just called from L.A., and said he was able to make it to your show, and that the cartoons were all absolutely hysterical!

Thanks for signing one of his two posters to me as well. I'm one happy cartoonist! :D


Anonymous said...

I hope someone gives you the money to produce more of these cartoons for us John.

I think executives must be afraid or intimidated by you...the idea that such a tallented and proven sucessful cartoonist can't be controlled by all there B.S. rules!

Keep up the good fight John! All us cartoon fans our here are counting on yah!

Duck Dodgers said...

Can anyone describe the He-Hog pilot ?

Dave said...

Awesome show John! thanks for the caricature, kickass show, and grolsch's...
Finally getting to see Naked Beach Frenzy, Stimpys Pregnant, and Altruists was amazing... Im all over the Lost Episodes dvd when it comes out. That was also the first time i has seen BooBoo Runs Wild in its entirety... holy shit what a work of genius. i loved how the design and animation of the H & B style was caricatured.. faces turning independently of the head, etc.. that shit had me dying.
cant wait til the next show!

-Dave, Julia, & Raiden

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Matt Groening stole John's statement right from his mouth!

JohnK said...

<< It sounds like Matt Groening stole John's statement right from his mouth!

Well the Simpsons started a year before Ren and Stimpy, so I stole the philosophy from him.

Kali Fontecchio said...

"Well the Simpsons started a year before Ren and Stimpy, so I stole the philosophy from him."

Yet you are the one who has succeeded in ruling balls!

Pete said...

My favorite stuff is all the Super Hero related 'toons. HeHog was awesome! Hope it gets made one day. I was a little disappointed that you didn't show any Ripping Friends, though. You guys do the greatest fight scenes.

I kind of felt that a lot of the APC stuff lost some of the charm of the old show. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think it was actually funnier when it WAS censored! Weird thing to say, huh? Either way, it was still a great show. Keep on going!

Aaron Paetz said...

i got my ripping friends signed!

The show was amazing John! Boo Boo runs wild had the best acting i've ever seen! when Yogi and Ranger Smith are fighting with the gun between them.... "you think i want this any more then you!" it was.... incredible!

The Acting in Pussy Hunt was Great too when the Dog and Cigerettes are yelling at each other and then cigerettes flips out, goes crazy!!! i couldnt belive the tension!

LIFES SUCKS...WOW. The 60 year old woman behind me was cracking up!

Thanks again for the after party too! Everyone had a good time and it was great chatting and drinking beers with you, Katie, Eric, and everyone else. Thanks for the critique on the PART of my cartoon that you DID see! I needed a good rippin' i guess.

here's my preston blair copies too!
Obviously, there IS SOME of us trying.....


Dr.Awkward said...

Hey John, what's your theory on stand-up comedy?

R2K said...

Hey ren ren!

Anonymous said...

Highlights of the show:

1) He-Hog - Wow. Holy crap was this funny. The first scene at the office was incredible. I could have watched a whole cartoon of just that scene.

2) Life Sucks - HOLY CRAP. I really really hope this gets finished someday. The animatic was one of the best things I have ever seen out of John K's head. Finished, it has the potential to be in the pantheon with Son Of Stimpy.

3) John K - What a gracious host! Very nice and appreciative of his audience and fans.

4) The audience for the most part. Everyone was very cool and ready for some great cartoons (with exceptions below).

What sucked:

1) Hecklers. Smelly nerds, you aren't funny. Stop interrupting the funny on the screen please.

2) That one guy who kept asking questions at the Q&A (taking time away from others in the audience), except he wasn't really asking questions, he was making statements and opinions that parrot what John K says here every day. The hell?

Overall it was a great night. I walked out with a cool picture and watched some cool cartoons. Thanks Spumco!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe there was hecklers.

Joseph P said...

It was great to see that you are still alive and kicking. Great show brotha! The world needs more Ren and Stimpy in their lives.Don't stop creating, because whatever you make is rock solid.

makinita said...

Heckeling what i dont get it !!! Morons !!!

JohnK said...

Actually I don't remember any hecklers so it couldn't have been bad. Everyone was great.

Anonymous said...

There were a few towards the front. It was rare when they spoke up but it was still annoying. I don't mind comedy, just leave it to the professionals.

Like I said before, overall the audience was great.

Anonymous said...

Also, YOU MUST FINISH LIFE SUCKS. It was the most appalling thing I've ever seen in my life and I have to see the rest.

Kelsey said...

Hey John! The show last night was amazing! Thanks for signing the shirts my friend and I made. And I agree with the guy above me- you must finish Life Sucks.

Rachel prt2 said...


Best part of the evening. (Besides seeing the fart on my t shirt.) While everyone took pictures....

Watching the faces my on my friends sister, while she0 watched 'life sucks'

You made the night! I want more. haha.

John basically makes the whole world go round.

Anonymous said...

Hi John

It's me Jesse. Sounds to me like yesterday was fun as hell. I really wish I had been there. Anyway I have a question about the R & S Lost Episodes DVD. Will the animatic of "Life Sucks" be on the Lost Episodes DVD?

your pal,

Jesse Oliver

Anonymous said...

Hey John, i'm a big fan and i was wondering if you'd ever make another Powdered Toast Man cartoon? He's the greatest!

Also, what do you think of Spongebob Squarepants?

It sounds like the show on Sunday was alot of fun, wish i coulda' been there.

Robert Hume said...

"here's my preston blair copies too!
Obviously, there IS SOME of us trying....."

Is this statement a fair reflection of what you think of us and the Preston Blair lessons John? You know I've keep up the lessons, and so have ALL of my animator friends...I just don't bother posting them for you because I figured sense I'm 27 your not interested in my progess anyhow. That and I feel weird constantly posting replicas of other people's work up on my blog. If you care to see them though, by all means! I have no problem showing you. My friends are all doing the lessons as well, but most of them are a little shy when it comes to blogging...hense the no posting. I can assure you though, many, many artists are still doing them. I mean if I can name five young artists right off the top of my head that are under 24, doing the lessons and that DON'T even post on your blog(which I CAN), then there's no TELLING how many other young artists are out there doing the same!


Robert Hume said...

Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Wish I could've been there, John.

Sam E. a.k.a. firecrouch said...

That was freakin' awesome! Everything in there was pure genius, and it's a shame the American animation industry works against people like John, and hopefully someday word-of-mouth like this will show the world what great animation is capable of. I've believed for a long time that the only reason that great entertainment msy never get the attention it deserves is that it doesn't get the right exposure in high enough quantity. All you really need is creative advertising, the right audience, knowledge of how fans think, and of course, a great business partner.

My only complaint is that there was no George Liquir. Of all the cool ideas of John's that need to be seen by the masses, that has the most potential. George and Jimmy already have plenty of fans anyway. And I want to see it on T.V. And the kids cartoons, too. I've always been against companies and utra-sensitive parents coddling they're children and exploiting them to buy crappy merchandise.

By the way, have Comedy Central, FX, or G4 caught wind of this? And John, remember in the old days when they'd have cartoons in theaters before a movie started? Have you thought about pitching that to studios?

But above all, I want to see the glorious return of Ren & Stimpy. Those three unaired episodes were wholesome fun, and Life Sucks needs to be finished. I hope Spike TV has learned its lesson. Minimal advertising, too much dependence on the target audience, too many stupid commercials, and that retarded "these are adult cartoons, hide the kids" crap is what killed Adult Party Cartoon.

Executives, advertisers, the only reason I think of that explains your avoidance of great cartoons is illogical fear; fear of what people will think of you and fear of change. People may get offended and unwilling to experience novelty, but I will always believe that most people LOVE creativity and that they always will. Shockingly, people like to be surprised every, I don't know, time! Surprisingly, the masses appreciate true art. And they ESPECIALLY don't like being talked down to. The only reason they can't appreciate risks is that you don't give them the right to experience them.

Just take a trip to Japan. The Japanese comic book and animation industry has been making billions of dollars. You heard me right; not millions, BILLIONS! And that's not even taking into account the gigantic worldwide audience. The Japanese have been doing this since World War II, and they've actually been making MORE money since then, gradually, over the course of several decades.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but ignoring the Internet and DVD sales, haven't Hollywood movie studios traditonally LOST money slowly over the last several years? Don't theaters make most of their money off popcorn? Isn't it strange that tickets cost 5 dollars in the 80's and 10 dollars now?

Now here's the real kicker: just how do these Japanese people do it? Are they Gods? We'll, Mr. BigShot C.E.O., the answer is really quite simple. It's because Japan has no need for the phrase "creator-driven", and never has. You see, Japanese comic artists and animation studios own the rights to their creations. They can do whatever they want with them and end them whenever they want, so long as the audience is there. Target audiences still exist, but the boss won't force a creator to have a moral in the story. And they STILL make tons of money off merchandise! Companies will recruit cartoonists to make any story for any audience, not just "what'll sell". Almost all the hundreds of cartoons that have come from Japan, popular or unpopular, were created and developed by cartoonists. Strange, isn't.

Executives, advertisers, it's time to stop discriminating against cartoons and start trusting the people who know what they're doing. Without creativity, life is meaningless.

And kali, John, I'm really sorry about being so obnoxious.

JohnK said...

Is this statement a fair reflection of what you think of us and the Preston Blair lessons John?

I think it's very admirable that people are being so thorough about learning these lessons.

There is hope for the future!

sam e. a.k.a. firecrouch said...

Are you talking about the comment I just made, johnk? Well, I havent't yet gotten thorough with the Preston lessons, but yes, based on what little I know, I like to think I made a fair statement.

It's all about hope and working hard. True effort! Historically and presently all over the world, most people discriminate against animation and comics as inferior artforms. I believe most people, no matter how much they like them, consider cartoons an inferior format when compared to more mainstream things like film and music, simply because they're more, quote on quote, "real".

I can't stress enough how B.S. this philosophy is! Cartoons are a medium, not a genre. They can and do use every message and bring out every human sensibility, whether it be shock, laughter, excitement, fear, sadness, drama, or humanity, just like movies and music. No form of entertainment or art is superior over the other, because in the end they all convey the reactions. The only differences they have are the tools and methods they use and the imaginations of people that use them.

I believe everything, I just said, no, I KNOW, that everything I just mentioned is the honst-to-God truth. And if I never live to see it proven, hey, I have no right to regret working hard to convince people. It's all about inherited will. As long as your inherited will is strong enough, your belief will never die! And that's what really matters. Nothing will come out of making no progress.

johnk, have you thought about accepting fan donations to make your cartoons a reality? I'd be willing to give a little bit of what little money I have to your noble cause.

And--oh boy--it looks like I pissed off plenty of people. Again, I hate to be a suck-up, but I'm really sorry about what I did, especially since it's happened before. Inexcusable. Oh well, at least the laughter in the theater was more than enough to make up for it, I think. . .

I know! I'll make a cartoon so great that everyone will forget about how annoying I was. But I believe with competition like John K. and Eiichrio Oda, it can't happen. Looks like I'll need to strengthen my inherited will. . .

Robert Hume said...

"I think it's very admirable that people are being so thorough about learning these lessons.

There is hope for the future!"

Thanks John!! :)

Ryan G. said...

sound like it was a good time.. Did John announce a release for R&S DVD in July?

bobby said...

Alerted my roommate to the show Sunday. He's a big fan. I'd seen a few (Rubber Nipples, one episode of Ripping Friends, some scattered others), never quite got it. It wasn't until I saw you and heard you describe your singular love for old animation that it clicked. Now I get it. Thanks for a funny night. You're my current man crush.

sam e. a.k.a. firecrouch said...

Oops! That last comment I made is a mistake. I knew I was doing something weird when I thought I was responding to johnk's comment when it was really robert's.I'm Glad robert got it.

In the future I'll just pay more attention to what's posted instead of looking at people's names and skimming. Ah well, just another misunderstanding. Not tryin' to be smug here, just don't wanna be an asshole.

Ryan Kramer said...

Hey John! Hadda great time at the gallery, the screening, and the get together afterwards.

Of course I dug everything, but I really would like to see "Life Sucks" fully animated.

It was really inspirational just to hear you talk about cartoons and all the greats. I'll keep on that preston blair book and post my progress soon, I'd love to work for you one day man.

R said...

This isn't really on topic so's it''s rife for deletion, but...

There's a 3 Stooges short with two characters called Red & Stumpy- any influence on (name wise at least) those two sick little monkeys of yours?


R said...

This isn't really on topic so's it''s rife for deletion, but...

There's a 3 Stooges short with two characters called Red & Stumpy- any influence on (name wise at least) those two sick little monkeys of yours?


Pedro Vargas said...

Goddamn I wish I went.

Acetate said...

Sounds incredible everyone. John if at all East Coast version of your show would be great. If not, maybe I can catch some of you in San Diego.

Julie said...

Was definitely an interesting event to come down to! I went with my friend Andy, who had just introduced me to the blog a few days prior. I was a big Ren and Stimpy fan as a child, and it was really cool to come meet the crew. I got a comic book signed by John K., got to meet everyone, and see all the great artwork!

=) Thanks for holding that! I was really glad I came to meet everyone.

Every Picture Tells a Story was a very cool shop! They had all sorts of art related things from a big collection of children's books, to claymation art books from Clash of the Titans. They really had a huge assortment of interesting artwork from paintings to books and various other things.

It was a great location and well hosted! =) It seemed to me like a really good turnout, I showed up at 5 and the place was busy.

Unfortunately Andy and I didn't get a chance to see the movies, which I was sad to miss. What was everyone else's thoughts on them?

Everyone was really nice. John was kidn enough to shake my hand and talk with me a little bit, despite the large amount of people visitting, and the other artists were the same way. Thanks for a fun time you guys!

XENU TV said...

It was a great night at the Aero! I pretty much know Boo Boo Runs Wild by heart but it still made me laugh uproariously. You have to admire the audacity of taking these beloved characters and turning them into drooling, feral beasts.

Of the material I hadn't seen before, I laughed hardest at the missing Weekend Pussy Hunt episodes.

But the cartoon I was most interested in seeing was He-Hog because it existed for me only as a tantalizing drawing for so long.

When I came home from the show, I added "Night of the Hunter" and "Detective Story" to my Netflix queue. Several of my friends who attended said they were going to do the same thing.

So how's about a few more movie recommendations?

Marc Crisafulli said...

And all this time I thought 'pee boners' were nothing but a nuisance... how stupid of me!

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Post about the BEAR series that I saw pictures of at the gallery. That bear was grotesque and adorable all at the same time.

-David O.

Gavin Freitas said...

Great show John!! Thanks for siging all my shit. I would like to see some more Ren and Stimpy cartoons. The Childrens Crusade..HAHAHA. See you in San Francisco in July......Gavin

akira said...

any chance of releasing a fully colored "little olden book" of the children's crusade... i think it would be a great gift for all my nieces and nephews!.. thanks again for the great show and caricature!

one of these days when i become re-unemployed i'll get a blog going to post my cartoon assignments and i'll post the caricature up there for all to enjoy(actually my mom REALLY didn't like the caricature AT ALL!).

WestOfScenic said...

John - I was first introduced to your work in the '80s and '90s without even knowing it was your work. (I'm not an animator, so will admit my ignorance.) Then, in Seattle, when doing lots of VO, I came to your show at SAM. Wow. Thanks. And thanks again for this. Boo-boo was even funnier this time. (I think my relationship to bears has somehow changed in the past years. hmmm...) Or, the fact stays that you are timeless in your work...what was funny and good when you were young, is funny and good in a reincarnation, and funny and good shown time after time. I loved the animatronics of HeeHaw pig, too. I don't believe we got to see those in Seattle. I almost lost it when he flew over "Foreigners" to get to "Africa". And, of course, I will be recounting "Shampoo Master" scenes to friends for years to come. I made sure to let my boyfriend know how badly he missed out by not coming up the street to see the show. When will you do this again, so I can bring everyone I know?! I'll be asking you for characatures very soon, and hope all "the suits" are good enough to get your pitches.

joe said...

The whole presentation was amazing. HeHog alone was worth the price of admission, and I would love to see that put into production. Life Sucks was fantastic as well, as was pretty much everything else.

I don't recall any hecklers at the theatre, though I thought it was funny how most of the questions were prefaced by inaccurate comments that John immediately corrected, rendering the questions sort of pointless and lame.

Anyway, thanks a lot John. I'm looking forward to seeing you when you make it up to San Francisco this summer. Will this be similar to Sunday night, with the screening and everything, or will it be something else entirely?

Noah from Untamed Highway said...

Sunday was unreal...I'm still recovering from the impact. All the cartoons were so funny I was in pain. It was a real treat to see all the rare John K cartoons, on a big screen with lots of people who appreciated them. But I just wonder one thing. Why the hell do we have to go to a special screening to see these beautiful cartoons when you can see mundane, uninspired shit like South Park and Family Guy any time of day on TV? Where is the justice in this world? If anyone is listening, please give John a steady gig making these cartoons available to a mass audience. This guy is the salvation of animation. John often recounts Clampett stories, and how exciting it was to meet one of the masters of animation. Well, in my opinion, that is what meeting John was like on Sunday. It was an honor to spend the day meeting and watching rare work by someone that has had such an impact on this artform we're all so passionate about. John, thanks for a great day and for all the laughs. Your cartoons are amazing.

Anonymous said...

John K.: To echo the sentiments of all before: 1) What a terrific show made all the more awesome by your insightful and humorous introductions. 2) "Life Sucks" must be finished, or at least made available to the masses in it's present form (I used to have nightmares as a child about a giant cat head in the sky... weird, hope he wasn't counting on me to lead the charge). 3) "Boo Boo Runs Wild" was amazing (my husband was laughing so hard he was crying). 4) Had a terrible week at work, made nearly tolerable by the constant refrain of "Twist and Writhe" running through my brain... thanks!

I'd urge you to do this annually if they let you, and come to the Egyptian next time (again?). The Aero's OK, but Santa Monica is creepy!

-Another K

Anonymous said...

Re: Last post: Make that TWITCH and Writhe : P

-Another K

JohnK said...

>>-Another K<<

which K?


It was fun

Urban said...

Amazing show John. I cannot wait for the lost episodes dvd. Stimpy gets Pregnant is possibly the most shockingly hilarious thing I have ever seen. That thing with the hanger may have been too much for Spiketv, but with content like that, have you tried selling it to HBO or Showtime? hahaha.

Sorry for taking so long to post but I had to play catch up at work. I am the guy whose Shaven Yak you signed across the chest so he now looks like some sort of John K. superhero. Whereas Katie signed him in his powdered toast area. I said I would give you a link to my friends webpage and here it is I hope you like his stuff, my personal favorite is this one
If you like his work I'm sure he'd love some feedback from you, to echo a comment a couple spots up, we all really do think of you as one of the masters of animation and it's a real honor to meet you.
Have fun, and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey John

Shut the fuck up about Family Guy's animation. Its a different style of comedy. The characters a rigid because the jokes and humor is quick. Its a funnier show than anything youve made. Oh yeah and APC suckes ass.

Anonymous said...

John: Just another K (you're a K, I'm a K); no one you know. I do hope you do this kind of event again... I would ask (hadn't thought of it whilst at the Aero) if you had any training for the voice work that you do in your cartoons. You really hold your own with the professionals. Your tortured screaming is sublime!

Another highlight was He-Hog. A popular refrain running through the house right now: "Hurry He-Hog... my head is on fire, it hurts." Indeed! Hope all of this great stuff winds up on a DVD someday...

-Another K

JohnK said...

>>Oh yeah and APC suckes ass.<<

That's how smart fans of the people who copied me are.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I am a theater manager at the Franklin Institute Science Museum here in Philadelphia, PA. I was hoping you might be available to be the host of one of the nights of our Animation Festival. Perhaps 7/28 or 8/4?

aaand, maybe afterward, your band could play in the planetarium for fun? see:

I'm sorry to use the blog, but I couldn't find many other ways to get in touch with you. Email for more details.