Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 9 : Junk Yard Dog

While poor Roxy mopes and frets about the fate of her beloved fake poodle, let's take a slight interlude and visit the seedier part of town the next day. At the local dump, we see a brawny bulldog digging through the trash looking for discarded treasure.
He feels something interesting and yanks it out of the refuse. Hmm...what the heck is this thing?
He flips it over a few times and studies it.
He spots an unusual piece of anatomy, but then figures we all have our flaws.
He's impressed by the fancy styling of the poodle curls and colors.
"Yer one of them fancy uptown dames, ain't ya?" he asks. He shakes her to see how hardy she is.
He makes a decision. "Hey, you're kinda cute! I'm gonna make you my wife!"
Filled with the bliss of fresh love, he drags his betrothed to his lair.
Proudly, he shows off his house, which he is eager to share with his new love. "It ain't much, but it's packed with love!"

Clunk! He tosses his sweetie in, as ancient tradition dictates.
He follows in after her and almost fits. "All it needs is your woman's touch." he coos, as his tail twitches up and down.
Night falls and love fills the world of the ghetto.

BTW, would you watch this crap if it was on Cartoon Network or something? Or is it too sissified being for girls and all.