Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bags O' Fun VS Anguished Souls in Torment

Y'know, there are a lot of cartoon characters who may have been in godawful shows, yet they still make swell lookin' bags.
This is a sure sign of good character design if they hold up under your own gas.
I'd love to have this semi-inflated handsome Ricochet Rabbit sack. Check out his rude and inflamed olfactory unit.
Aren't you dying to blow up Mighty Mouse to see what his bag looks like? He seems to have an inflatable lump on his noggin to go with his wrong colors.

They just don't create characters who make good bags anymore. No more cartoon icons.Can ya imagine a bag of this imp freak? That would give the kiddies some nightmares.
Ever notice how modern cartoon characters look like every pose and expression involves a lot of pain and strain? It's like there are a hundred invisible demons yanking this guy's eyebrows with all their might, yet they still are barely moving. Is it hard to animate a smile today? Even the simplest expression has become a petrified detestable mask of agony.
Or how'd ya like a nice 'tude bag? Painful strained 'tude I might add. The modern theory is that animated characters have to really struggle to achieve even a fraction of a spark of life. If it isn't hard to lift an arm, then it isn't quality.