Friday, June 08, 2012

Stussy Puts the Violence Back Into Cartoons!

Hey I drew some more shirt designs for Stussy and the brilliant and innovative art director, Adam Jay Weissman asked me to make a cartoon to advertise it. Rather than just do a pure ad, I asked if I could make a little story and embed the ad in it. He said ok so here it is:



I Drew the storyboards with ball point pen on a crappy newsprint sketchbook.
Then I animated the cartoon on a cintiq using Toonboom's Animate program. It's primarily hand drawn with a few tweening cheats - and some afterfx in the middle by Kedz.

I worked with my core team of miscreants here in Northridge.

JOHN KEDZIE coordinated, did all the technical crap that I hate to do and even found time to create some cg stuff and animate it.
SARAH HARKEY was my main assistant animator and she also painted the tasty backgrounds:
SANDRA RIVAS joined us just a couple weeks ago and assisted and colored much animation.

I have also been training a virtual team of talented cartoonists around the world who have been doing assistant animation.
GENEVA HODGSON did some fine inking and coloring and inbetweening up in San Francisco.

AMIR AVNI (of Toronto) jumped in the pool at the last minute of production to help ink.
DAVID DE ROOIJ took time away from tempting Krampus to do some assisting in Holland.

BEN ANDERS played hookey from Sheridan College to clean up some scenes.

The great Eric Bauza and the manly Jim Smith did the voices of my characters. Eddie Cruz (owner of Stussy LA and Undefeated) provided the 'tude and the voice of the Stussy Rat.

If you like the cartoon, show your love by buying a shirt from Stussy and maybe they will sponsor a series of 'em!

Of course if you hate it, then you'll have no choice but to beat the bejeezus out of me in the parking lot at Target.
and we used music from the famous