Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Look what Spumco swag did to bring cheer to lovely Sarah!
Vintage 90s Spumco Fan Club Membership Club Package
Pencil Enhancers!
George Liquor says: "I can't believe you can get such good crap just for helping make my cartoon! That's the beauty of Capitalism!"
"Dig around for some hidden cash that your Mom doesn't know you got!"

This is a most exciting new invention and here is just the beginnings of how it will work.

Digital Toys Development Test from John Kricfalusi on Vimeo.

And lots more fun cartoon mercy stuff here:

and link to Kickstarter


Kenneth F. Bosch said...

Hei John !

I've just donated for a t-shirt bundle. About the shirt size, are you going to ask later?

John Atkinson said...

Can't wait to see the cartoon, John. Here's an animation I made in support of your project. Thought you might get a kick out of it!

-jjmm- said...

The 3 stooges TV pals and those rare Fred & Pebbles in weird colors aren't available?????¿¿?¿¿ I'd give my damn organs to get them.

tropt said...

The 3d stuff would have looked awesome in the mid 90's John. I would have been blown away.