Friday, November 02, 2007

From the Jetstones To Mighty Mouse

Back in the 80s I tried to sell a story to Hanna Barbera that combined the Flinstones with The Jetsons. I wanted to do the future of cavemen. Needless to say, the story people there just stared at me like i was an idiot. "People can't ride rockets made of rock".

Between season 1 and 2 of Mighty Mouse, Ralph wanted us to come up with new ideas for cartoon shows and Tom, Eddie, Jim and I wrote up a bunch of non Mighty Mouse shows including Snow White and The Motor City Dwarfs, and I wrote up a short idea about The Jetstones.

I didn't stay for season 2. I took some of the crew and we went to work on the doomed Beany and Cecil revival for ABC.

Meanwhile Ralph needed stories, so he had Jim and Tom write new ones, but also take stories we had already written for other projects and adapt them for Mighty Mouse.

Here's a really funny parody of Saturday Morning Cartoons they did for the second season.

I think Kent Butterworth directed it and he did a brilliant thing:

For the Scooby Doo parody, he went and hired a cartoonist who was actually a huge fan of the show-if you can imagine that possibility. He hired Daryl MacNeill (I think) and handed the scenes out to him straight instead of telling him to make fun of it.

It came out even funnier looking all naive and sincere.

If Tom, Kent, Jim or anyone reads this, please add more backstories about the making of it and I will add them here.