Monday, August 01, 2011

It's HIM

It's the zombie from the primeval algae swamp.
Made of loosely compacted ooze, he emits carbon dioxide from his staring false eyes, hypnotizing his prey into a state of benumbed flaccid torpor.
The Nightmare From Before Time then sheds his waxy membrane and spews out its hellish living contents. The gleaming poisonous mass engulphs his victim, stinging every nerve ending with tiny dancing pseudopods. IT consumes the liquified remains of what once had form, feelings and family.

After absorbing the rich nutrients of the prey's tender pain receptors, it reverse vomits its wretched pulsing mass back into its husk and reorganizes the misshapen membrane into another awful perversion of vaguely humanoid contour.
...and the Hellish masquerade repeats...without mind...without soul...with only a vulgar and voracious hunger for meat that knows pain...