Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 I've been coloring up some of my dog designs. 

To put on stickers and stuff.
I put a bunch of 'em on some boots.

And a couple of them so far on T Shirts.

I've also started on some inbred kitties which will be stickers soon and probably shirts and other crap.

 I'm still fooling around with markers and prismacolors.

And eating a lot of bacon.

Whenever I run out of what to draw I can fall back on old cartoon characters that I like - like the Jetsons.

Or some rubber hose mice.

and as usual, many assorted mammals.

I keep trying to discover more head shapes.

Here're some I made up.
Some of them I made up anyway...

Here are a couple more Blen and Kubercheebee sketches.

Oh and I made a new poster. Click it if you'd like one to hang in your bathroom.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

the Miracle of Head Shapes

I'm constantly amazed by the infinite variety of head shapes in the world. Just on the morning news I see a ton of interesting and sometimes bizarre assortment each day.

There are some interesting body shapes too.

The guy below peering over Trump's shoulder has one of my favorite heads, though I didn't quite capture it here. I made his hair line too low.
The lady on the lower right below is new to me. She has a nice squarish head shape bordered by a triangle of hair.
I tried doing some variations of her here.