Friday, July 19, 2013

Early Stimpy Doodles from Memory

When I first used to draw Stimpy, he had an odder design.

He was more retarded and he had more specific eyes.

He had a rubbery layer of eyelid skin with holes cut out for his peepers to peer through.

This is how I sort of remember him, but I think he might have been weirder.

Here's how he would look if drawn in a modern hipster style.


Waqas Malik said...

"Here's how he would look if drawn in a modern hipster style."

hahaha XD god i hate that inverted apple core style!! they looked like they been carved out. perhaps to take out the "bad parts?" i don't know why a hipster would want to draw in this style, don't they take ideas from the past? the inverted look is fairly recent, though i could be wrong. they should at least draw in the UPA (good UPA) style if they want ultra-flat characters. though even then this whole flat-phase is too rampant in cartoons these days. i think they should take note of 30's-40's animation if they want to reinvent themselves.

Jesse Oliver said...

Cool stuff John!

I also love your early Ren & Stimpy drawings shown in the Wild Cartoon Kingdom magazine! :)

Andrew said...

i dont know how u draw lines like that its amazing. the feb 23rd doodle post of the red penned slab i draw over and over but never get it. Also the nov 15 doodle post with the booboo drawing is even a harder miracle to draw.

I am starting to understand how you draw those mostly bald headed guys with the milt gross eyes that have interesting line variations with the loose strokes on the nose and those interesting constructions. but those damn cat/dog doodles with all those line variations are hard.

i guess thats why modern cartoonists like those inverted curves they are such a tempting easy way out (not really). Also trendy pseudo apple core stimpy made me wanna cry. WAH!!! WAT DID THEY DO TO U STIMPAY.

Sara Perry said...

Stimpy definitely looks much more different than how he did back then. You have a very good memory if you could draw him how he looked WAY back then. Wish I could do that; I can't even remember where I put a wad of money.

Paul B said...

Wow, that eye IS WEIRD!
Maybe that would have made things more complicated in the animation.

Roberto Severino said...

I like how you were able to keep improving upon Stimpy's design long after the show was over. I liked Stimpy's season 2 appearance best.

orangefuzzz said...

Just found out that you're Canadian after following this blog for so long... finding out that we're from the same place and have similar interests makes your work even more interesting... "Enwaye... d├ęssine, tabanak!" LOL


kurtwil said...

Very interesting to see how Stimpy began and evolved during the SPUMCO era, only to devolve during the GAMES era (What the heck made them turn Stimpy into a sausage with eyes?).

Perhaps there'll be re-apperances of Ren/Stimpy in a George Liquor series?

John Pannozzi said...

Anyone else think the original Stimpy design had more Asian-like eye shapes?

TParker said...

He looks a lot cuter now!

TParker said...

You know what? It doesn't matter if the eyes aren't specific. He looks much cuter in the Spumco era.

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Jeff Read said...

Stimpy exists on a sliding scale between "kind" and "dumb", and these drawings show mainly the "dumb" side. He looks simply too thick to have a kind thought about anyone else, let alone Ren.

And yes, hipsters tend to idealize and romanticize the past, which pretty much makes you the ultimate cartooning hipster, Mr. K. :) Maybe if more hipsters got into cartooning, cartoons wouldn't look like Flatland barf.