Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some Real Old School Drawing

This may look superficially modern and even influenced by anime but it sure as hell is drawn well all around.
Saskia draws for real, no cheating. Here's someone who does life drawing and then applies what she learns from it to her cartoon drawings. Boy can she draw hands just for one thing.
She can draw difficult shapes from any angle. Look at those feet solidly planted on the ground in perspective.
This is cartoony but full of solid shapes. Again, the hands are genius. So are the legs and feet. They have lots of style but aren't just straight lines or mathematical curves without form or perspective. (nice color too)I don't know anything about her except that she is amazingly talented and skilled.
I'm, not sure if it's all just natural ability, whether she taught herself, or whether she went to a really good school and they drilled classic drawing principles into her. If so, I hope she tells us where she went!

It's funny to see anime influence actually drawn with anatomy and perspective - and having the facial features fit into the skull and flesh.
But she's not just superficially copying anime (like I tried to do). It's just a part of her influence among other influences that she'd have to tell you. And good old-fashioned strong principles of drawing.
These drawings make me feel guilty that I am trying to teach people to be able to draw simple solid balls, pears and spaghetti arms and legs.
Saskia should be teaching people. She's drawing for real.
A lot of this stuff is drawn on the computer which is even more astonishing to me.

It's funny to see her draw her influences better than the source material.
Style and knowledge perfectly woven together.

This is some good stuff.