Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Maybe you could be the next Art Clokey!

Laguna College of Art and Design is proud to announce the Animation Master Class for Summer 2013 featuring Stephen Chiodo. This workshop will be held for 12 consecutive Saturdays at the Animation Department of LCAD in Laguna Beach, California from May 18th-August 3rd.

Sixteen students will have the opportunity to work on all phases of a stop-motion animated short film mentored by award-winning director and animator Stephen Chiodo whose credits include Tim Burton's Vincent, Team America, Elf, The Simpsons and the cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

For more information about LCAD and it's four-year BFA program in Animation please see our website:

Short term summer housing is available in student dorms for participants from out of the area. Rates and any further questions may be directed to:


Archfriend said...

I hope they gave you a buttload of cash for posting this, John.

akira said...

the chiodo bros. are awesome! i had the honor of visiting their studio several years ago, and if there was a heaven i would want it to be like that. whoever goes to this class is in for an unforgettably awesome time!

are you a stop motion fan John? i don't really remember you talking about it before but i'd love to hear more of your analyses of stop motion that you like. would you include Harryhausen among the pantheon of animation gods (for me you'd both be in there)?