Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Event Schedule

Hey everyone
This autumn I'll be at a few events:

Screening and Talk: The Cinefamily/ Silent Movie Theater Los Angeles: Thursday, September 26th - 
Tickets available here: 

"John Kricfalusi will run some clips of what he loves about classic cartoons and discuss how they inspired his own approach. The audience can participate. Then John will show full cartoons from the golden age and a handful of some rarely seen of his own. "
I'm going to see if we can run Mighty's Benefit Plan (the secret uncut version) at the show along with a sneak peek at "Cans"...

Super SAC-Con: in Sacramento, CA Saturday and Sunday, September 28th and 29th  
Info here:

I'll have a booth both days to sign stuff, do caricatures and doodles and sell some cartoon trinkets. I'll have plenty of copies of the Spumco Comic Book anthology for sale.

Each day the first attendees of the show can get a free limited art print. I will gladly sign it:

Saturday at 2pm I'll be doing a one hour panel on how classic cartoons influenced me. I'll have clips and some full cartoons from Clampett, Tex Avery, Fleischers etc to show and a couple of my own. 

SoCal Comic Con: Sunday, October 20th -  in Oceanside, CA

I'll be having a booth to sign merchandise, do caricatures, etc. Ideal for those that couldn't make it out to the Spike & Mike event in August or simply couldn't get enough cartoon thrills. 

LCAD Gallery of original John K. and Spumco Art: Thursday, November 7th - John K. Mini-Retrospective Opening Reception in Laguna Beach, CA

My friends at LCAD (Laguna College of Art and Design) have opened a fancy new gallery space in Downtown Laguna Beach. A small retrospective of my work will be on display from November 7th to December 19th. It'll have presentation art from the '80s used to pitch Ren and Stimpy and other shows, art from many cartoons I've made and even some of my personal art and studies, - and some "Cans" artwork. 

Opening reception is November 7th from 6-9pm
Show continues until December 19th

CTN eXpo: Friday- Sunday, November 15th-17th -  in Burbank, CA
Registration info:

I'll be here all three days to do live demonstrations with some talented animators helping me.  I'll sign merchandise and do doodles when there is free time. I'm coordinating a big Spumco Comic Book signing on one of the days, so you can meet the other artists too. 

There will be an interview (no date set yet). I just need to find a good median. Is anyone in touch with Robert Osborne ?

Thursday, December 5th - Spumco Comic Book Signing in Laguna Beach, CA from 6-9pm

To coincide with the exhibit at the LCAD Gallery and Laguna Beach's monthly art walk, we're doing a Spumco Comic Book signing with the other artists: Jim Smith, Vincent Waller, Mike Fontanelli, Shane Glines, Richard Pursel, etc. 


There is a service called Wicked Campers ( where you rent out a decorated van for road trips, etc. It turns out they have a John K. one roaming San Francisco so hop in it and head over to an event lickety split!

I hope this all makes sense
See you there!



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