Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Mileys For Your Tweets

Elana Pritchard said...

You're so hostile
Elana Pritchard said...
I don't like any of this Miley stuff because it's all making fun of me.
Elana Pritchard said...
Which is it... do you love me or despise me... because I can't tell
Elana Pritchard said...
The couch gag made me feel like you loved me... but this makes me feel like you despise me

So I can't wait for it to be over

And I can't wait for you to grow up and learn to handle the fact that you love someone
Elana Pritchard said...
If you have such major problems with me, we can part ways and you can quit following me around and ghosting my life.

I don't need someone around who tries to make me feel bad all the time.

I'm giving you an opportunity to love me, and if you don't want to, if you want to play games, and act like a bully and an asshole, you can take a hike and quit wasting my time
Elana Pritchard said...
Well, what is it John?
Elana Pritchard said...
You can't handle it when you have feelings

you lose your shit man

and I'm the one who has to deal with it
Elana Pritchard said...
So which is better? Doing all this shit and following me around on the outskirts of my life... talking to these strangers on Twitter but really talking to me

doing all this stuff

or just talking to me

Elana Pritchard said...
and not every woman who has contributed something to the world, artistically or otherwise, has been a lesbian

that's a ludicrous thought

and backwater
Elana Pritchard said...
Johnny you are so weird....

just handle it

come on man
Elana Pritchard said...
and if I Tweet to you... so what?
Elana Pritchard said...
you don't exactly make yourself easy to get a hold of
S.L.B said...
Haha! Nicely done.
Elana Pritchard said...
Johnny damn you

You can be "out to get me", attack me, hate me, fear me, despise me, loathe me, lose your shit when I talk to you

or you can love me

but not both
Elana Pritchard said...
Why do you have to maintain this womanizer image in public?
Elana Pritchard said...
How about this... from now on I will not speak to you. I will talk directly to boys in their late teens to early 20's ONLY... and let you read what I say from there.

Ask yourself honestly how you would like me doing that.

Elana Pritchard said...
You lead everyone one

and make them think you are available

While I try to tell everyone that I have a man

and no one believes me

and you don't seem to get why this is an issue
Elana Pritchard said...
this system you have devised of talking to me via these other people is flawed, and cowardly

If you can't talk to me directly, then get out of my life

If you can't let the world know you aren't single, then you don't deserve a woman

I put up with way too much in this relationship

I'm tired of this false front you put up... it needs to stop
Elana Pritchard said...
I don't want you talking about "needing tongue" with other women

Are you crazy?

What the fuck John
Elana Pritchard said...
You need to get your shit together when it comes to this relationship

and get your priorities in order

because they are all screwed up
Elana Pritchard said...
You act fucking sleazy with all these girls and it makes me sick
Elana Pritchard said...
What... am now I "Miley" unless I sit by and accept every shitty thing that you do?

I dont think so
Elana Pritchard said...
I'm so sick of your double standards
Elana Pritchard said...
Don't talk about needing "tongue" with other women

Elana Pritchard said...
Ok... answer me this... the majority of people I see you interact with are girls in their 20's...

why is this?

Why not men in their 40's... or women in their 60's?

Answer me this... I've been wanting to know for a long time
Elana Pritchard said...
You need to clean up the way you behave

You're not acting like a man who's going to be married

at all
Elana Pritchard said...
You're not acting like a man who's about to get married at all

and it makes me not want to marry you
Elana Pritchard said...
So choose... you can either flirt inappropriately with your little 20 year old entourage

and never tell anyone you aren't single

or marry me

but not both
Elana Pritchard said...
Elana Pritchard said...
Maybe I should just find a young man

who doesn't hide and play games like you
Elana Pritchard said...
People who are about to get married don't flirt and hide the fact they have a woman

Sure, you technically can

but it's a prick thing to do
Elana Pritchard said...
Why do you enjoy humiliating me?
Elana Pritchard said...
Whether publicly or privately, you just can't get enough of humiliating me.
Elana Pritchard said...
Either I call you out on your crap in public, and get humiliated when you say nothing

because it looks like I'm making stuff up

or I get humiliated privately, by just standing by and letting you get away with it

you must really like to humiliate me
Elana Pritchard said...

I either get to embarrass myself in front of everyone


feel powerless and let you walk all over me

you're a really great guy John

you really are
Elana Pritchard said...
I feel so much love from you on a daily basis

Whether you are calling me a lesbian

or pretending we aren't together

or flirting with people in my face

or drawing picture after picture making fun of me

You really are great John

a real catch
Elana Pritchard said...
you're such a monster sometimes

you really are

you're abusive to me

in very subtle, very calculated ways

you have very intelligent, ways of humiliating me
Elana Pritchard said...
you just let me humiliate myself over an over

I can't have any friends

because everyone thinks I'm nuts

and making up this imaginary boyfriend

I'm humiliated every single day by you

in ways you don't even see
Elana Pritchard said...
You make me suffer and humiliate me every single day of my life

and you feel no remorse
Elana Pritchard said...
I have to constantly battle you to do anything

I worked till 6:30 pm today... so hard... and what is the first thing I hear when I'm done?

It's you calling me a lesbian

This is how you fucking treat me
Elana Pritchard said...
You're a bastard

You don't think about anyone else's life or what they are doing, or see the beauty in me at all

you dont honor me

or make me feel beautiful and loved

you humiliate me

and put down my hard work

and flirt with people in my fucking face
Elana Pritchard said...
Everything is a goddamned scheme with you

or a plot to humiliate me in some new way

or degrade what I am doing

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I can't fucking take this anymore
Elana Pritchard said...
The next time I catch you in a plan to humiliate me

or flirting with other women

or even leading women on to think you are single

I am DUMPING you

the next time you call me a lesbian


and if you don't shape up and start treating me with the respect I deserve

I am going to DUMP YOU

because guess what? You are not that great

and certainly not worth going through all this bullshit all the time
Elana Pritchard said...
Don't bother with any fake apologies tomorrow

They're the worst part

The worst lie you tell
Elana Pritchard said...
You really do have problems John

you have problems with loving a person

you can't do it without causing them a lot of pain
Elana Pritchard said...
and when you are spiteful and vicious

which is often

and then you blame your age

but that's a lie too

it's not your age

it's your ugly poison inside

the poison that makes you hurt me

and humiliate me
Elana Pritchard said...
I have to deal with it at least several times a week

and then afterwards there is always a fake apology

and you blame your age

it's such a lie
Elana Pritchard said...
I can't marry you

and be tied to this hell forever

It just keeps happening

you hurt me and cause me stress and pain almost every day of my life

and you don't feel bad about it
Elana Pritchard said...
you have poison inside

and it makes you hurt me

How am I supposed to deal

with being in this position?

You tell me

Almost everyday of my life

I am verbally abused or humiliated

by you

and you don't see anything wrong with it

I don't know what to do
Elana Pritchard said...
You sabotage me and humiliate me

and at the very least criticize me

and I have to always be on guard and ready in case you want to harm me again

and I can't ever feel happy, or feel good about accomplishing something

because you get angry about ti

and plan to harm me

and then "oh haha, I'm old"

that's such a lie of an excuse

this goes way beyond that

I can't ever have a happy moment and feel safe

you're always waiting there to stab me in the back

Elana Pritchard said...
This evil, dark poison you have inside you

is always ready to hurt me

or to "put me in my place"

a place beneath you

it's always there ready
Elana Pritchard said...
I don't know what to do
Elana Pritchard said...
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Elana Pritchard said...
So what's next?