Thursday, November 29, 2007

funny drawings from Flintstone - Carlo Vinci

Carlo has a really unique drawing and posing style.

There's something rude about it and I like that.

Do you feel shame shivers?

CARLO VINCICarlo Vinci was a dancer and a man's man at the same time. His poses have an awkward gracefulness about them. Look for lots of bent wrists.
Another dead giveaway: He likes to cock their heads at jaunty angles for accents in dialogue.

His anticipations are always recognizable. They are funny and add life and character to the cartoons. It's as if they are performers who know they are up on stage in front of you and mean to let you know they are putting on a show.

Fred is a well-cultured oaf in Carlo's hands.

His poses are off-balance yet flowing at the same time.
I like the early episodes when they drew Fred's hair with blunt ends.

Carlo hardly ever has the hands doing the same thing. Usually one is up, the other down. And they alternate. moving back and forth.
He loves to flop their noses around too. It grabs Wilma's attention for sure.
Barney is a peeping Tom in all the episodes.Carlo has very distinct scrambles and zip outs.
Note the DVNR on the toes and the hair.

Fred Dies
Fred's missing his equipment.

Carlo Vinci has heart

Carlo's style is really easy to see when you contrast it to Ken Muse, who doesn't add much to the layout poses. Ken Muse:I can recognize Muse's style by how even and straight up and down everything is.
Compare to Carlo:Carlo likes to use a zig-zag line of action in his poses, like Fred above. Awkward-elegance. I don't know any other animator who does that.

He also does the best nose-molestation. If you wanna see that, I can put some up tomorrow.