Saturday, June 25, 2011

Don Martin a Cartoon Original

Don Martin has to be in the top 5 most original cartoonists in history.
One of the reasons I started my blog was because it was depressing to see how inbred modern cartoons had become and I figured if I started posting a wide variety of cartoon styles that had life, individuality, humor and skill that maybe the next generation of cartoonists would have a wider assortment of inspirations that just the last 30 years of decadent Disney and Saturday morning cartoons.
I have not been posting as much stuff as I used to and that's mainly because there are so many great blogs now that do better what mine was for.
These Don Martin images are from ComicCrazys, one of my favorite blogs.
To me, blogs are even better than books because the people who make them actually like the work itself and are generously willing to share it with the rest of the world. Fans put up the cartoons and comics in all their glory - unlike so many books that hide tiny thumbnail drawings within a vast sea of boring text written by pompous non-cartoonists who want to find some way to intellectualize the work -rather than just showing you the work and letting you enjoy it for what it is.
Don Martin's drawing style is even funnier than his jokes and that's what makes cartooning different than other forms of humor.

I don't anyone who draws funnier 'tards than Martin.

This feeding the pigeon comic story is a true work of cartoon art.

Chris Lopez shares tons of great and unique cartoon art with the world. I hope it helps to break the cycle of hideous stylistic inbreeding we have been suffering from for too long.