Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Miley's Bangerz

Sketches from meeting with Miley:

Gabe Del Valle and Alex Salyer were my main animators on the video. They did some wonderfully wacky scenes and also trained and supervised a bunch of students to assist them at LCAD. Thanks also to Dave Kuhn for helping set it all up.

 Dan Jensen edited the piece and also created all kinds of cool after effects montages and graphic visuals.
Color map from seq 3b:

Pete Lowey designed and animated a big robot guy for the chorus - somewhat inspired by Louis Wolheim!

Julian Fumagalli animated a whole pile of nice scenes of Miley.

Jenn Hagman animated a swinging rear end.
Grahaeme Cowie animated Miley's infamous "Tw** Swat".
Sara Gunyalons Bach animated and assisted some scenes as well.

This (below) didn't make it into the picture, but I hate to see it go to waste. Maybe you can use it to scare your kids when they misbehave.
Thanks also to

Phil Phillipson, Ryan Whearty, Mark Butler, Bob McKnight and many more talented folks that knocked themselves out for Ms. Cyrus and me.
Keep on twerkin'!
Of course thanks to Miley, Diane Martel, Pierre Nobile and the people at Logan TV who hired me and put it all together.