Monday, May 09, 2011

Little Iodine and The Cartoon Rule Of Starched Skirts


I like this style. It's sort of a cross between Jimmy Hatlo and Chic Young.
Compared to animation of the same time period it's a bit stiff, but it has other attributes:
Great linework, interesting detail and a gritty man-on-the-street sort of outlook.
I like the perception of the world that many strip cartoonists had ( as opposed to Disney-influenced animation designers). They pictured everyone and everything as sort of ugly-funny, -even kids. Contemporary animation tended to have a very small handful of stock designs and kids were usually drawn in a Freddy Moore generic-cute style (like Harvey comics, who also published these Little Iodine comics). Animation had some notable exceptions to the cute kids rule, like the Hansel and Gretel characters in the Chuck Jones cartoon.