Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Stuff

Here's a nice inking job by Harmke.

And here are some random things I found while searching for things to blog about.

Terrytoons are interesting. It's supposedly the bargain basement low budget studio from the golden age, but they fully animated everything and they loved crowd scenes. None of that is cheap. Where they skimped maybe is in the cleanup and inking. The finished drawings are often sloppy, but under the clean up is still a good drawing. They also must have thought sound effects were a needless luxury so they used the same 5 over and over again.
I wonder why it never dawned on Paul Terry to do limited animation. Thank God it didn't!
I forget where I found this nifty indian kid model sheet. It's very Bluthy and very well drawn. It'd be nice to see this kind of great technical ability in other styles. If you know who did this, let me know so I can credit it! I could analyze the crap out of how good these drawings are but am taking it easy this weekend. It has all the principles I love.
Craig Marin sent me this picture of a lovable old time puppet.


aka jokneeappleseed said...

that little Indian kid is work from Rune Bennicke (

oppo said...

Wait... so if it's Bluthy doesn't mean it's a baddy?

Anonymous said...

the artist on that indian is Rune Bennicke!

he has a website here

and a blog here..

PCUnfunny said...

Rune Bennickle did the character designs for Brother Bear. Sadly, his work is yet another victim of being watered down during production.

Whit said...

Paul Terry saved money every other way he possibly could. At Terrytoons they animated on newsprint when he still owned the place.

Zoran Taylor said...

>Wait... so if it's Bluthy doesn't mean it's a baddy?<

Not neccessarily -his style wasn't great, but it was his IDEAS that really dragged his stuff down. Like a lot of Disney. It's in that same lineage of style-over-substance that fails because the style itself isn't very exciting in itself.

Bwanasonic said...

I've been spending a lot of time inking stuff in Illustrator, and I'm wondering what kind of time is spent inking a drawing like the sample here? I'd love to see more inking tips, as I loved the previous inking related posts and links. I'd love to get a Cintiq, as it seems that would make digital inking a lot more *ergonomic*.

David Nethery said...

The Indian Kid is from the last feature started (but not completed) at the Disney Florida studio called "My Peoples" aka "A Few Good Ghosts" or whatever the heck they were going to call it before the then Disney management pulled the plug on the Florida studio.

The designer/animator of the character is Rune Bennicke.

He's an amazing talent (I got to assist him at Disney).

You may have seen it on my blog. I posted that model sheet a while ago. Rune has more good stuff on his site.

(I don't really see it as "Bluthy" ... more as Milt Kahl-ish inspired. Of course Bluth had some superficial aspects of Kahl in his designs too, so maybe that's what you're seeing.)

Shawn said...

That indian puppet is great! Are those giant nose hairs?

The inking on George and Sody looks good, but one line on George's neck extends too far into one of his neck folds.

JohnK said...

Hey thanks for the info, everyone! He's great!

David N.
what are you working on now?

Jake the Animator said...

i love those pencils. so lively!

Sam said...

Way to post another racist picture on your blog.

BAT said...

Hey, you may have read this before like a thousand times, but I need to be added to that ass-kissing-in-a-good-way list.

Ever since I could grab a pencil I've been fascinated with drawing. I am a huge fan of your work and it is overwhelming to be taking tips from you... THANK YOU!!

If you have the time, I'd like you to answer these two questions:

What are your thoughts on (free mouse) flashnimation?

What do you think abou Seth MacFarlane's work?


Gabriele_Gabba said...

The posing on those Terrytoon frames are just too cool for school! I love the cross over mustache twist, its so excessive! Oh man, the line of action is great too!

Korey said...

Hi, John. I'm Korey from What can I say? I'm honored to have someone of your skill level criticize my work, although I don't think you realize what work goes into what I do outside that drawing. The drawing I am referring to is the League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen.

First of all, I'm not one to make excuses for my art or lack of artistic abilities. However, I am pretty much one man producing 2 to 3 animated sequences a week for a growing website. Some of the work is done quick, some of it is down with an ample amount of time and features better quality. My designs might not be the best, but they were designed for literally a one man crew to produce animation on a regular basis. I'm doing the best I can, man.

As someone who at the moment makes his living off movie criticism, I can't get upset with your criticism of myself. Therefore, if and when you have the time please give me more detail on what you think I can do to improve.

rob mac said...

Using john's advice on this here blog about what makes a cartoon image bland, i decided to apply this knowledge to an image of georgre liquor, and make georgre's face blander as a fun experiment.

JohnK said...

"What are your thoughts on (free mouse) flashnimation?"

Thanks,but I don't know what that is...?

I don't watch many modern sitcom cartoons. I'm a big fan of old real sitcoms. They are much funnnier to me.

Watch Jack Benny or the Honeymooners!

JohnK said...

"Therefore, if and when you have the time please give me more detail on what you think I can do to improve."

Hi Korey

sorrry if I embarrased you.

don't worry too much about it.I understand the gag behind it. You are making fun of the fact that everything is so ordinary today.

None of us get the budgets to do Flash animation that give us time to do everything exactly the way we would like to. I feel for your one man show responsibilities!

Make it funny!

Craig said...

For those New Yorkers out there (or in here) the Indian puppet was built and performed by the legendary Sandy Becker.

rob mac said...

fixed link to bland version george

HemlockMan said...

My take on the "cheapness" of Terrytoons was that they would loop whenever they got even the slightest chance to do so. Other than that, the animation they did was top-notch, in my opinion.

PCUnfunny said...

Amazing how Terrytoons was the low budget studio of the 40's and they can beat all the crap on TV and film today.