Monday, June 08, 2009

A Mystery For Hardened Hanna Barbera Nerds

Like me.These are from the earliest Yogi Sunday strips. Gene Hazelton is the artist known for doing the strip, but these panels don't look like his work to me. They are too unbalanced. They look like Tony Rivera - who did the layouts on most of the 1960 Yogi Bear TV cartoons.
The real giveaway is the weird design of the Ranger -with the upturned pointy nose and the stiky outy pant the above Ranger to this one below by Eisenberg:
A much better drawing of the 1st standardized Ranger. (The Ranger in the first 2 seasons of Huckleberry Hound's Yogi segment always looked completely different in each cartoon)
Yogi and BooBoo are also very unbalanced looking - just like the 1960 TV layouts.
But then here is a kid and a Mom that look like Gene Hazelton designs - along with stiff bears, and Yogi with man hands.

Who can solve this mystery? It's very important to learn the truth.