Saturday, March 15, 2008

Don Martin - In a Department Store pt 1 - The Gift Of Fat Jokes

Here is some real pure cartoon thinking.
This is the kind of stuff that parents thought would ruin our minds when we were kids.
It's the number one duty of cartoonists to ruin kids' minds.
Many kids used to have to hide their Mad Magazines from their folks. I sure did.
My Dad would open them up and turn purple. "This stuff could never happen!! It'll turn you into a mass murderer!"
Cartoons should make you feel guilty, like you're getting away with something that the normals don't understand and disapprove of.
Don Martin was a very moral responsible cartoonist.
Look what he did to me and Eddie.


Fat is one of God's great gifts to cartoonists.
Cartoonists are God's gifts to kids and immature grownups.

Put fat and real cartoonists together and you get gold.

Executives, cartoon scriptwriters and cartoon critics are Satan's gifts to normals. People whose mission in life is to make cartoonists make cartoons that make sense.

"This talking duck could never fly apart! That doesn't make sense!"

more to come...fertilizer jokes, another gift from God and cartoonists.