Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where Rex Gets It From

Where does Rex get his striking talent from?
Was it just a miracle from above?
Don't you love the chix he draws?
What is the general opinion on gaps between some girls' thighs?: "open windows". Do only cartoonists dwell on that? Peekaboo Puckers.

Well Rex is not a miracle from Jesus. It's the simple science of genetics! Probably a eugenic experiment gone haywire actually.
Here's some of Reinhard Hackelberg's cartoon studies from when he was a young man intent on becoming the Führer's own personal Walt Disney.
Look at the discipline of the man! He comes from hardier stock than our modern young cartoonists.
He was doing these comic covers long before I started suggesting it as a decadent capitalistic exercise.
Grids and the whole nine yards! This man wants to get it right, and will give his life for perfect construction - as should we all.
You'll be happy to know (as I am) that Papa Hackelberg still lectures his kid about discipline and how to make cartoons right. Isn't that what Dads are for? And to watch Foghorn Leghorn with.
Rex' Dad made him watch "The Phantom Tollbooth" with him the other night. "Sit down, son und maybe you'll learn zomezing!" After it was over he said: "Achtung! Haben Chucken Jones made dot schtinker ven he vuss a younger virile man, it vould heff ruined his career!! Vass he ein dekadunt Homozexual?""

Whoa, I've heard that he did this Bambi freehand, without even constructing it first! That's how a man draws a cute helpless animal of the forest before he blasts it into oblivion.

Damn, it looks like he is selling out to fine art and dentists' waiting rooms. What has the West done to his values?

Seriously, let's all commend Herr Hackelberg for his own talent and for bringing a young genius into the world! And for trying to grind some discipline into the easy living Western youth.

Reinhard today is a retired automotive engineer living comfortably in Toronto, Canada shaking his hard head at his young lad.