Sunday, June 15, 2014


 to my favorite Pop!

He may be wearing a Stimpy shirt but this is his favorite cartoon character below.
I hope you win a bunch of steaks today Dad!

 and all you other Dads out there have a great day too!


Andrew said...


Did u ink this one?

Carmine said...

Hey, speaking of Fathers, any chance you'd ever post a drawing of Jimmy the Idiot boy's Dad? You said in an interview that "Wilderness Adventure" was originally a Jimmy and his Dad story, so he must exist! "Oh PLEEEAASSSE!" (in my best Stimpy voice, lol)

And who is he? We know from "The Goddamn George Liquor Program" that Slab and Ernie's Dad is George's brother, but which of Jimmy's parents is George related to?

Andrew said...

This is what i like to think. He-mom is Georges sister. That would link all of the three big Spumco shows together.

Thats more of a fan-boy fantasy of mine but it kinda makes sense.

Jesse Oliver said...

You need to put your father in a new cartoon!

I still wish that cartoon idea of yours where Jimmy the Idiot Boy meets Sody Pop's dad for the first time had been produced!

paul said...

Oh, my goodness, John, that's one funny and appealing drawing you did of your dad, with a little help from your peers, of course.

So, how's yer pa doin'?


P.S. Why don't you try doing a nice caricatured bronze sculpture of him, because he'd look like a Greek god! Excuse me if I'm gushing.

Carmine said...

Hey Andrew, that's true, He-Mom would really fit as George's sister! But the only problem there is I don't remember her treating Jimmy like her actual son...wasn't she the foster mother, and Jimmy the Ripping friend's ward? BTW, when the hell is that show gonna get a box set, w/ lots of extras?

Either way, I'm sure there's a well thought out family tree in John's mind and sketchbook, lol. I'd like to see what ANY of George Liquor's siblings look like, but it might be too much to handle, lol. Our eyeballs may explode.

Andrew said...

Yeah i am sure John has it all fleshed out.And its true that Jimmy takes the ward role but in one episode they explain how Jimmy was made by combining all of The Ripping Friends DNA or something like that.

Oh by the way i love ur Flimflam strip!

Luke said...

What is that other character? (Your Dad's favorite?)

James Robert Smith said...

I love yer dad stories. He's a really cool dude.

Jonathan Pritchard said...

Did you Dad teach you to harass women 25 years younger than you? Booking my flight to LAX right now to visit Elana. Can't wait :)

-Jonathan Pritchard, MSA

Akshay Patil said...

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