Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 I've been coloring up some of my dog designs. 

To put on stickers and stuff.
I put a bunch of 'em on some boots.

And a couple of them so far on T Shirts.

I've also started on some inbred kitties which will be stickers soon and probably shirts and other crap.

 I'm still fooling around with markers and prismacolors.

And eating a lot of bacon.

Whenever I run out of what to draw I can fall back on old cartoon characters that I like - like the Jetsons.

Or some rubber hose mice.

and as usual, many assorted mammals.

I keep trying to discover more head shapes.

Here're some I made up.
Some of them I made up anyway...

Here are a couple more Blen and Kubercheebee sketches.

Oh and I made a new poster. Click it if you'd like one to hang in your bathroom.