Monday, November 02, 2015

Treehouse Of Horror Storyboards 3

Here's the ending.

Here's an interesting fact about cartoon production - well maybe it's not so interesting but drawing storyboards is a lot of fun and I do them super fast. Then I spend a much longer time just trying to get the final animation to retain some of the life in the loose story sketches.

I was asked to add this ending to the cartoon at the last minute and all my animators were killing themselves to do the graveyard sequence.

I didn't want to break their hearts by adding all these new scenes so I went ahead and did the layouts and animation mostly myself. Of course I had help from Gabe and Nick, Jesse, Aaron and many assistants in cleaning up and inbetweening.
Some of the scenes believe it or not were crazy complicated - like the monster pulling Homer's soul out of his body. It was easy to sketch for the storyboard but turned out to be a nightmare to figure out how to get it to work.

Boy, executing ideas in animation is a lot harder than coming up with them. I really feel for animators and think all people in animation whether they are story people, directors, designers or show runners should do animation for a few years so they see just what is involved before they ask others to realize their ideas.