Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Cheerios Kid Beats Up A Train

Here's some fun design from a 50s Cheerios Kid commercial.
I love the clever use of values. It's amazing how good black and white can look when it's done with control and know-how.
Besides the design, the other thing I like about old animated commercials is that they tell a story.

I like how the real kid accepts the magic of a little super elf that inhabits his cereal.
An adult probably wouldn't buy it.
Man, look at him shove that stuff into his maw.

"Thank Heaven for little animated imps who tell me what to eat!"
"I can hardly wait to stand in front of a train, now that I've eaten my wholesome breakfast grains!"

Grow extra faces with Cheerios!

It's ready to eat, unlike other cereals that you have to mill and grind to a powder first.
This is a perfect commercial. In a lot of modern cereal commercials the tasteless airbrushed graphics just throw themselves at random at the screen and you have no idea what the commercial is about. These old ones tell us the message both logically and in a fun way. It made kids like the characters and want to savor every sugary morsel of the cereal.