Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Toonboom's Animate Program cheap today

Hey if you want to get a good animation program cheap I just saw that "Animate" is on sale today.) They aren't paying me to advertise, I just get emails from them every time they have a sale.

I switched from Harmony to "Animate" because it's not only way cheaper, but it's easier to use. Well "easier" is relative; it still has some screwy tools and menus - like "copy and paste" doesn't work the way it does in every other program on earth.

But I've been showing Uncle Eddie how to use it and he is all excited about how quickly you can animate something and see it played back with beautiful lines and stuff. It is definitely a lot more artist friendly than Goddamn Flash.

I may be doing a workshop soon for people who would like to learn how to cleanup, lay out, animate or assist in my style, using "Animate". I'll tell you about it as soon as I work out the details with Taafi.
Toon Boom Animation: Toon Boom Animate Professional Animation Software

There's the link above.