Monday, December 07, 2015

Special Holiday Offer

Hey folks! For a limited time only - while we celebrate multiple Deities of many religions, I am going to throw in a signed phone doodle for every customer who buys 2 of my large toys of George and Jimmy:

 If you want to learn about the scientific definitions of the many types of mentally challenged people on God's earth - make sure you include Jimmy's Clubhouse on your holiday list. It's chock full of info and see where you stand on the Bell curve on the fancy-ass box!
You can find these babies at my little shop:

I am working with my good pal who is the funniest man I know on a secret project and am trying to master his drawing style. You might win these studies now if you order fast!

Of course I know how much cartoon fans love their inanimate objects coming to life, so I have been sketching Patty Pantiehose and Milburn Mobile Device for you.

These are my initial concepts for a He Hog toy.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Treehouse Pt 7 - They shoulda listened to the God-fearing Christian in their midst

Here's the original ending to the cartoon. Abe has fallen out of his wheelchair and is asleep on the floor.
The ghosts and ghouls come in.

Frank Grime's spirit yanks out Homer's soul and eats it.

Homer drops dead.

The smell of death is like smelling salts to Abe, who wakes up and slowly pushes himself up on his arms.
He trembles as he gets ready to have his say.

Happy his predictions about the evils of Halloween have come to fruition, he shouts "I...WAS...RIGHTTTTT!"

...and bursts into flames, satisfied.

as he gloats his corporeal self burns to a crisp as he gleefully tells us , "We're all going to HELLLL!"
The end

Well that's how I was hoping the cartoon would go...Want to see the animatic?

Sunday, November 15, 2015