Wednesday, April 27, 2011

quick peek

Clip 4

I animated this in Harmony using both straight ahead traditional drawing and some tweening Flash type tricks

of course you couldn't get lines like this in Flash-not easily anyway. Once I got the whole scene set up and the main drawings done, most of the rest were drawn clean in 1 shot with no real roughing needed

I moved the head up and down using the camera peg in Harmony on a 12x beat. the whole cartoon is structured to a 12x 4/4 tempo

the legs are animated straight ahead, 6x per step, 2 steps per beat

the mouths were animated mostly straight ahead and moved up and down with the pegs as the head

the eyes are a combination of straight ahead drawing, with some shrinking and growing using scaling and tweens for accents

I put the pupils on a separate layer from the eyes so I could overlap the accents and actions

I think when I am totally confident with using the program I will hardly ever need to rough anything again, because it's so easy to draw confident lines. Drawing confident shapes right off the tip of the stylus is harder and I'm not so confident with that yet. Not as confident as with a pencil but it's coming

That's why I'm hoping that Harmony will eventually allow animation be to be done in the country again when animators can just whip out finished animation that's already 90% clean

There is one Korean studio that has Harmony but they take everything that was drawn directly on a cintiq (here in LA) print it out then animate it on paper and scan it all back into Harmony-which seems like a complete waste to me. Might as well just finish it here and leave it all in the computer.