Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bob Clampett Hand Drawn Maps of Warner Bros. Cartoon Studio

Rob Clampett, (Bob's son) generously gave me scans of these interesting maps Bob drew of the Warner Bros cartoon studio.
I haven't totally deciphered everything on them yet. I like all the little anecdotes Bob added of where funny stuff happened and what stars peered in the windows.

I'm guessing Bob drew these to help Mike Barrier and Milt Grey for the research they were doing for a book about the WB cartoons.
Besides the historical interest in these maps, I'm also fascinated by Bob's handwriting. It's so cartoony, stylish and spirited, just like his cartoons.

Rob showed me these the other day when Eddie, Milt and I were doing interviews for an upcoming Clampett DVD he is working on. (I made him promise no DVNR!) He will be putting a lot of rare items from the Clampett collection in the supplemental section. I hope he puts on a home movie Bob took of him visiting Milt Gross' house!