Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

I was digging through some old photos in Ottawa and discovered the evolution of my Dad.
Here he is below joining the airforce at 10 years old. He had to lie about his age and say he was 11.
Being a hardy Slav and raised on a farm in the depression, he matured early.
Here he is at 12, ready to kick some man ass.
One of his first jobs for the Royal Canadian Air Force was to search for UFOS by impersonating them. That's his head floating along the sky about to inspect a suspicious otherworldly truck.
 Once he assessed the truck as being an authentic earth  vehicle, he rematerialized his body.
 He was a suave rascal. Here's one of his girlfriends.
Here's another....Hey! It's my Mom!

 Here's the first ill consequence of that meeting. Dad's about to hurl me overboard after he discovered I wasn't maturing at the rate of a true Slav. I'm 14 there.
People used to say Dad shoulda been a movie star - Canada's Clarke Gable or Moe Howard. I wish he had. Then he could have financed all my wacky cartoon stories.

Instead the air force assigned him to our military base in Iraq. Here's Mom and him celebrating Christmas with Saddam Hussein. Even dictators love a good barbecue before a torture session.

Here he is back home for a true Canadian Christmas. Look how happy he is.

This must be him all gussied up ready for Church (doesn't he look like one of the moral majority?), while Mom stays home to honor the Lord in her own way, with a stiff drink - probably a rum and coke, Jesus' favorite.

 Elizabeth and I also on our way to Sunday School where I'm about to stir up some trouble again. Elizabeth is carrying our lunch.

Here's me with the girl hair that drove Dad crazy. 

But Holy Crap! Even he was kind of a damn hippie himself in the early 70s! But he still swears that the Beatles were just a gimmick - even as he proudly displays his mod shirt and apache scarf.

Here's Dad and Uncle George who is wearing his John Lennon cap and getting a stern lecture from the ol' man.

Do you wanna mess with this guy?