Thursday, August 17, 2006

JB and KG, 5

I drew these in Mirage on a Cyntiq and the fellas at Copernicus Inked and animated them.

Wait'll you see it moving!

The movie is out in November. You better go!

These guys are like living cartoon characters...more animated than the cartoons you've been watching on TV lately!


David Germain said...

You know when a drawing is working by how you can easily imagine it being animated. This is of course absolutely essential if the drawing is to be used for animation.
Well, when I look at those JB and KG drawings, it's actually hard NOT to imagine them being animated. Those are some of the best doodles I have ever seen. They are worth double or even triple what Tenacious D is paying you to do these. Well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

i wanted a cintiq, but those things are freakin expensive.

Vanoni! said...

These are great!
It's like I've always said, "Pants are for suckers!"

Are those weird feet on KG a product of avoiding twinning?
Or are they simply the product of loose, cartoony drawing?

Hammerson said...

What a funny and dynamic poses... this looks fantastic! Is Mirage a vector drawing program or some kind of animation software like Flash (or more advanced)? I'm amazed with the line quality on these drawings, especially since you made them directly with graphic tablet. Wonderful stuf!

jessicaLynn said...

These drawings are hilarious! Ive seen this clip actually move its so amazing. when you buy the DVD make sure you freeze frame it there are sooo many funny surprises!Congrats Johnnie, and Copernicus for making amazing animation for us!

The Butcher said...

I was going to go anyway, trust me.

I wonder why no one ever gives JB and KG shit for being gay in their short films, but raise hell when Ren and Stimpy are for the most part, merely being suggestive.

Those drawings rock. You animating stuff for any other bands sometime soon? It'd be cool to see your take on GWAR.

Toren Q Atkinson said...

You bet your bottom dollar I'll be going. The main thing that they do is to rock my socks off.

Adam B said...

nice inked lines! how'd they do it in Flash?

katzenjammer studios said...

Looks great, John!

Franky said...

Those look great! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Transient Analecta said...

i can't wait. i'mma bring a box of panties for the express purpose of chucking at the screen.

Alex Whitington said...

Beyond awesome.

mantoe said...

are these going to be in the Pick of Destiny movie? also i like to see their fat bellies covering the privates, but i like to see little genital bumps even more. since its animated already, maybe next time.

Aimee's Sketch Blog said...

Wow. wow. Wow.
I can't hardly wait!
Love Tenacious D!

Drew said...

That an interesting nose theory you have on Jack there John. You can do better thn that. LOL

Me and all my buds are eagerly waiting to see this movie a thousand times and secretly bring video recorders in with us. Also, did you design the pick of destiny?

Jordan said...

Oh man I can't WAIT to see those babies moving!


Eric C. said...

Hey John, I have a question for you. I noticed that you never really do much Satire comedy? Do you think that parodies are uncreative? I feel that anyone can do a parody, It's how clever can you be.

Freckled Derelict said...

I LOVE the cartoon acting!!
Especially in the last frame!
This cartoon is the only thing that can make a tenacious D movie even better!
And on the 7th day the Gods of Humor approved this most holy of collaberations, and it was good.

Ryan Kramer said...

awesome...i've heard different things about Mirage, but these drawings are super clean! can't wait to see em animated.

JohnK said...

>>Hey John, I have a question for you. I noticed that you never really do much Satire comedy? <<

Hi Eric!

Well, that's a suprising comment.

I do quite a bit of satire and some parody (They are 2 different things).

Elwy and The Tree Weasels
Man Man and Boy Boy
Rip Along With The Ripping Friends
Untamed World

The whole Ren and Stimpy Show is a satire of children's programming.


JohnK said...

>>awesome...i've heard different things about Mirage, but these drawings are super clean!<<

Hi Ryan,

The finished drawings you see are done in Flash, not in Mirage.

Mirage isn't good for animation, but it has a good pencil tool.

Maybe I'll post the rough drawings.

troyzafer said...

Hi John,

My name is Troy, I co-founded ZAC Toons with a team of 5 creatives to create our own original cartoon series to be distributed via mobile, online and TV.

Our company website, which is deliberately devoid of content, is

I was hoping to contact you to discuss potentially working together on various projects.

My email is

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,


Jesse Oliver said...

Hi John

That looks so cool. I would love to see that. So what is this? Is this going to be a feature movie or a DVD release or what?


Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Hey John,

how much do you like mirage?

how does it compare with other animation software?

im contemplating buying it.

JohnK said...

>>how much do you like mirage?

how does it compare with other animation software?

im contemplating buying it.<<

It's not very useful. Spend 8 bucks and study the Preston Blair book from cover to cover. That money will do you a lot more good.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Great poses! I think I've fallen for their naked lil' genital-less bodies! I would have never thought Kyle could be so appealing, but somehow you took something fat and weird and made it beautiful! The way you conjure up these cute idiosyncratic designs is beyond me!

Jason Davis said...

John, I'm so glad you're involved with the D. It's two of my favorite things collaborating together.