Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Authority Figures Day

Happy Father's day Dad! You're the reason I am so obsessed with authority figures in cartoons. And here are a couple of your best lines.
Some of my favorite characters in cartoons are the foils, the ones that are driven crazy by the irresponsible stars.
Discipline and rules - tempered with generosity is the way to bring up kids.
Today is the day to obey your 'ol man everybody! (even though I probably won't)

Happy Father's Day to all long suffering Dads!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Hardcover Spumco Comic Collection is Out!

Hey folks

here it is, a hard cover collection of some of the comic books the Spumco crew drew back in the golden cartoony era of the 90s.

You can order it through Amazon with the link above, or go check it out at the local comic book store.

We included the heartwarming unpublished and infamous "Nutty The Friendly Dump" story too.

Thanks to that great comic collector, cartoonist and publisher Craig Yoe for making it happen!

I have a bunch more comics in my file cabinet so if this volume does well, we'll put together another package of 'em for you.