Thursday, June 16, 2011

Need Some Tech Help Part Time

Here's the kind of crap I do.

full of sap and pathos and subplots

Hey there

if you are good at using computer programs, building websites etc and want some part time work on a current project, let me know in the comments. I need someone who is organized and detail oriented.

Final Cut
Sound Recording


Gimme a clickable link in the comments to your wares.

(Oh, I should remind you I'm in San Fernando Valley North area. You'd have to live within easy driving distance.)


zoe said...

Hi John,

I've got some professional experience in this department, and would love to help out.

lisadosson said...

Hey Mr. K,
I can work in these programs:

Photoshop CS3-CS5
Illustrator CS3-CS5
Toonboom Harmony
Final Cut
Sound Recording
Indesign CS3-CS5
Flash CS3-CS5

Here's a link to my blog and email, and I can send my portfolio and resume asap. Thanks!

lisadosson said...

Hey Mr. K,
I can use these programs:

Photoshop CS3-CS5
Illustrator CS3-CS5
Indesign CS3-Cs5
Toonboom Harmony
Final Cut
Flash CS3-CS5

I also have some training in sound recording. Below is a link to my blog and email, and I can send my portfolio and resume asap. Thanks!

Jeff said...

Hi, my name is Jeff. I have been building websites and such for about 11 years now. I'm currently doing George Lowe's (voice of space ghost) personal website. I'm also in the process of redoing my portfolio site, so it isn't the best example, but if you'd like to take a look, it's

I've done a couple adult swim fansites. Which have gotten me in contact with a lot of [as] bigwigs, like Dave Willis, and Pete Smith.

At my previous job, we used wordpress exclusively, so I'm very comfortable turning it into a content management system, and creating themes.

I'm very interested, but not local. I'm in NJ. But I'm good over the phone and by email!

Teyem said...

I can help out. I work in Northridge.
My website and my blog
I have experience with all those programs still a little ruff with Harmony(transitioning from flash). I haven't used maya in a long time, But I am always willing to learn. I pick programs up pretty well. I have built blogs in both blogger/wordpress.

The DoLittle said...

I'd love to, but I'm afraid I reside in Houston, Tx... ifou don't mind telecommutes, that is.

The DoLittle said...

I'd love to, but I'm afraid I reside in Houston, Tx... if you don't mind a telecommute that is.

Chris Kuhner said...

Hey, my name is Chris Kuhner; I'm an animator who works in both 2D and 3D. My reel and resume are both linked below. Thanks for your time.


K-T said...

Holy crap John these pictures are amazing, I can't wait for the full animation to be out!

Did you do the backgrounds? Because they are beautiful.

Jessie Leahy CG Artist said...

Are you ok with a telecommuter? (I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains.) Here's my work on Behance and YouTube.

Thiago Levy said...

I humbly offer skills. I am ready to move anytime. Here are some links that may be useful.


S-Harkey said...

Hey John! Looks awesome!

John Kedzie and I are a dynamic duo that could probably help you out with this if you're interested. We live in the Valley over in Northridge. We're both animation BA graduates, I'm mostly 2D with CG texturing experience, and John is mostly CG with coding, flash, and maya experience.

Sarah's Blog

Sarah's Portfolio (coded by John!)

John's Blog

John's Reel

Let us know if we could be helpful! My mail is :)

-Sarah (and John)

Alberto said...

Seattle to San Fernando Valley might be too far of a commute :(

lee artist said...

i'm good with illustrator and PS but good luck

Elana Pritchard said...

Will, get you those inking studies within the next couple days! I love your sap and pathos- it's the best part.

John Rouse said...

Some of your anatomical distortions make Picasso look like a wimp. I've got painting skills, both traditional and digital, but unfortunately I am not familiar with any of the software that would make me useful to you at the moment. I can whip out some bg's...Hehe...that would be a totally gay statement if I spelled it 'Beegees.' Good luck on your project and on finding a good hand.

Herman G said...

Hi John,
Here is a link to my site:

Andy said...

hey John,

I don't live near fact I live thousands of miles away in London...but i'm a vfx artist fluent in maya, photoshop, fcp, nuke shake etc etc who would be more than willing to help in any way I can.

Here's my current reel -

I'm at work, so I can't send any of my sketches to you now but i'll try and get them to you this weekend. Seriously, if there's anything at all I can do to help then please let me know.

You can reach me at -


Marty Qatani said...

Would love to be able to assist you. Pretty good in Illustrator if you need vector assistance.

Taber said...

My reel

(links to flat work and more animation at the top of the page)

I've done Maya 3D animation, rigging, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, the whole deal.

I can do all sorts of drawing and painting in Photoshop/Illustrator comfortably.

I've never used Harmony, but I'm an expert in Flash including modest Actionscript.

I've done sound recording/ editing before via soundcut pro and pro tools.

And I know some modest html.

J C Roberts said...

As much as I want to get a foot in the door, it doesn't seem like the most sensible idea to leave a job of 15 years and move clear across the country to compete with hundreds of equally qualified people for a part time gig. I'd drop this in a minute for a solid offer of a "full size" job, but part time help sounds more like something a local should go for.

It also doesn't help that the list of apps I'm versed in isn't a full match-Flash instead of Harmony, Blender instead of Maya. I could learn them quickly, I'm sure, but there's bound to be people who live there and have and know them already.

Whether or not those candidates are as simpatico with the same influences and approaches is a different question. I'm certainly a case of someone that grew up in the same era and was primarily influenced by the same range of specific sources. There's bound to be plenty just going by all the commenters that come here, though.

It sounds like a nice opportunity for someone who lives there already and fits the bill.

harvey poopstein said...

This would be fun if I didn't have a full time gig. Best of luck, John! Can't wait to see the finished product

Ryan Storm said...

Hey John,
I'd love to do any kind of work for you, but there are limitations. First of all, I'm 14 and you probably want older people with more experience in the field. Second, I would only be able to come up for a short time during the summer (considering I live on the exact opposite side of the country.) I have some experience with Photoshop and basic knowledge of Final Cut, and am currently getting broken in on Toon Boom. I am also skilled in Flash and have taken several courses at RISD in computer animation & claymation.

I'm a huge fan of your work and you've impacted my general artistic style greatly. I love to work at drawing the expressions of your characters, especially Ren. I've also read through all of your cartoon lessons and have purchased DVDs of the work you were heavily involved in, such as the Ripping Friends, and two Yogi Bear shorts that I downloaded.

Currently, I am working on creating a Looney Tunesesque web series that revolves around characters getting into surreal situations, similar to some of your Ren & Stimpy shorts.

I'd really love to work with you just for the experience. To be honest, you're the main reason I've become passionate about becoming an animator. You are, to me, what Bob Clampett is to you. I also can do voice acting and various impressions of celebrities (two of which are Ren and Stimpy.)

A sample of my basic editing and animation skills:

*this next on is something I slapped together for school. I never finished coloring or cleaning it up, considering the project deadline*

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the links clickable. The animation itself is smooth, but personally think the too characters are stiff.

Ryan Storm

Philip Dahl said...

I am willing on moving for however long the project takes. Although you want someone close I think we could communicate effectively via video conferencing, screen sharing, cellphone. I work with photoshop, illustrator, web development, web design, User interface and user experience. I am also an illustrator and painter.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Adult Swim, but did your promo get on the network already? Just asking.

JohnK said...

yeah they are running a few of them.

I haven't posted all the comments of people applying for the part time job, but I am looking at the links if you left any.

Remember it's mainly tech support help I need and you have to live nearby.

K-T said...

They're airing them? Aw man do you think you could supply the video like you did with your "Spumco Critters" one, because I don't have [adult swim] here in Canada.

bunnysteele said...

bunnysteele said...

Check Out My Stuff

bunnysteele said... Look at My Stuff :P

Lavalle Lee said...

Hey John.

Here is my work.

I graduated college as a web designer. But my dream is to be a professional animator.

Let me know if I can be of service. :)

- Lavalle

Lavalle Lee said...

Sorry John. I didn't see I had to be local.

I just jumped on the offer... You can delete these comments. Sorry again! Keep blogging!

Esperanza said...

I don't have a lot of professional experience. But I am willing to offer my services where it may be of use to you. I am currently trying to develop my skills and hope to go back to school within the next coming year. I am willing to work for free, if it means being able to work with you and being a part of your hard work to develop something beautiful for others to enjoy.

This link does not have all of my work. I have done more, but unfortunately had a lot of my art destroyed by water damage before I could upload it. Please feel free to contact me about your expectations and my ability to fulfill them.

Best Wishes,


Doctor Jones said...

Hey John.

Get with the program pal! You can use Skype to direct people from anywhere. Why on earth would anyone have to live in driving distance.

I don't want to question the benefits of having someone in-house of course, but I do find it funny that even with all of these new, easily accessible options for communication, studios still have to have EVERYONE near by. WHY?

There are a lot of talented people only able to work out of their home office, that aren't being accessed by studios.

I watched a video of a director whom was directing from skype, right inside the soundbooth with the actor. The sound director set a laptop up in the booth and it looked like it was working like magic. The director could talk with the actor through skype and "see" the performance"

Don't studio cost BUTT-LOADS of cash. Why is this not considered a great option in our new digital, fast paced era.

Last time I checked, sending a large mov file via secure internet, is much faster than fedex.

Doctor Jones said...

BTW Jon, I don't know what kind of person you are looking for exactly... I'm pretty capable in Flash Photoshop, Illustrator. I even used to animate for you under Bob and Kathy's direction. (nothing bad to say about either, just lovely talented people)

I know I live here in Canada and for some reason, directors don't like contracting to here. Whats up with that? Personally, i think they are crazy not to see the benefits.

Vancouver is starved for work, and there are more talented people than me willing to work on a nice little contract, if they can just make an honest buck from it.

Either way good luck with the search. I've always loved the fact I could say I animated on Ren and Stimpy. To me, it's better than any disney credit. So I owe ya in big way. Otherwise I never would have had experience animating classically.

I kept some Ren Seeks Help roughs as a momento. Up on my wall :) I miss those days.

andrea said...

Hi John,
i am familiar with adobe full-line of products, Autodesk MAYA, pc and mac efficient. I will be in the LA area in 2 weeks , and I'd happily in you area until job completion.
I'm very hardworking and dedicated.


Andrea Cignarella

Seth Benson said...

damn it, dream come true but i'm in denmark. I know a few able-willing people in that area who are who you describe. I will ask around.

Jena Z said...

Alex said...

"full of sap and pathos and subplots"
Oh I love the irony of that! You say it in context to bizzare and purposfully grotesque characters doing their schtick.

I wish I knew how to superimpose a clickable link into these comment boxes. I need all the Photoshop help I can get.

Or maybe it's the crappy Bamboo tablet I have to use...

Jena Z said...

Heya John K.
For some reason I feel like I sent you the wrong link last night for your tech help part time job.

Here's my resume:

I live 20 minutes away, and have more than three years experience with the help you need.

Jena Z.

Harmke said...

It looks really funny ^-^
Too bad I live on the other side of the world -_-

Andrés Alvarez said...

Hi John, check my work out and let me know if i can be of any help


Andrés Alvarez said...

Hi John, check out my work I would love to work with you!


James Sharp said...

Hey John,

I am interested in the part time opportunity you have available. I recently moved to Glendale, CA from the midwest, and I am looking for some part time work. I have a strong knowledge of all the software you listed. I recently graduated with a B.F.A. in Animation. You can find my Blog with examples of my work at - My blog and you can view my portfolio at - My Portfolio

Thanks John! I look forward to hearing from you.


daniel said...

oh there's one great opportunity your offering, hope you find a good artist for the job.
about the blur in the third image, how is that working for you? don't you rather draw the blurs than simulate them.

Joe Reilly said...

Hey John, my name is Joe Reilly and I am an Emmy nominated Flash and Web Developer and would love to jump on your project. I work heavily with Flash, Toon Boom, the Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, After Effects, Lightwave 3D, and Studio Max, Pro Tools and more.

Currently im onboard as the head engineer at buzz Media but would love to jump on your project. Some links to some older projects can be seen at

and for sound recording a full rock album I recently produced and recorded is here

And for editing I work heavily with our viral video group Daddy Doyle

I hope to hear from you soon, my email is

Joe Reilly said...

Hey John, I am an Emmy nominated Flash and Web Developer and I would love to work on the project. Ive worked with a lot of advertising companies in NYC and LA and now am head software and Web engineer at Buzz Media in Hollywood, but would love to jump on board on the project. I live in North Hollywood so not far at all. For me, I work heavily in Flash, Toon Boom, The Adobe Creative Suite, Maya lightwave and studio max, protools, after effects, final cut and much more.

links to some older projects ive done are below

as well a full rock album produced and engineered by myself

and viral video and editing work with our comedy team Daddy Doyle Studios

I hope to hear from you soon and I do have to say, working on my first Animated series myself right now, you are and have been my biggest influence with Ren and Stimpy, greatest cartoon of all time by far. My email is and i hope to hear from you soon!

kurtwil said...

JK, you've some really heavy hitters offering help.
Unfortunately I'm too far away to physically visit but should internet collaboration prove more viable for you in the future, I'd be happy to offer my skills:

Note: You're probably not gonna like the animation part. Nearly all my animation employers wanted cheap Disney-ish stuff. The morph plate animation techniques shown near the end proved invaluable for live action work.

Dennis Cornetta said...

I can help out with some Maya work if you need it.

A Bee said...

Hey John - huge fan! I run a little illustration/design company (located here) and believe I could be of some use to you! =) Feel free to shoot me an email ( if you're interested.

Thanks so much for 1.being awesome, and 2.your consideration ... in that order.


Aidan Casserly - Dada Hyena said...

Hey John,

Freelance 2D artist/cartoonist/animator, always interested in helping out.

My portfolio can be seen at

Let me know what I can do for you!

dino_juhx said...

Hey, JOHN K!!!!!!! I live in Long Beach and have degrees in Recording Engineering and I've got quite the project studio too!!!! I will GLADLY work for you for FREE. I love you and all you do. Plus, I had a dream that I worked for you recently so you kinda have to hire me. Hit me back, uh..... you said "clickable" right? Sorry. Oh, I have skills with Adobe CS too. Sorry..... again. I can send a cover letter & resume ASAP if necessary.

Thanks for your time,
Josh Herubin

Ariel said...


I am a professional blogger and have a lot of experience when it comes to making all this stuff work as opposed to the creation of graphics, etc... My website is, and I write for other blogs as well - I am a former attorney.

Whether on this project or in the future. I am a 20 year fan of your work and would be honored to work with you having just moved back to Los Angeles. Keep up all that you do...

Mr. Ariel Adams

Pablo said...


Keegan Thornhill said...

Hi John I'm a big fan, but youv'e probably heard that a bajillion times...

I'm a budding cartoonist and animator and it would be my life's dream to do anything on a project for you.

I live in Cape Town South Africa and have worked in a growing animation industry for 4 years now.
Doing everything from animating, animatics, storyboarding etc
I'm trained in toon boom harmony and animate pro.

If anything could you look at my work and critique it.

One of your many fans

My Blog

ModernCreature said...

San Fernando Valley; Born, Raised and slowly dyeing in.

George Tapia:

Wordpress/Blog/Website Hoo Ha.
+Any other creative grunt work...