Monday, December 07, 2015

Special Holiday Offer

Hey folks! For a limited time only - while we celebrate multiple Deities of many religions, I am going to throw in a signed phone doodle for every customer who buys 2 of my large toys of George and Jimmy:

 If you want to learn about the scientific definitions of the many types of mentally challenged people on God's earth - make sure you include Jimmy's Clubhouse on your holiday list. It's chock full of info and see where you stand on the Bell curve on the fancy-ass box!
You can find these babies at my little shop:

I am working with my good pal who is the funniest man I know on a secret project and am trying to master his drawing style. You might win these studies now if you order fast!

Of course I know how much cartoon fans love their inanimate objects coming to life, so I have been sketching Patty Pantiehose and Milburn Mobile Device for you.

These are my initial concepts for a He Hog toy.