Friday, August 04, 2006

Chris Peterson-Master Toy Sculptor

My old buddy Chris Peterson, is a fantastic toy sculptor. He's done tons of character toys that are probably already in your collection.

We go waaaay back to Filmation studios making the worst cartoons ever! Then we made a Smurfs Goddamn Christmas special where Gargamel ate up all the little blue tidbits and pooed out a big blue Yuletide dump, directed by Gerard Genius Baldwin.

Chris taught himself to sculpt just for fun. He used to make sculptures of cartoon charcters that he would like to own, but weren't being manufactured-like Joe Rockhead. He also used to take my characters and make really great sculpts of them. I'll show you some of them next time we visit Chris' toy heaven.

I'm working with him to create new lines of toys, not only with my characters but with famous cartoon-like live action stars!

This line of toys is called "John K.'s Butt-Nakeds"

Here is Chris' beautiful and gracious assistant, Derek. He puts the blobs together to make the basic construction of the handsome toys and then Chris takes his perfect wet fingers and smooths out all the tasty details for you.
Oh and here is a nice family that I drew at the San Francisco show. Dad's camera screwed up, so I offered to take this picture and a couple others for him.
Here are Jim's kids, Eric and Caroline who are decent American kids who love cartoons!
Hey Jim, put up the drawings I did for you, so I can link to them!