Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What To Do During Important Meetings

I listen carefully to what is being said and turn off my drawing/thinking brain and just let my subconscious mind doodle things I have been recently thinking about.

This way I'm not concerned about perfect construction or control. Instead I'm looking for mindless inspiration and lucky accidents.

The picture above is Rip pushing a bullet slowly into his arch enemy Citracett.

Here is an idea for a costume for Citracett's other identity, Stinky Butt.

The Ripping Friends have a fan club run by their number 1 fan, a crippled boy who can run on his crutches. Li'l Crip sometimes joins them on their dangerous missions.
He has a secret decoder ring. The Ripping Friends communicate with him on the plasma screen in the middle of the ring. They give him secret orders. He must swear to uphold their secrets upon pain of being dunked in refried bacon grease.

I would never have consciously thought of that hand and finger shape. Luckily I was not really concentrating on what fingers are supposed to look like. I wrapped everything instead around the gag of the face in the ring.

The next time your boss or maybe your animation teacher is droning on about how Disney created personality animation, stare at him hard with one eye, and bend an ear toward him (Preferably your left eye and right ear).

Aim your other senses absent mindedly at a scribble pad and hope for some lucky uncensored inspirations. You might come up with some shapes you wouldn't think of while your more disciplined habit-ruled brain is guiding your pencil. Sometimes it's better to let your pencil drag your brain around.

Now you know what to do in your next important meeting.