Monday, May 28, 2007

Wanna be an assistant?
Wanna be an assistant?

Hiya folks, here's an important message from my assistant Marc.



My name is Marc. Even though I eat McDonalds, listen to 50 Cent and watch "Lost", John continues to keep me on as his production manager.

There is a new project coming up, and I am going to need some help. Wanna be my assistant?

We are looking for someone to help out for the next one or two months. If you are familiar with Photoshop, Flash and/or Illustrator, that's a big plus!

Can you draw? I don't care. That might impress John, but these are the types of duties that are important to me:

1. scanning
2. digital clean-up with Photoshop
3. importing and preparing images in Flash
4. understanding how symbols and libraries and layers work in Flash
5. working with Illustrator
6. using ftp's

If you're interested in assisting on this project, please send me an e-mail at:


Oh, and please don't apply unless you live in or around L.A.!



Sam said...

"unless you live in or around L.A.!"

Dammit! Maybe I should move to LA just so I can be the assistant to the assistant of the Great John K.!

Gabriel said...

daaaaaamn, i can do all that but i live in a different continent!
i must get out of this jungle...

Adele K Thomas said...

50 cent!???? Thats all Im sayin for schnizzel!

Scheurbert said...

I'm interesting in doing a working holiday year in USA or Canada in animation or other art-orientated activities next year (obviously won't be able to do this job) so if there's any more stuff like this I'd be interested in hearing about it!

As for listening to 50 cent, I do one better: I write rap songs about Star Wars.

Ben Lane said...

Would Omaha be considered "around LA?"

Sean Worsham said...

darnit I wish I live in LA (oh well). Is there anyway I can help somehow? Well I live 5 hours away from LA does this count in terms of living in the LA are :)

Mr. Semaj said...

unless you live in or around L.A.!

Okay, this is what I've always hated. Is there any hope of us East Coasters getting a break? :-|

bodz said...

i'm happy to move. and I can do all that stuff. is it some kind of secret club you can only join if you already live there?

David Germain said...

Well, I've already gota job lined up for me. I'd love to move to the L.A. area just to have that job, but alas I can't. I've already been committed to a job on the East Coast. Oh well, maybe some other time. :)

Jeremy said...

too bad I live in canada... it's kinda close to L.A

Roo said...

If it can be done through email and whatnot i can help. im learning macromedia 8 right now and i just got photoshop.

Tibby said...

I know all that stuff.
But I live in Seattle.
Foiled once again!

Good luck and Congratz to whomever wins the job!
*goes back to sulking in corner*

Roo said...

hey tibby you should email that guy. if i fully knew flash i would do it. who knows u could probably do that all from home